Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 07 (War on Geminar – 07)

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 07 Review
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 07 (Blu-ray/DVD version)
War on Geminar – 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

War on Geminar - 07Dagmyer smuggles the mercenaries into Seichi and they agree to lay low in exchange for enjoying an opulent lifestyle for a time. He trains his Seikishi followers and continues his relationship with Ran’s mother Cordyline. Ran is the only one let out and she’s always with Emera. Since Ulyte-sensei still does not have the one piece they need, Dagmyer agrees to propose an athletic competition during which his uncle can search for this thing. Dagmyer’s proposal is unanimously approved by the student council and Lashara is placed in charge of the betting, whereby everyone on campus begins to bet on Kenshi.

War on Geminar - 07Lashara, discovering that she’ll make no money with no one betting on anyone else, sets out to sabotage things by feeding Kenshi false information about the marathon and doing other things to slow him down. Lithia sees what is happening and does everything she can to counter Lashara’s sabotage attempts. As the race progresses, Ulyte-sensei has a team working and they discover a reaction based on Kenshi and Aura racing at the front of the pack.

War on Geminar - 07Kenshi is wondering if he should allow Aura to win the race and is holding back which causes Chiaia to get involved and threaten to take his collection of crystals if he doesn’t go all out. That spurs Kenshi on, so much so that he doesn’t stop even after crossing the finish line. Wahanly and company get on her experimental mecha vehicle and try to stop Kenshi but to no avail until they suggest Chiaia do what she did to get him to go in the first place. She does but that causes him to be knocked out where he’s eventually found by Aura. She brings him round with a kiss and a mouth full of water and starts to confess her love to him when Chiaia finds them.

War on Geminar - 07Now that they have the location of the item, Dagmyer wants to remove Kenshi from the field. He’s reminded that Kenshi defeated Ran’s people and more so Dagmyer concedes to let Kenshi be for now. That night, Emera attacks Kenshi in disguise but can do nothing and indeed is saved from injury or even death by Kenshi when a pit trap opens under them. A rope is tossed to them and Kenshi gets them out. Emera flees and Kenshi thanks the nearby Neizai who’d tossed them a rope even though Kenshi hadn’t needed it. As thanks for saving Emera, Neizai warns Kenshi of a coming storm and leaves.

The following day, the students notice a giant tower structure flying into Seichi.


So we have another comedy episode with some plot elements that really don’t do whole lot to give the audience any real information. So what do we have?

  1. Ulyte-sensei found whatever he’s been looking for, likely some energy source.
  2. Dagmyer is training his Seikishi.
  3. The mercenaries that Dagmyer brought into Seichi are ready to do whatever but in the meantime are enjoying the good life.
  4. Ran’s mother Cordyline is still sleeping with Dagmyer and seems quite taken with him though it seems clear he’s only using her.
  5. Emera is having 2nd thoughts about things.
  6. Neizai has some interest in protecting Emera and in exchange for Kenshi saving Emera’s life, gives him a warning about the coming “storm” (and shows her honor).
  7. Kenshi is incredibly powerful, which we already knew.

War on Geminar - 07While I enjoyed the episode for what it is, I would have liked to have received a bit more information than what we’ve received to date. I’ve no clue what Dagmyer’s whole plan is about to be honest with you. He wants to attack the establishment and set himself up as ruler I guess (he or Babalun). I’d like something more though and maybe we’ll get those answers since the episode ends with a giant whatever entering the Seichi and the title of the next episode being “Invasion.”

War on Geminar - 07Now that I think of it, part of the problem may have been that this episode is a cost cutting episode and considering the amount of pan-and-scan shots, I’m guessing VAP wanted to save money for next week when

As to the episode itself, baring my desire for more plot information, I do admit to enjoying Lashara’s attempts to increase her profits by trying to keep Kenshi handicapped since everyone bet on him to win.

War on Geminar - 07I loved how Kenshi pickpocketed Ran when he saw her pickpocket a student. One wonders if that is something Ryoko might have taught the lad as I can’t see Kenshi’s family teaching him it. *lol*

Aura starting to confess her feelings for Kenshi took me by surprise. However, I can understand it, not on the level that all the other girls chase after Kenshi, but in the sense that Kenshi is worthy of someone of her standing. Despite War on Geminar - 07appearing as a normal human, Kenshi has great strength, speed, courage, honor, and a desire to do the right thing. So I can see Aura respecting that a great deal and finding someone up to (and beyond) her level.

I could do without Mexiah-sensei’s sexual conquest of underaged male and female students though. *_* Ugh.

War on Geminar - 07On the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki connections, Tenchi’s harem gets a no-name mention as does Tennyo and Airi. I had the feeling that Kenshi may be faster than Ryoko, Aeka, Mihoshi, and Noike (and possibly Sasami too in her human form) but I’d bet not faster than Tenchi. While this series needs to be its own entity, I do hope that before the series ends, we do get to see Tenchi and company at least once.

War on Geminar - 07What is the significance of the Seikijin (Seikishin) from the Knight’s Civilization that was unearthed in Streya? Maybe it is the influence of others who’ve watched and commented on this show, but for some reason, a couple of shots of this Seikijin reminded me of the choushin Tokimi. I’m not sure why though.

One final thing — I rather enjoy the classical-styled music. I’m not versed in classical performers and War on Geminar - 07pieces, but the music of this series is very much like classical music and indeed could be classical music.

In the end, we have a fun episode that teases more plot stuff without doing more than set the table for something that’s likely to happen in the next episode(s).

War on Geminar - 07
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31 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 07 (War on Geminar – 07)”

  1. junior says:

    Poor Emera. She’s just too loyal to Dagmyer, who not only has done nothing to deserve it but also openly treats her with contempt. Then again, Chiaia has a bit of the same problem. It’s just that since Chiaia doesn’t work for Dagmyer he actually has to occasionally pay attention to her.

    Ulyte suddenly reminds everyone that he’s a government minister at the end of the episode, which makes me suspect that was what Babiron promised him in return for the former’s aid. Since Ulyte has finished his work, he’s earned whatever Babiron offered in exchange.

    The scene with Aura was pretty cute, imo.

    Neizai claims that she interceded on Emera’s behalf, but the former’s interest in Kenshi waaaaaay back in Episode One lead me to suspect that she has an interest in Kenshi herself. And as she works closely with Ulyte, it’s possible that Ulyte has some hidden interests in the boy as well.

    No mention of Mexiah who appears in this episode, albeit in throwaway roles. The first scene with her is a bit disturbing if it follows what I (reasonably) assume it does. Just how old are those girls? The scene in which Wahanly and Chiaia realize just what leaving Kenshi alone with Mexiah risks is pretty funny. There’s a big question mark on the follow-up, though. Mexiah moves in seemingly to kiss Kenshi… and then he wakes up sitting in a chair in his underwear.


  2. shadow_s_writer says:

    Frist ANB, I will remind you that Ryoko can teleport, just like ‘mom’, so I doubt Kenshi is faster than the beloved (by Tenchi) demon of destruction.

    Second some interesting fact where that Kenshi knows about his extended family, unlike Tenchi at the same age. Also the was a couple of important fact the how much the elves (Aura) are superior to human. And finally we learn the Neizal is watch for some reason, this is differenct from the first eps where she seemed interested in Kenshi, but now I think she may more interested in Dagmyer (sister?) What ever, Neizai is still my choice for Tokomi-kama’s hidden ident.

    As for the episode as a whole, it reminded me of TMR! 8-10 which were important a setup for the ending of that series.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Emera will switch sides I figure. ^_^

    As to Ulyte-sensei, I do think he has a strong interest in Kenshi and that was part of the reason for him to hold back Dagmyer from going after Kenshi so soon.

    @Shadow — Teleportation is one thing but in terms of pure speed (and Ryoko is fast), I suspect Kenshi has her beat. Besides, Ryoko is lazy so…*lol*

  4. On the Ulyte issue, I am not sure what side he is really on. While he is high up in Babalun’s(?) organisation which is probably in part to him being part of his family IIRC, there are also some indications that he may be working for someone else, (probably the pope.)

    Anyway am looking forward the next episode, where from the raw it looks like we get lots of action and possibly some answers to what is going on.

  5. evgenidb says:

    @Astro, I disagree with you. The winner between Ryoko and Kenshi will heavily depend on the current situation – whether they’re running to or from Tenchi.

    If they’re running to Tenchi, Ryoko would be the most energetic woman in the Universe. If they’re running from Tenchi, Ryoko won’t move a muscle.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Mister Random — Ulyte does seem a wild card.

    @evgenidb — *LOL* Touché. ^_^

  7. shadow_s_writer says:

    I always thought Ulyte was talking to Seiki-kama and that it had a interal inteligents like Idol (Sina’s macha) or Zinv from Dual. But is also possible he would be Neizai agent. which would fit ing with she beening attached to Tokomi-kama. You ever he been talking to in his room when he is alone, they seem to have their own agenda and will have a important part to play in the last episode.

    PS ANB which would would you want to be arround, a lazy Ryoko or a very active Ryoko?

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    A lazy one under normal conditions but active when the crap hits the fan. ^_^

  9. al103 says:

    >One wonders if that is something Ryoko might have taught the lad as I can’t see Kenshi’s family teaching him it. *lol*

    Remember ep.1 of OVA and how Tenchi got keys. And many other things in OVA. After 150.000 years Jurai royal family is still bunch of thugs, thieves and pirates, just well-mannered bunch of thugs, thieves and pirates. And Kuramitsu are in no way different. It’s really funny how two founders and main backers of GP are two successful pirate families gone legal *facepalm* and it’s very, very realistic thing…

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It is true that Tenchi scored the keys from his grandfather, but I always suspected that Yosho did that on purpose to allow Tenchi to free Ryoko.

    Still, your point about the Juraians being pirates at heart from their ancestry is well taken.

  11. This has to do with Oav 3- How old is Noboyuki?

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The timeline given to me from the translated work of Japanese fans has Nobuyuki born in the 1800’s sometime. Speculation is that he was around 200 years of age.

  13. junior says:

    I’ve always gotten the impression that Ulyte’s involved due to a “pure science” type of interest. He wants to know about the object that Babiron is looking for, and couldn’t care less about Babiron’s agenda. And since no one else is likely to let Ulyte do what Babiron is doing, Ulyte’s thrown his lot in with Babiron.

    And I’m actually pretty confident that Ulyte’s warning to Dagmyer not to go after Kenshi was meant more to protect Dagmyer than Kenshi. Episode 6 did a pretty good job of showing what an unarmed Kenshi can do.


    I think you guys are gonna like the next episode…

  14. evgenidb says:

    So, he’s still a young boy, huh?

  15. What!?! Is that information new? How is he living that long? Are there any other earth-native Masaki’s with long life spans? Is this the work Katsuhito’s Juraian gene or the empire is giving him supplements?

    I mean if Kajishima said so he was 200 then it would cover up a big plot hole. But if he didn’t all of existence will crumble on top of us!!! No if he didn’t state it or people just didn’t catch it, Tennyo would be a paradox. Thinking Nobuyuki is in his 50/60’s and his daughter being 80?
    I wish it was stated somewhere that he is much older than normal earthlings? Also how is he outliving achika, ahem, Kiyone if she is a direct descendent of the Royal family? OAV1 had a lot of plotholes, and OAV 3 was even worse.

  16. evgenidb says:

    Funaho, the first wife of the King of Jurai is earthling. Also, as you stated, Tenyo is quite old in earth terms, so her father should be even older.

    From Wikipedia (
    “Due to his Juraian heritage and training (enhancement) at the Galaxy Academy, Nobuyuki has lived longer than any normal human, and is currently around two hundred years of age.”

  17. evgenidb says:

    On the home page of the Seikishi’s site ( I saw a new trailer (promotion video).

    There might be some SPOILERS (minor or not so minor – I just don’t know), so beware of them! Well, if you’re not afraid of such devilish monsters, you can boldly go there.

  18. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The information about Nobuyuki’s age came from Japanese sources. The ultimate source from Kajishima-sensei is unknown to me. I’ve been informed it is either one of the doujinshi or the novels which gives an indication of how old Nobuyuki is.

    Considering that Nobuyuki is likely Galaxy Academy educated, he would likely have the same nanites inserted into him in order to have the enhancements Seina received in “GXP.” That could also extend his life too.

  19. Darn it, I was hoping to shatter the universe. Thanks for the clarifications.

    Though being raised on earth, I would think he would be more interested in the world outside his. It just feels like there is no groundwork for his history. Kajishima is trying very hard to fix his fantasy world. Even to him when the staff first started on the Tenchi project, Nobuyuki was born in the 20th century.

    What’s probably causing the confusion is TMiL.

    Also, someone explain how the gang ended up in the mountains, when they landed on the bridge in episode 2? I’m guessing ryo-ohki, but then it was basically destroyed, hence the regeneration.

    Oooohoho… Chills, trying to figure the reality of fiction.

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Man…it has been a while since I read up on the reason for that. I want to say that Ryoko teleported them to the mountains but the momentum of Ryo-ohki nearly caused Ryoko to end up back in her cave.

    I can’t look at the moment but if I remember tomorrow, I’ll see if I can’t find where that answer specifically is.

  21. al103 says:

    >It is true that Tenchi scored the keys from his grandfather, but I always suspected that Yosho did that on purpose to allow Tenchi to free Ryoko.

    It doesn’t matter if Yosho did that on purpose – look at that scene and try to find WHEN Tenchi did that… it’s same level of sleight of hand. Anyway for Tenchi do not suspecting that enormous amount of skill is required. IIRC Yosho did some trick like that later, so such thing IS part of formal training.

  22. shadow_s_writer says:

    I beleive that K-sensei told use that Yousho let Tenchi steal the key in the “101 Questions” I don’t know for sure, but it may be because Ryoko sentence for the raid on Juria had expired, so he had to let her go. I also suspect he felt sorry for her.

    Speaking of K-sensei has any one seen any of this years Doushi?

    BTW, people should remember the Kenshi as trained by Yoshuu, just as Tenchi, therefore his being able to pick pockets should be no surprise.

    PS you got that one right ANB, Ryoko should be active only when needed, and the same is true of the First Princess of Jurai, now how do you think about Mihoshi?

  23. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “…how do you think about Mihoshi?”

    I don’t. *lol*

    Mihoshi is extremely dangerous in that she can get into anything, anywhere, and at anytime. Her blissful ignorance makes it even worse.

  24. Tenchi-kami-sama says:

    When you going to blog OVA 2 & 3?

    @evg: that link didn’t work for me

  25. evgenidb says:

    Then you have to register: Go to (click at “Create account” in the upper menu). The website is Bulgarian, but the most important stuff is in English, so you won’t be lost.

    Another option is to find it in Google: [Hakubi] Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 08 [480p] mkv

  26. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Tenchi — I’m not sure. I’ve got a ton going on of late and that makes blogging the current series I’m watching rather “interesting.” ^_^; Maybe I can get to that by the first of next year (OVA 2 at the very least).

  27. junior says:

    The episode 8 fansub was released early, and there’s a problem of some sort with it. It will be fixed and rereleased later. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the original seed has been pulled. Also, the Blu-Ray isn’t due out until the 23rd. The video source in this case was apparently a DVD feed that Hakubi somehow got access to.

    RE: Ryoko

    iirc, the 101 states that Yosho allowed Ryoko’s release because he had become aware that Ryoko was taking a positive interest in Tenchi.

  28. junior says:

    New version of episode 8 is out – Tokyo Toshokan has it as usual.

  29. Anonymous says:

    When are you going to review episode 8?

  30. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Working on it now, assuming I can stay away from my ST:TNG DVD’s and silly games. ^_^;

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