Urusei Yatsura 116

うる星やつら episode 116 (TV anime)
Urusei Yatsura ep. 116

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Urusei Yatsura 116Cherry pays Sakura a visit, having found a pair of cursed boxing gloves. Cherry gets blasted when Ten-chan blows a hole in the wall while battling the one-eyed cat Torajima. When they leave, Cherry is horrified to see one of the cursed gloves is missing.

Meanwhile, Ataru is walking along when Ten-chan’s and Torajima’s battle hits him. Since Torajima has a boxing glove attached to its body, Ataru takes it, intending to punch Ten-chan’s light out. Instead, he ends up patting Ten-chan on Urusei Yatsura 116the head affectionately. A second attempt by Ataru to attack Ten-chan again results in a patting on the head, which is seen by a surprised Lum. However, when Lum gets too close, Ataru is very affectionate to her, which delights her. Lum is not so delighted when Shinobu passes by and Ataru’s gloved hand cops a feel.

At school, Ataru takes advantage of the cursed glove to cop feels of all the girls. The guys are furious and when Shuutaro tries to stop it, Ataru ends up copping a feel of him. Sakura-sensei Urusei Yatsura 116arrives in time to witness this and realizes that Cherry’s story about the cursed gloves must be true. Cherry has ID’d this glove as “Love’s Clinch Glove” and he has a second one, which he puts on Ataru — “Anger Fighting Spirit Glove.” So when Onsen-sensei arrives, first Ataru is very friendly to him, then punches him out the door. When Onsen-sensei returns, Ataru ends up sending him through the roof.

Ataru decides to have some fun with the glove by going after Shuutaro. When Lum gets too close, Ataru pulls her close and Urusei Yatsura 116then punches himself in the face to avoid punching her. Lum is very touched. When Shuutaro tries to compliment him, Ataru takes advantage and punches him. Again, Lum gets close because she’s happy, so when Megane gets involved, he gets punched out. Again, Lum gets close, forcing Ataru to punch himself repeatedly until he’s knocked out. At this point, Sakura-sensei decides that Ataru needs to be confined until an exorcism can be performed, so the happy Lum gets to feed Ataru, who has his hands tied.

Urusei Yatsura 116That night, Cherry finds he’s missing other cursed objects, which pay a visit to Megane and Shuutaro. The next day, a boxing ring has been set up for the exorcism. However, Megane arrives and reveals he’s wearing cursed wrestling shorts. Without meaning to, he attacks Lum and gets her in a wrestling move until she’s had enough and jolts him good.

Megane and Ataru then battle with Megane using a wrestling move to get Ataru while Ataru gets punches on Megane with one glove and a butt rubbing with the other. Shuutaro arrives in Urusei Yatsura 116a cursed ballerina costume, which irritates Sakura since Cherry held out on her. Shuutaro performs while Megane and Ataru battle until the cursed items can be removed. However, when Ataru gets frisky with Sakura, she puts on a cursed glove and punches Ataru.


What an absolutely absurd and funny episode. *lol*

Conceptually-wise, having cursed boxing gloves, cursed Urusei Yatsura 116wrestling shorts, and cursed ballerina shoes doesn’t seem like it would make a funny and entertaining episode, but it did. Let’s face it, even if you don’t know the history between Ataru and Shuutaro or Ataru and Megane, its still funny for some guy to be forced to rub another man’s butt and punch him at the same time. It was funny having an excited Lum happy about Ataru protecting her so that Ataru was forced to punch himself in the face repeated. It was funny how Ataru took advantage of the situation to punch people or get close to girls (until he knocked himself out of course).

Urusei Yatsura 116The “match” in the ring was funny too with Megane wrestling Lum against his well and getting electrocuted for it. Megane and Ataru’s battle was funny because Ataru couldn’t stop rubbing Megane’s butt. Shuutaro arriving in the ballerina costume and performing was so funny. Just the whole absurdity of it all is what ultimately made this so funny and thankfully the absurdity was carried off well.

YES! Cherry took a blast in this episode. ^_^ Next to Ten-chan, Cherry is a character that annoys me, so when he gets Urusei Yatsura 116blasted, I cheered. Too bad Ten-chan didn’t get blasted, but it was funny having Ataru constantly be forced to pet Ten-chan when he wanted to punch the brat.

So while there wasn’t a lot to comment on, be sure that I really enjoyed this episode. In fact while writing this review, I had to watch some scenes over because they made me laugh all over again. *LOL*

I really glad how the series has turned out after so many “blah” episodes some time back. ^_^

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5 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 116”

  1. Rhyshaelkan says:

    Rumiko Takahashi is a wizard. Urusei Yatsura is terribly funny. I need to get more episodes. I have 1-34 or somesuch.

  2. O-chan says:

    Since you seem to have a passionate distate for the first half of the series I would actually like to state that when I first started UY (I got into the manga first) I actually did not like a lot of the early episodes. I was expecting a more Ranma-vibe and instead I got put off by the dated humor and animation. But over the course of time something about those early episodes became appealing and in many cases I find that I like quite a few of them after getting used to the characters and style of humor.

    So after you finish up the series (which will probably be…oh say in about a year or two) try some of those early episodes again and see if you feel the same way about them.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hmmmm….that is an interesting idea. Since I planned to write a final review upon series completion, going back and watching some of the early episodes would be a good idea.

  4. Sumoni says:

    Anytime Ataru is forced to get “close” to Mendou is instant hilarious!

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