No Negima Chapter 261 Spoiler Images

It is a break week which means no Negima! 261 spoiler images today. Bummer, I know. However, as is my tradition, I am posting an image I found somewhere for the series.

Ah, remember the simpler time when the story took place at school? *lol*

Vacation continues for me — beach, fishing, movies, visiting friends and family, and lots of time on the road. ^_^ Oh yeah, and lots of money spent in local economies. ^_^

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19 Responses to “No Negima Chapter 261 Spoiler Images”

  1. fg7dragon says:

    Yes, indeed simpler times, hehe.

  2. meganeshounen says:

    Continue enjoying your break. Other people taking breaks aren’t exactly happy about it nor are their breaks for liesure as well (see: Akamatsu, various mangaka).

    And it seems so long ago that Negi was just an eager mage teacher, Nodoka was a shy bookworm and Chisame as a sarcastic net-idol.

    Wait, Chisame is still sarcastic, you say? That’s normal, I guess. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    What the heck happened with Chapter 260? I still haven’t seen a scanlation of that anywhere. Does anyone know the group in the process of subbing it?

  4. mega-dark says:

    Enjoy your vaction Mr.Astro.
    @anonymous From what I read somewhere, the scans are coming out latter for higher quality.

  5. Chapter 260 is now scanlated. ANB should do a review if he can get back from the beach in time.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Just got back from the beach — amazing day! I’ll try to get the 260 review done and scheduled before we go bass fishing tomorrow.

  7. Chii says:

    hmm…you maybe not need to.
    Negima Chapter 260 is already out, and another website (not telling) already had Chapter 261 and 262 spoilers…Astro-san, you’re waaay behind! No offence…

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can there be spoilers for 262 when the chapter isn’t even done yet? And I know there’s no spoiler images for 261 or 262 since neither of those magazines have been published.

  9. arimareiji says:

    @fg7, megane: Yes, it seems like just yesterday when Negi was a sweet innocent little 10-year-old stripping junior high school girls once or twice a day… now it’s more like once or twice an hour. ^_~

    @Chii: I’ll trade you those spoiler images for these lucrative deeds to beachfront property in Kansas… (・∀・)

    More seriously, although they may physically exist at this point in time – Akamatsu-sensei’s editor / assistants are probably the only ones who have access to them right now. And while it’s theoretically possible that they would post them, it doesn’t seem too likely.

  10. Chii says:

    Nanika atta?!Zannen desu Arimareiji-san, I don’t take bribes. I have a friend who is lets say…internet pals with one of Akamatsu-sensei’s editor and you get the picture. Besides, I told you, it is someone’s website, not mine so Shirimasen! (I probably told you too much!Zannen desu Akamatsu-sensei!)
    Sayounara, Yoi ichinichi o.

  11. there is a site which posts fake spoilers people don’t be fooled by it only this guy has real information geez I can’t wait when Negi and the gang return to school Ill doubt its the final arc this will go on for 2 or 3 years

  12. no if there would be just some fan service than maybe Akamatsu would allow for such a move but if they contain an important Plot twist (which is likelly) that could even explain the break to built up our mood for it thought Im devastated by this Im waiting the whole vacation to find about Eva’s past lol XD:) or is my theory right

  13. Chii says:

    Hmm…so Staszekgiers-san, so do you read Negima to find out about Evangeline-san’s past? But Zannen desu to change the subject but is there any book/manga by Akamatsu-sensei apart from Love Hina and A.I. Love You? Oh, and Chapter 261 is coming out in English! Tanoshimi!

    (recreated text)

  14. well to answer your question Chi yes Im interestered in Evangeline of course Im interested in the current plot as well this manga has a good storyline and interesting characters Im sure Evangeline hides something that might be crucial to the plot and when she decides to talk she might say some interesting things.

  15. Anonymous says:

    261 spoilers are out! Ku Fei got a pactio! And its that…stick? that Sun Wukong has as his weapon!

  16. Chii says:

    Wow…Staszekgiers-san. It seems that you like Evangeline-san very much. (Isn’t it obvious? Well, I’m a baka so yeah.) Well, I read it because I’m kinda curious about Asuna-san’s past, kinda like how your’re curious about Evangeline-sans past. Cheers to Negima! LOL…

  17. Renzo says:

    CUTE PICS. :]
    Ah. Remembering the old days. 🙂

  18. who dosen’t like the little vampire haha
    I found it funny when she was attacking students in a witch costume haha XD:) I think Evangeline should do that again that would be funny. I think she is connected to both Negi’s and Asuna’s past she seems to know much about Asuna I think she might be connected to Fate as well (I wouldn’t be suprised if Eva was his master all the time) She’s one of the interesting characters and still remains very enigmatical I mean we still don’t know much about there are there any chapters where she tells Negi how she became a vampire or any one even Chachamaru lol XD:)

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