More Negima! Chapter 265 Spoiler Images

More Negima! Chapter 265 Spoiler Images

Here’s a 2nd image from Negima! chapter 265 for you. ^_^

Beast form Negi? Whoa! Didn’t expect that. Well, that’s Magia Erebea for ya.

First image can be found –> HERE!

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41 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 265 Spoiler Images”

  1. Chiu~Chan says:

    Oh, that’s cute.
    *Just kidding*
    It looks like Godel gonna be crushed by that thing ~~ 😀 sooo cool.
    Godel deserves it!

  2. Blogima says:

    Magia Erebea overdrives! Holy hell… (really)

    So, for what I notice, the MM senators want Negi to take blame for Arika’s “sins” or what? Indeed, with this transformation, is a good opportunity for Godel throw all the magic world forces into Negi’s back.

  3. fg7dragon says:

    More like Demon Form. It’s most likely because he lost control of the Magia Erebea.
    Anyway, awesome is an understatement.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I bet this is what Goedel wanted to do and get Negi to turn into a demon form.

  5. Zefyris says:

    looks more like a dragon than a demon to me o_O.
    Anyway this is… Unexpected.
    Magia erebia going berserk?
    Or is that due to the blood of arika?
    We still don’t know the real reason after all, why the senate feared her so much, why wanting to kill the son of arika so bad when he was still young, bypassing even the authority of the mahora gakuen in order to destroy his village…

  6. Anonymous says:

    just…look a little naruto XD

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — A Japanese poster thought the same.



  8. Free says:

    Looks like Negi literally became what he merged, that is, whatever spell he absorbed literally turned his soul/body into whatever it was. High spiritual being indeed.

    Looks like someone (or maybe Negi himself?) used a dragon spell/magic.

    Godel is fucked.

  9. pissedbuddha says:

    I can almost see where this is going.

    1. Negi gets super pissed.

    2. Negi turns into that badass thing.

    3. 1 of 2 possibly outcomes:
    a) Negi kicks Godels ass and Godel is on the brink of death.
    b) Godel kicks Negi’s ass and mocks Negi.

    4. Chisame and/or Nodoka try to reason with Negi to get him to come back.

    5. Negi comes back.

  10. thunder says:

    Magia Erebea taking over? Ain’t that cool? =D

    And thx again for the pic

  11. Boo!? says:

    Godel is not fucked, things are working exatly as he planned. Who’s really fucked is Negi, if he really has lost his control, I wonder how the girls he chose are going to help him snapping away of this form.

    Also, things are heating up to the final battle of the saga, I’d expect something big to start happening in the ball room soon (as well as Fate returning)

  12. quigonkenny says:

    Maybe we’re finally getting to see “that spell” that Hermann and Godel were talking about. Maybe that’s Godel’s whole reason for goading Negi on…

  13. Ultimaniac says:

    So much for that last guy’s theory of them not putting big spoilers in the spoiler images ^_^

    That’s sooo freaking awesome! I almost cried manly tears just staring at him!! >_<

  14. Anonymous says:

    Like others said, Godel has powerful “demon” slaying techniques. Pushing the demon side of Negi is just a way to get him vulnerable to those techniques. Unless Negi pull some impressive move, he’s not going to win.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s how he looks when magia erabea takes over! That not how I pictured it.

  16. orion says:

    @ quigonkenny and second-to-last anon: yeah, there’s no way Godel didn’t know about Negi’s ME so, as Chisame says, he’ll have complete control of the situation if Negi goes berserk like Naruto does.

    Definitely going to be another of the whole “magic power overdrive” type of things, maybe with a heroic sacrifice, most likely after Godel taunts some more then starts beating up on Negi. After that the fight can really start, with a cut to Rakan losing the fight on Fate in this or (more likely) next chapter.

  17. Anonymous says:

    All hail the Onion god (lol)

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you look at it closely, his hair is elongated, which means he’s in Perpetual Lighting form. And more than a demon, it looks like he’s becoming more dragon like. Maybe the Springfield family has dragon blood in it?

  19. OH CRAP! Super-powered Evil Side! He does looks like a cross between Naruto’s four-tail mode and Alucard’s released state. This is not going to end well for someone, possibly Godel. Negi keeps having Crowming Moments of Awesome only to dethrone it with a new one, and this could turn out to be the latest. Dude, wow! Just… wow!

    Y’know, ever since it was shown that he could lose control of M.E., I had a feeling he’d eventually go into some kind of berserk mode and probably hurt someone really badly. I imagine if he does do something horrible after losing control, it could have some sort of lasting effect on his relationship with his students. They’ll stick with him because they’re all loyal friends, but there’s always gonna be those lingering thoughts about Negi being Death Incarnate.

  20. Anonymous says:

    so i guess that means the demon who attacked negi at school was sent by the magic world to test negi back then

  21. Sa Cul says:

    @ ShadowOfTheVoid

    I agree with everything you say.

    my guess is the someone who gets hurt really badly will end up being one of the students.

  22. Anonymous says:

    We saw that ME changes Negi when he applay more then 1 layer so it might be 3 or more layers of fire magic.
    He got a lot of time to prepare himself.

  23. Something I forgot to mention earlier is that Negi isn’t the only one with a berserk mode. It seems to run in the family. Remember way back during the Mahora tournament during the Asuna vs. Setsuna fight? Asuna lost control (complete with darkened face and evil eyes) and was going to kill Setsuna. Literally. Her harisen-turned-sword was only a couple of inches away from splitting Setsuna’s skull in half, though Setsuna reacted quickly enough to avoid and counter.

    I’m not saying there’s any connection here (their berserk modes are caused by different things), but it is an interesting observation.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “And so it was, the once young child prodigy, Negi Springfield slew the entirety of the Magalomesembrian senate and took over the Magic World with ease. The new ‘Draconegius’ then used his power to twist his harem of beautiful girls into equally dark versions of their former selves. Magalomesembria fell into darkness and Ala Nero ruled with tyranny and oppression until the end of days. The End”
    … plotholes. but it would be kinda cool ^_^

  25. Anonymous says:

    It gona be one technique to rull them all.
    I think Negi will lost it(ME) one way or another by the end of the arc (or at beginig of next arc).

  26. Anonymous says:

    Actually, who says Negi’s lost control of ME?.
    If I remember correctly, Rakan said he was good for another two/three (don’t remember) serious fights, or so.
    Perhaps this is just like Anon said, two layers or more of fire magic, and the girls are just stunned, or something like that

  27. Anonymous says:

    Just got a strange theory about how is negi going to get out of berserk mode. maybe Yue will regain her memories and look in her artifact for a way to stop the encroachment of darkness of ME. Pretty stupid theory, in my opinion, even though I thought it up

  28. Philip says:

    In regard to Yue, I had a different kind of theory on that. Maybe the feeling of grief could bring her memory back if she saw Negi near death if M.E. becomes uncontrollable.

  29. fg7dragon says:

    There shouldn’t be anything like that in Yue’s artefact since the Magia Erebea is Eva’s FORBIDDEN SECRET technique.

  30. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yue’s artifact knows all, ALL I tell you! *shakes pactio card*


    In all seriousness, ME magic may be forbidden, but if it is forbidden, someone or some people had to study it and determine, “This is forbidden because…” Therefore, there should be records saying why ME is forbidden and it is possible that Yue’s artifact can pull even that information.

  31. arimareiji says:

    @ANB – Nice point. It’s easy to forget details like that in an authoritarian society.

  32. fg7dragon says:

    Well, I actually wanted to put an accent on the SECRET part. Mainly because only Eva and Negi have ever used the ME.

  33. orion says:

    @ANB: I don’t think that’ll happen, because I remember in the Negima Lexicon somewhere for Yue’s artifact it was saying that it is like a hacker’s Wikipedia.

    It can get anywhere and can get the latest info on pretty much anything she wants, but is subject to having older information overwritten, and mentions that it is not meant to emphasize older texts.

    Also, isn’t ME forbidden because IT EATS YOUR SOUL (albeit slowly) AND KILLS PEOPLE NOT SUITED TO USE IT??

    Also, Eva probably knew best why it should be forbidden and probably did it herself.

  34. ZeroUrashima says:

    Yue’s artifact autoupdates itself from the Magic net (Volume 16, chapter 143) so if there’s no info on the net, the artifact won’t have any information. I think it bypasses any protection since it seems to have lots of secret information.

    Given that even Rakan couldn’t use it and only Negi and Eva can use ME because it requires a huge amount of magic power and other qualifications, I don’t think studying it is really possible because they don’t have any subjects to observe. Thus, if Eva or Negi didn’t write anything on the net, no info should exist on Yue’s artifact.

  35. arimareiji says:

    It would be interesting to know more about the connotations of the original Japanese wording that got translated as “forbidden,” I think. It might be closer in meaning to “no one in their right mind should use it,” versus “some authority said Thou Shalt Not.”

  36. ZeroUrashima says:

    Actually, Rakan did mention it before teaching it to Negi in Volume 22 (too lazy to look up the chapters). He said two things. First, it requires a huge amount of Magic Power so most people cannot use it. Second, he says that it has a huge burden on the caster so if people without the aptitude uses it, it might kill them (via the explosion Rakan ate when he tried it I guess, he did say if that wasn’t him, he would have died in Volume 23) which is why it is forbidden spell. Without the aptitude for it, ME kills you even before consuming your soul.

  37. Anonymous says:

    WOW – This string is kind of humorous:) Looks as though some truly underestimating the human eye/gut. That or their very own green-envy is clouded their thoughts…

  38. kitsune-sama says:

    ya know the minute i saw that ME thing i said Dude is gonna go nuts, then after he whent balistic so he could save nodaka i said, now i am 100 percent sure he is gonna totally awol somewhere in the near future.

    I guess I was right haha I was right for betting on that I’ve got 100 bucks coming to me when this shows up on manga fox

  39. arimareiji says:

    Mild spoilers for 265 ahead.

    You guys will think I’m crazy… but I still think it’s possible that Godel will turn out to be a semi-good guy a la Eva.

    Like Asakura says, his words are extremely oblique and ambiguous. One might even say the things he’s expressing are wildly at-odds with each other. He wants Negi as his own, but he wants Negi to kill him?!? For that matter, the notion that he wants to be killed at all as part of his own plan? And this is the guy who left Ala Rubra to try to stop the war and the killing in his own way?

    1) He believes that the only way to put a stop to some horrible plan the Mesawhatever Senate have is for the son of Queen Arika to publicly declare war on them.
    2) He may or may not have been in the part of the Megawhatever council that ordered the attack on Negi’s village. But he feels so guilty about not being able to stop it that he thinks the only way he can atone is if he lets Negi take revenge on him.
    3) The above two purposes coincide remarkably well, because if Negi kills him it will virtually be a declaration of war.
    4) The creepy “want you as my own” is actually an expression of regret that if he dies, he can’t take Negi as a pupil.

    All of this is an extreme stretch, no doubt. It could easily be true that he’s a puppet a la Fate and knows he’ll be resurrected in short order, and that’s why he has no qualms about dying. But Akamatsu-sensei has been repeating “This is more complicated than surface appearances” until he’s almost blue in the face. I vote for the “I Think I Can Only Atone By Dying” motive for Godel.

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