Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 04

パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 04
Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 04Hatsune takes a rare trip to the cafeteria with Suzuka because they are serving pudding. Suzuka points out that they have pudding at the dorm, so Hatsune declares it to be double-pudding day. The girl Hatsune ran into earlier shows up and is condescending to Hatsune, using the dorm she lives in to do it. This irritates Suzuka who begins an argument with the girl, but Hatsune remembers that she needs to get her pudding. However, when she gets to the order vending machine, she finds puddings are sold out.

Hatsune is about to order a substitute even though she doesn’t want to but is prevented by Suzuka. The girl has a voucher for a special, limited edition pudding that she tells Hatsune that if Hatsune can take it, it is hers. Hatsune manages to grab the slip of paper but when she takes it to the counter, it turns out to be a coupon to a maid cafe, the girl having kept the real one.

Thoughts/Review: So, we establish the unnamed rival for Hatsune, but she also ensures that Suzuka is in Hatsune’s corner with her snide remark about their dorm.

Of note to me is the order vending machine. I’ve never seen these in person (that I remember), but I have seen these used from video segments out of Japan. I hadn’t heard of them being used in Japanese schools though. I suppose it makes sense seeing as how they are used to place orders and pay for one’s meal, after which people prepare it and then hand it over.

I’m surprised at how short this manga is. From time-to-time, I’ve seen manga chapters be abbreviated but to routinely be only eight pages (counting the title page) is unheard of from my experience. That’s not to say there aren’t some like this though. If I had to guess, Fujishima-sensei is being given an exception. If he finishes Ah! My Goddess, maybe he’ll expand Paradise Residence. Then again, the entire premise of the manga thus far is a single joke that is set up over a few pages.

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 04

I’ll keep reading this as I’m able as it is cute, sweet, and amusing. Also, there’s no denying Fujishima-sensei’s artistic skills.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you changed up and didn’t post a whole page this time

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I thought I’d try something different this time. Depending on how I feel will determine whether I keep this up or not. I did these frame captures a couple of times for Inuyasha IIRC.

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