Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 256 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 28 Chapter 256 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 256
Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 256 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 256 ReviewJack’s arrival causes a bit of hero worship with Craig and Tosaka but after that’s over, Jack has Negi play Governor-General Gödel’s invitation. Gödel not only invites Negi to come, but also his female companions, even offering to provide them dresses if Negi sends their measurements. Gödel promises not only their safety but also promises to have them stricken from the wanted list, something that apparently Theo, Seras, nor Ricardo can do. If that’s not enough encouragement for Negi to come and should they attempt to go down to the surface, then Gödel will send a fleet of warships to hunt them down. As a final request, Gödel asks that Negi come in his Nagi disguise.

Negi says he will go but orders the girls to return to the surface. Shiori-Asuna rejects this immediately and chastises Negi for once again deciding to do things on his own. Jack figures to tag along as well and so it is settled.

Kaede is briefed on the situation which leads Setsuna to tell Negi about the Shinmeiryuu technique Zanmaken Ni no Tachi which Gödel uses but that someone of her status is forbidden to learn the technique as it is reserved for those directly connected with the Aoyama clan. Jack borrows Setsuna’s sword and proves that by careful observation, such a technique can be indeed learned. He tells Setsuna that she could learn it if she wanted but if she’s worried about status, he can rename the attack for her. He decides to call his attempt at the Ni no Tachi as “IN CELEBRATION OF MY FIRST KISS WITH OJOUSAMA… SPECIAL.” Jack has Negi raise a powerful barrier and unleashes the attack. With it, he’s able to (mostly) bypass Negi and strike a nearby floating boulder. That Jack does this amazes Setsuna.

Jack explains that Kurt Gödel was an orphan boy that Ala Rubra picked up during the war like Takahata. Gödel was keen to learn the Shinmeiryuu techniques that Eishun used. Eishun initially refused but seeing how Gödel began picking up things just from observing Eishun, Eishun began teaching Gödel properly. After the war, Gödel left the group as he didn’t agree with their meathods on saving the world. Gödel got into politics and now is Governor-General.

Negi takes Chamo, Setsuna and Konoka off to the side — Setsuna still marveling that Jack was able to perform such a powerful Shinmeiryuu technique without training. Negi tells them that before they go to the ball, he feels he needs to tell them about Asuna and that maybe he’ll need to tell the others at some point. After a bit of difficulty, Negi informs them that Asuna is actually from the Magic World and that in reality, Asuna is a Princess of Ostia.

Thoughts/Review: Well, it wasn’t Motoko (well, unless you count that tiny example image as Motoko, which I know some feel it is her though not specifically stated) but we did get the “Aoyama” name-drop in this chapter. I still would love to see a proper appearance by Motoko or her sister at some point.

Still, we now have an opening for Setsuna to learn the Zanmaken Ni no Tachi, which I’m sure she will. Should there be a fight at the ball, I don’t think she’ll have learned it because as good as she is, I don’t think she’s as good as Jack at the moment. Then again, maybe this will be something else she attempts to acquire as a skill — learning techniques from observing others. That would give her an edge in fights both in “borrowing” an opponents attacks and using them against said opponent.

Now to Gödel — he certainly wasn’t taking anything for granted with his invitation to the ball. Interesting that he is more powerful politically than Theo, Seras, or Ricardo. I think we all had been wondering why they hadn’t removed Negi and company from the wanted list and now we know — they couldn’t. That Negi would go to the ball was something I don’t think anyone really doubted. What surprised me is that Jack is going to attend. That will make things more interesting.

Also of interest was that Gödel was briefly a member of Ala Rubra as a child. With Gödel throwing this ball, I begin to wonder if maybe Takahata will finally show up. Its a long shot to be sure since I think he and Mana will be used in the final battle to wrap up the story arc. We’ll see though.

So an interesting chapter with table setting exposition to get us firmly into the next phase of things. Bring on the next chapter! ^_^

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20 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 256 Review”

  1. Pong says:

    How can Rakan be so awesome? It should be illegal! Theres literally nothing he cant do.

    Tosaka in fanboy mode was funny as hell.

    I hope Setsuna lerns some new tricks since as she is now she would probably be more of a load to Negi in battle than anything.

    So the ones going are Negi, Asuna and Rakan huh? Well it makes sense to me.

    But I must say that Asuna once again impressed me this chapter. Thats how true Ministra should act. Always at the side of the Magister.

    And the plot thickens. I wonder why is Negi telling Konoka & Setsuna but not Asuna herself.

    Anyway great blog. Thanks for reviews.

  2. The Curious Fan says:

    Another reason to hate Asuna’s character. She implied that she regularly beats Negi because he doesn’t involve her in everything he does.

  3. Philip says:

    If everyone in AA (maybe the sports girls too) is coming with Negi, there’s a possible chance they’ll be using adult forms…

  4. Great info chapter, but as usual, also pleasing thanks to the comedy. Tosaka’s reactions here are epic XD “He remembered my name” XD. This is proof that the existence of Jack brings nothing but awesomeness XD and theres no such thing as Subtlety when it comes to Jack


    “I begin to wonder if maybe Takahata will finally show up”

    Immediately thought that the moment they mentioned him. This has gotta be a curtain call, we haven’t seen Death Glasses for many chapters now (minus flashback cameos).

    Man I want the next chapter quickly, the reactions Setsuna and Konoka had were expected, but what are they gonna say? I want it so bad T T

  5. pissedbuddha says:

    @philip: That’s something I’d LOVE to see.

    I do gotta say though, I laughed pretty hard at the whole bt where Rakan watched Konoka and Setsuna kiss each other.

    It was also great to see Kaede have a few lines for once, since she seems to be a slightly under appreciated character. Though I do miss when she was the strongest of the bunch.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Pong — you’re welcome. ^_^

    @Curious Fan — Did you ever read “Love Hina?” There, Naru not only beat Keitaro, but sent in literally flying for the least little nothings. Here, Asuna doesn’t come off as petty, but as an older sister taking care of her little brother who has to apply punishment to teach him lessons and to remind him of the big picture. As such, her occasionally whacking him doesn’t bother me.

    “If everyone in AA (maybe the sports girls too) is coming with Negi, there’s a possible chance they’ll be using adult forms…”

    That would be an interesting change from the loli disguises. I think Konoka is the only one who’s ever been drawn in an older form.

    “Man I want the next chapter quickly, the reactions Setsuna and Konoka had were expected, but what are they gonna say? I want it so bad”

    There’s an implication of more info to be revealed but that could be a red herring. A part of me would love it if somehow Negi knows that Shiori-Asuna is fake, but I don’t see the support for that from the story thus far.

  7. Kevin says:

    The Aoyama name drop is sure to set most of the fanbase wild with hope that not only are the two stories connected, but also getting an appearance from either Motoko or Tsuroko. That would be extreme epicness. I definitely agree about the Asuna thing. Obviously it isn’t a stretch to see that Akamatsu-sensei likes his female lead to beat on the male lead. Saati, Asuna, and as you mentioned Naru all have this trait to a different degree and it adds to the comedy. Asuna’s though has developed from a near Naru style to a caring older sister type as you mentioned. Seeing all the girls grownup would certainly be fanservice heaven… Anyway, nice review as always. Now hurry up and post the next chapter’s spoiler images. 😀

  8. fg7dragon says:

    If Negi, Rakan and the girls are all going to the ball, does that mean Yue ( +Emily, Collet and Beatrice ) will also atend?
    Also, Godel said “Female Companions”. What about Kotaro?
    And last but not least, will Seras, Theo and Ricardo be there? I doubt Yue will be alowed to go there if Seras isn’t there to look after her.

  9. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I can see Seras, Theo and Ricardo attending because of their status. If they didn’t receive an invite, it would be an insult.

    Kotaro — good question.

    Yue and her new friends — depends of if Seras is allowed to bring escorts. ^_^

  10. Ultimaniac says:

    If someone from Love Hina were to appear, It’d probably be Motoko’s sis since motoko seemed to go the way of the scholar, Todai and all. For anyone who doesn’t think that was Motoko in the example: Are you crazy!? Of course it was her!

  11. arimareiji says:

    @ANB – I know! Akamatsu-sensei overdid the tsun-tsun part of Naru’s personality really badly – it’s most of why I’m a Mutsumi fan, even though I started out liking Naru.

    Asuna started out almost as bad, but IMO some of Negi’s provocations were a lot worse. Maybe I’m glossing over it in my memories, but I don’t remember anything Keitaro did to Naru appalling me the way Negi sometimes has. (Rather the opposite, I was often appalled at how Naru treated Keitaro.)

    And Asuna’s toned down a lot. Most of the time these days, I find myself laughing (or even agreeing) when she knocks Negi into orbit. Sometimes these days she actually seems a little too dere-dere, even pre-Shiori!Asuna.

    (Throwing in a little heresy, just ’cause the subject reminds me of it: Anyone else think Mutsumi was the real promise-girl, but once Keitaro chose Naru, she lied and said she wasn’t for their sakes?)

  12. Pong says:

    Asuna beats Negi because he i so reckless that he would probably go and fight Fate party on his own while sending them home if she didn’t remind him that he isnt in this mess on alone.

    And of course wants part in everything he does- that the entire point of being partners- she and Negi stick together.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “Anyone else think Mutsumi was the real promise-girl, but once Keitaro chose Naru, she lied and said she wasn’t for their sakes?”

    I’ve wondered that as well.

    You know, this “Love Hina” talk makes me want to read the manga. Heck, I may as well blog it too. *lol*

  14. Jack is made of lulz, win, and awesome. He jabs a sword into his head on accident, then right after that he pulls off a high-level Shinmeiryuuu move, though he gave poor Negi a forehead gash >_< (he got better; thnx Konoka ^_^). Also, I guess he did peek on Setsuna and Konoka's pactio/make-out session. That little pervert. :p Speaking of Setsuna, still nothing on what her new artifact does.

    Anywho, after a couple weeks a talking about it, it seems that Love Hina and Negima do share the same universe thanks to the mention of the Aoyama clan. That little image may or may not be Motoko, but it certainly is highly evocative of her. Hopefully there’ll be an appearance of her or Tsuruko later.

    Re: Asuna vs. Naru. I agree with ANB on Asuna’s onee-sama dynamic with Negi. She worries about him a great deal, even if he is a Person of Mass Destruction. She’s a lot like Nekane (though they’re from different sides of the family), though more strict and energetic and not above knocking her nephew/”little brother”/roommate/partner upside the head (much like her sister did with Nagi).

    Naru just comes across as ill-tempered bully who has no qualms against using violence as retribution for the smallest slight. Even ignoring the fact that the violence is largely played for laughs, the girl definitely has some anger management problems that effective result in domestic violence. Sure, Keitaro is a clutz, a nitwit, and has piss-poor timing, but he’s a good person who’s always trying to do the right thing. He doesn’t deserve the treatment he gets from her. She never once apologized for anything bad she did to him (though Motoko has apologized to him for her mistreating him). Still, I don’t doubt that Naru really does love Kei, but she often has a funny way of showing it. Maybe Kei is just a masochist and ultimately doesn’t mind the bad things that go along with being with his “promise girl” (if she is indeed that; not 100% certain, but fairly close).

    @Phillip: It would be decent fanservice to show the girls disguised as adults. Yuuna might be able to give Chizuru a run for her money in the “#1 chest in class” category. Kaede won’t need to use an age-changing pill to look older, though, since, thanks to her figure and stature (181 cm/5′ 11¼”), she already looks at least 18. Recall the chapter where she and the equally grown-up-looking Mana tried a failed getting theatre tickets at junior-high student prices (though the diminuitive Narutaki twins easily got tickets at children’s price despite being the same age as Kaede & Mana).

    Another thing about Kaede. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a Prohibition-era mobster in that pinstripe suit? All she needs is a fedora and she’s all set.

    Plot-wise, things look like they’re steadily building towards something very awesome. I never thought having to wait a week between chapters would be so agonizing until I started reading the scanlations (started around the 180s). Definitely a different feeling from the three-month wait between Del Rey’s release of the English tankoubons.

    Well, that’s all for now. Later.

  15. Kevin says:


    I believe in volume 14 Keitaro gets the Liddo-kun time capsule from under the sand pit and Naru and Keitaro find the note that says, “Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi We will go to Toudai together.” So I suppose that is the answer to the promise girl question.

  16. The Curious Fan says:

    Looking back to the flashbacks of Negi’s village being destroyed, does anyone else think that the barkeep in chapter 65 looks like Graf Wilhelm Josef Von Herrman?

  17. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve thought that ever since Herrman showed up. When I mentioned it way back when, folks seemed to think it was just Akamatsu-sensei’s similar character designs but I wonder. It may well have been the Graff.

  18. The Curious Fan says:

    Spoiler imagge on mangahelpers begs the question, what the hell is that sphere?

  19. fg7dragon says:

    The spoilers are out.

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