Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 05

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 05 Review
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 05 (Blu-ray/DVD version)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

After a meeting of the Student Council, Kenshi is assigned to work for that group, which Lashara wants but Maria wants it as well. Kenshi reports to Lithia, who has no specific task for Kenshi to perform. As word spreads around the campus, Kenshi finds himself the target of a growing group of girls from various nations who want him for themselves. Kenshi escapes them all and eventually figures out that Lithia is using Kenshi as a distraction while she and the Council do the work they need to do without causing a fuss and even causing fights between rival nation’s students.

Kenshi continues to be pursued and to the interest of some in the faculty as well as the Student Council, girls from rival nations are working together in their common goal to capture Kenshi. Lithia is suffering from exhaustion and refuses advice from Aura or Lapis. Kenshi does manage to slip some of his herbal medicine into her tea, which causes her to sleep the best she’s slept in ages. Then, Kenshi returns to being chased by girls who are growing more frustrated by their inability to catch him.

Lashara and Chiaia discuss Kenshi’s role of being chased and marvel that he’s been able to escape thus far. Kenshi confesses of being afraid of what might happen should they catch him. This conversation eventually leads to Lashara remarking on how Kenshi will need to be baptized, something he’s heard about from Aura. All Seikishi get the baptism of Ahou power in order to be able to repair the Seikijin. Those who haven’t been baptized, like Chiaia and Wahanly, have to have their damaged Seikijin sent to the Church for repairs. Lashara tells the inquisitive Kenshi that he should see Mexiah, who’s a Seieishi, for more information.

Maria and Yukine are discussing strategy regarding Kenshi when Maria’s mother (Flora) calls. She figures out that Maria has found a new plaything and asks to be informed when something interesting happens. She then speaks to Maria about summer vacation.

Kenshi still finds himself the object of pursuit from the girls, who’ve enlisted Wahanly for some mecha units that don’t require Ahou energy but do require electricity. While more of a challenge, Kenshi eludes those as well. However just when Kenshi thinks it is over, the girls have another surprise and the chase is on again. Kenshi is rescued by Yukine and taken to Maria’s residence on campus, which is reported to Lashara and Maria by Aura.

After serving Kenshi tea, Yukine thinks of Maria’s instructions to her about catching Kenshi and begins undressing despite her embarrassment. This causes her to pass out and Kenshi to catch her just as Lashara arrives with Aura, Chiaia, Wahanly, and Maria. Maria has decided that since Kenshi has taken Yunine’s innocence, he has to marry her and thus become Maria’s servant. Lashara is not happy with this, so Aura offers a solution of a game to see who gets Kenshi. Maria agrees to this so Aura arranges a cooking competition.

As Dagmyer plots with his new followers, Aura holds her cooking game with Chiaia and Lashara as a team, Maria and Yukine as a team, Lithia and Lapis as a team, and Wahanly. Ulyte-sensei offers his services as judge, which is agreed to. Ulyte convinces the group to allow Kenshi to participate and thus have a chance to win his freedom. During the ingredient gathering phase, Wahanly decides she’ll just take Kenshi’s take with her mecha unit, but eventually is thwarted by Kenshi.

Kenshi encounters Mexiah and after a brief talk, she plants a kiss on his forehead which appears to plant a tracker on him. Ulyte-sensei uses the time to monitor for the reaction he encountered earlier until everyone returns. The contest ends up being between Aura and Kenshi, though Aura has no intentions of owning Kenshi. When it comes to tasting the two nabe dishes Aura and Kenshi prepare, Kenshi’s winds hands down, though the girls aren’t happy to learn what his secret ingredients are.


We had another Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki reference. This time, Kenshi speaks of sister who is stern, frank, and speaks her mind. I’m going to guess that this neechan of Kenshi’s is Noike.

Now for the story, starting with the plot. We really didn’t get a lot of plot development. Dagmyer is building a base of power and Ulyte-sensei is still investigating whatever he detected in Aura’s woods. There’s nothing there. I don’t know if the work the Student Council is doing plays into the plot or not, but I suspect not.

The plot point of real interest to me was the discussion of the goddess (and I must warn that I will be discussing SPOILER information for Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki, Photon: Idiot Adventures, and Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure). I know many of you have spoken of the possibility of Tokimi appearing in this series but until this episode, I’d not really said much on the subject. For those who have not watched the TM!R series, Tokimi is a Choushin — a high-level dimensional being who along with her two sisters are considered goddesses and are the ones who created the multi-verse. The three sisters performed a series of experiments over the course of billions of years to see if they could reveal the presence of a being greater than themselves — a god (kami).

That out of the way, is this goddess Tokimi or one of the other Choushin?

Aura speaks of forming a contract with the goddess and that contract is what is meant by baptism. From that baptism/contract, the Seikishi now has access to Ahou power which not only allows the Seikishi to repair their Seikijin unit, but it also appears to enhance the body of the person baptized. This sounds very similar what select Juraians (and certain non-Juraians who are then immediately made Juraian) go through when the partner with a Royal tree, one of the offspring of the Choushin Tsunami. Once a candidate has been partnered with a Royal tree, the partner is given extended life, bodily enhancements, and access to incredible power.

So, might this goddess be Tsunami rather than Tokimi? After all, one of Tsuami’s 1st-generation Royal tree seeds appeared in Dual! so her presence as for sure been felt outside of the direct TM!R universe.

The other element in this puzzle is the Ahou energy. Kajishima-sensei first introduced this term in Photon, but its creation wasn’t exactly attributed to a high-dimensional being (god/goddess). Since “Ahou” means “idiot” in Japanese, the nature of the Photon series makes any real meaningful analysis meaningless since Kajishima-sensei spent five episodes focusing mostly on the humor and by episode 6, had to wrap everything up without explaining many things. Thus, we get the English subtitle “Idiot Adventures.”

In ISM, the whole “ahou=idiot” joke is not there (at least, not in the way it was in Photon). So I’m hoping that Kajishima-sensei will actually explain it all, something he did not do in Photon.

Anyway, Aura’s mentioning that they used to be able to communicate with this goddess and that the construction of the gates to the holy land were a replica of the image of the goddess is rather interesting. One could argue that the gateway into the holy land/campus is similar in a way to the Choushin Realm. For long time fans of Kajishima-sensei’s works and knowing he links his worlds at the corner, it is fun to think that one of the three Choushin are in fact the goddess in question. Whether true or not, what caused the holy land, created by the goddess, to be cut off from said goddess?

The rest of the episode is filled with what Kajishima-sensei loves — lots of pointless fanservice and lots of pretty girls chasing his young male lead. That’s not to say there weren’t funny moments, such as when Yukine was ready to save Kenshi with a rope, only for him to perform an unexpected escape maneuver.

Since Kenshi won the cooking contest, I suppose this means he is no longer Lashara’s servant. Question is, what does he do next? I would guess that he would still be with Lashara but that’s no guarantee.

Next episode looks like more Kajishima comedy fun. So I don’t expect a great deal of plot advancement there either.

So, another fun episode though a bit tedious with the constant chasing of Kenshi throughout the entire episode. Not enough plot advancement IMO, but still some interesting stuff revealed, such as the stuff about the goddess. I’m looking forward to more.

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18 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 05”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish there had been more plot but otherwise a solid episode.

  2. junior says:

    Eh… I think that there’s been plenty of plot in this episode. But the trick is that you don’t recognize it yet. Hindsight, though, is 20/20 and it helps if you’ve seen episodes 6 and 7 (which are currently available raw).

    Flora – I suspect that this comment then leads directly into episode 6.

    The Student Council’s planning – I’m not certain, but I suspect that this is the focus of episode 7.

    Dagmyer – It’s important to be shown that Dagmyer’s gathering followers around himself. Kajishima can’t actually reveal the plan yet, so it only gets a couple of minutes. But it’s critical that we be shown that he’s gathering supporters.

    We’re also shown just how far Maria is willing to go to acquire Kenshi. Yukine, of course, is interested in him because she has a wild crush on him (and it should be noted that so far Yukine is probably the female that Kenshi has shown the most attraction toward). But episode 4 shows that Maria has figured out that there’s something odd about Kenshi, and she wants to find out what. I suspect that this is yet another thread that will have a future payoff.

    And, of course, we have Ulyte and his search for the “object”.

    Finally, I suspect that it’s important that Kenshi officially become “free” of Lashara. I doubt this means that he’ll move out of her mansion. But it does put him a little more independent of her and probably means that they no longer need to go ask her permission like they did when he was enrolled in classes. This will probably be important when it becomes time to officially unveil him to the public as a seikishi.

    So while yes there was a lot of fluff out in front in this episode, I also think that we had a lot of points that were touched on in order to set up the overall arc.

    Favorite scene was probably the expression on Yukine’s face as she starts to unzip her jacket… right before she faints, of course.

  3. AstroNerdBoy

    I would disagree with your assesment of Mexiah’s kiss.

    Rather than planting a tracker on him I think it was meant to show that Kenshi already has a contract with a Goddess as his wound was healed as a result of the kiss suggesting Ahou energy was used.

    The next scene with Ulyte seemed to be monitering the reaction of whatever is hidden in the Holy Grounds to Kenshi which seemed to get stronger after he was healed, and it may be that he is now using the reaction to Kenshi to discover more about what is hidden.

    If Kenshi does have a contract of sorts, the most likely candidate is Tokimi given her actions at the end of the third tenchi OVA, though we cant discount Kenshi being bonded with a Jurian Seed or some experiment of Washu’s, especially given Kenshi’s comments about being weak when he was young suggesting some sort of enhancement took place. Which BTW would be sensible given that Kenshi would be a prime target with anyone with a grudge against Tenchi or one of the girls.

    On the why the Goddess is no longer in direct contact question I have thought of 2 possible answers

    1) If this world is governed/created by a single Goddess and not all three then it could be due to the Goddess being Washu or Tsunami and when they “descended” they cut contact to the world. This would also explain why contracts still work even if they are no longer in direct contact with the world

    2) The church or someone rebelled against the Goddess and were cut off as a result. Given that some artifacts on this world are reported to have a hostile reaction to Kenshi it would also suggest that someone on the world was “trying to do a Kagato” and put themselves in their place and recognise Kenshi as having a connection to the genuine article. The Ahou energy would in this scenario be “artificial Goddess Energy” but still compatable with the original. This could also explain the negative view of Ahou energy and Ena in Kochi explained by Wahanly in Episode 2.

    Regardless of what is actually going on I am fairly sure that by the end of the series one or all of the Chousin will appear and for everyone to be shocked when they know Kenshi and/or he refers to them as nee-san

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Kenshi’s pendant is supposed to be a crystal, which if from Ryo-ohki, could have Washu’s power in it. The casing seemed to be made of wood, which would likely be made from a Royal tree (such as the ring Tsunami gave Tenchi). If so, it would be imbued with power.

    That’s not to take anything away from Kenshi’s own abilities, likely enhanced from either Washu or a Royal tree.

    @Junior — I haven’t watched ahead so I’ve not seen 6 or 7. I am glad to hear that the plot is going better than maybe some expected (myself included). My fear was that Kajishima would put off most stuff until the last episode.

    Still, I’m glad the series has been pretty good thus far.

  5. evgenidb says:

    I think there is a bigger chance that the referred goddess is Tokimi or Washu, not Tsunami (although it’s possible that it’l be Tsunami).

    1) Why Tokimi? – As revealed in OVA 3, she was interested in creating all sorts of anomalies, messing with parallel universes and other dimensions (if you remember, Z was basically her creation). So it’s possible that this world was one of her creations/experiments and either the experiment failed/was successful or she just lost interest and moved to another one. It’s possible that she might even forgot about this world. After all, I doubt that she was conducting only one experiment at any given time.

    It’s also possible, that she abandoned this world, simply because she found Z, so she didn’t need it anymore.

    2) Why Washu? – Why she’ll send Kenshi there and even hypnotize him? Also, she descended quite a while ago, so there’s no wonder why no one remember how she looked.

    Also, Washu was interested in Light Hawk Wings (LHW), so there’s a possibility that Ahou energy might be some artificial LHW energy, she created. And it’s kinda her style to name it Ahou (Idiot), don’t you think?

    3) Why Tsunami? – because of the giant robots, which might actually be seeds, and the use of technology similar in design to the Juraian (I’m primarily referring of Lashara’s ship). Also, Tsunami fused with Sasami’s mind (just before later’s death), so this could be the cause of her disappearance from this world.

    But there’s a chance that one of the other goddesses just used Tsunami’s seeds, for the robots and the technology, so Tsunami have nothing to do with this world.

    Also about the plot – since it’s K-sensei, pretty much of the plot might not be visible until he decides to reveal it – either in this series or in some future installment (a book, doujinshi, other series, etc), even if it’s a decade or two in the future.

    For instance, do you remember how Kenshi helped Wahanly in the second episode (along with Chiaia)? At first it looked like just a joke, but in the very next episode he was already doing pretty much all of the dorm’s work. So, something might look like a joke or is meaningless right now, but in the future it might prove to be quite important. Like it’s said in a famous franchise: “There’s more than meets the eye!” And with K-sensei it’s very, VERY true!

    P.S. I always have wondered what “Light” means in Light Hawk Wings – “Light” as photons or “Light” as low mass (or weightless?)? Since I don’t know Japanese I can’t translate it:

  6. junior says:

    Yet another fansub outfit has released a translation – this time for the disc version of episode 1. The outfit’s name is “Wasurenai”, and it appears that they’ve done at least a handful of other releases in the past. There are some obvious grammatical errors, some translation errors (for instance, a servant reports that they’re being attacked by a “group” of seikijin – the “group” being the lone Kenshi), and enough differences with the Sora fansub to suggest that it’s a good idea to hold off drawing any definitive conclusions until someone does a licensed (and hopefully high quality) release.

    But they’ve got some stuff that wasn’t translated before. And some of their differences with Sora’s fansub seem to fit a little better with what we’ve learned in the later episodes.

    As usual, Tokyo Toshokan has a link.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the info. ^_^

  8. evgenidb says:

    I wonder if someone will answer my question (in the PS of my previous post).

  9. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Sorry…I got side tracked and forgot. ^_^;

    P.S. I always have wondered what “Light” means in Light Hawk Wings – “Light” as photons or “Light” as low mass (or weightless?)? Since I don’t know Japanese I can’t translate it:

    光 【ひかり】 (n) light;

    It means “light” though the Kanji by it self is pronounced differently (“Hikari”).

  10. evgenidb says:

    Thanks, Astro.

  11. Gonbawa says:

    [i](From : Junior)
    “We’re also shown just how far Maria is willing to go to acquire Kenshi. Yukine, of course, is interested in him because she has a wild crush on him (and it should be noted that so far Yukine is probably the female that Kenshi has shown the most attraction toward). But episode 4 shows that Maria has figured out that there’s something odd about Kenshi, and she wants to find out what. I suspect that this is yet another thread that will have a future payoff” [/i]

    I think it’s simpler than that.
    Maria knows that Kenshi is a seikishi master (she knows that he is the white seikijin pilot), so he is a being rare and prestigious for any kingdom : she intends to acquire Kenshi for this reason.

  12. junior says:

    It’s more than that, I think. Lashara took someone who tried to kill her and essentially added him to her staff. That’s going to get Maria’s attention. Also remember that a seikijin’s appearence is influenced by the pilot (I’ve mentioned that elsewehere), and the fact that white seikijin are virtually unheard of (as are black, btw). Maria knows that Kenshi is extremely skilled at just about everything and that he’s a seikishi. But there’s a lot more than just Kenshi’s physical abilities for her to wonder about.

  13. Mike says:

    After going through the raws of Ep6-8. You guys are going to be in for some interesting plot twists particular in Ep 7-8. Also the only people who knews Kenshi is a sekishi master are those in episode 1.

  14. junior says:

    Mike –

    Maria didn’t see it with her own eyes, but one of her comments in episode 4 makes it clear that she’s figured out on her own (presumeably with help from Yukine’s information-gathering) that Kenshi is in fact the seikishi for the white seikijin that attacked Lashara. She’s shared her conclusions with Yukine, which means that Yukine knows as well.

    Aside from that, you’re correct. The only people who know for a fact are Dagmyer, Lashara, Chiaia, and possibly the household staff. Even Wahanly only knows the “hidden cover story” that Kenshi was picked up in the forest as one of the members of the group that attacked Lashara.

    Ulyte probably suspects, based on the reactions from the artifact. And Neiziah knows enough to guess that Kenshi’s from another world when he confronts her in episode 4.

  15. evgenidb says:

    Guys, any word from Hakubi about Episode 6 (and 101 TM! A&Q)? The raw’s out for at least a week.

  16. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I haven’t heard anything.

  17. evgenidb says:

    Hi, guys, I have really good news: I found “SHIN TENCHI MUYO!” manga online on – all 10 volumes. Check it out, if you don’t have the manga.

  18. evgenidb says:

    Update. UPDATE! UPDAAAATE!!! “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 06” is finally ready! Go and hunt it down! I’ll have to wait for the Russian subs.

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