Negima! Chapter 273 SPOILER Images

Negima! 273 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 273 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 273 SPOILER Images as brought to you buy anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

Woot! Takahata shows up and Chisame breaks out her artifact as does Ku Fei. ^_^

And just because, here’s the ad image that was the first the Japanese posted overnight.

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40 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 273 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweet! I’ve been wondering when Takamichi would finally show up.

  2. Blogima says:

    A billion of chapters after, Takahata appears. Well, in time, actually. In other words, Godel is doomed! Love this manga. ^^

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It is the anticipation. ^_^

  4. fg7dragon says:

    Now that only leaves Mana. She’s probably in a good position for sniping.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh!heh! Yeah, knowing Mana she’s sitting someplace private with that big old gun at the ready.

    Speaking of her, since she’s used bullets in the past that teleported people a short distance away (and sent people forward in time), she could shoot the noncombatants of the girls and get them to safety (assuming where she shot them to had armed escorts).

  6. Devilen says:

    while that idea is decent there is a problem

    where do they have a safe spot, which they know is safe in 3 hours

  7. Sarah says:

    dont those only work when the special bullets are within the Mahora’s Tree Power?

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m not saying that she’d have the time displacement bullets because those were alien to the mages and likely only worked with the World Tree. However, if Mana has bullets that simply send the target a few miles away or so, that gets them out of danger and the place they are sent too could have allies waiting.

  9. fg7dragon says:

    He meant the kind that teleport 3 km away, not 3 hours away. Chao and Takamichi were discussing them before their battle during the festival.

  10. I like this week spoiler.
    Long time no see, Kurt ^^
    Nice seeing the Songoku’s Rod in action, again XD

  11. Philip says:

    Ku Fei’s weapon can be 10 times its size….

  12. Joe Klemm says:

    Dang, Ku Fei looks hot in that shot of her crashing Negi and Godel’s meeting.

  13. veron says:

    :blinks: :rubs eyes: no way takamichi is back. damn i first i thought i was seeing another random flash back but damn, finally. So my guess fore this week is that Kurt is about to spill everything. and takamichi is going to notice the false asuna (he knows her the most) Rakan is going to get sealed or used some how by the “code of the life maker”. on a side note What it the “code” of the life maker? i have yet to come up with a solid theory

  14. mastermack0 says:

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!! TAKAHATA APPEARS! I’m so happy. I really wanted to see Rakan die just to get it out of the way but this is awesome too!

  15. 5yewy5r says:

    Hmm..looks like Kurt is screwed…

    I actually kind of liked him too…would suck if they do the cliche LOLOLOL I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT JOIN THE GOOD GUYS!!11 thing on someone like Kurt.

    But to be honest I don’t think the Megalomesembrian senate will just watch as one of their members are killed at a royal ball…What ever happened to the warship battalions and such?

  16. jacke12 says:

    cool Takamichi is here and Negi started to transform again I can wait to see the full manga

  17. Ah, Takamichi. Finally, I was wondering where he was.

  18. Nemein says:

    LOL Kufei’s weapon is the exact replica of the Monkey King’s magical staff – same properties, abilities and everything it seems. Well, except she doesn’t have to put it in her ear when not in use – she can just unsummon it 😛

  19. Ku_fei lover says:

    Well it’s official my love for ku fei has incresed ten fold!!

    chisame’s artifact? how’s she gonna use it?

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Nemein & Draco — Son Goku! The second you mentioned that, I immediately remembered that Akamatsu-sensei had a bit about that in Love Hina where they put on the play for the kids. Very cool that he brings that element back into the Negima! manga. ^_^

    @5yewy5r — I don’t think Akamatsu-sensei will go down that path.

    @Ku-fei — I believe Chisame used her artifact to basically take control over Kurt’s office and stop the illusions. That’s my impression at least. Heck, she may be in control over the computer systems on the Magic World and be able to get the truth out that way. Negi was very wise in choosing the girls he chose. ^_^

    Got to love her rat-army though, eh? *lol*

  21. Yeah Power pole extend FTW.
    umm as far as non combatants they could hide in kaede’s cape on the ship or one of her shadow clones somewhere else.

  22. Chii says:

    Yay! Takahata-sensei is back! We haven’t seen him since…um…after the incident happened at the gate port…I think. I wonder when they realize that Asuna-san isn’t real….I’ve been asking for ages! Maybe this chapter is the one since Takahata-sensei is here! HOORAY!

  23. ku_fei lover says:

    chisame needs more pactio screentime

  24. NA says:

    WOW! Finally! Chisame is in action! Well,i’m not saying that i’m not interested on Takamichi but i’m really looking foward for more Chisame’s fight!
    She’s totally my favourite!!

  25. arimareiji says:

    The only thing that could be cooler than Ku Fei showing up to kick @55 would be Zefyris showing up to tell us what they’re saying. (^_^)

    My theory that Gödel will be the new Eva has taken a pretty good beating in the last couple of chapters, but I’m still holding to it. Especially given that his wording in the last one wasn’t “I’ll make you follow me,” but “Words can only take one so far. I will have to show you the nature of reality.” It might seem like a trivial distinction, but how often have we seen characters relent and change goals only after getting their butts kicked a few times?

    *cough* Nanoha *cough* (^_~)

    And whether his reasons are justified or not – he does claim that he has good reasons. He doesn’t say “Because nonhumans are an inferior species and this is my Final Solution” or anything similarly grotesque; that’s just the readers’ assumption.

    Of course it’ll be ironic when Zefyris does show up like I’m hoping, but tells us Gödel is saying something horrible that puts him beyond redemption… you know what they say about being careful what you wish for. (^_~)

  26. arimareiji says:

    To be a little clearer, I think someone will change goals. Not change sides, but change goals.

    Gödel may really have a point that can only be illustrated in a fight (the bit about being willing to die is really bizarre, and suggests that there’s more going on than we realize). Or Negi and the battle harem may show him that true strength, and the only real hope, is teamwork and trusting people. I get the feeling the truth will be somewhere in the middle, especially after Eva making yet another comment about how Negi needs to see that the real world is dirty and doesn’t always have perfect solutions.

    I believe they both have noble intentions – i.e. they’re already on the same side. Their biggest difference is how to go about saving the world.

  27. Zefyris says:

    Well I’m showing up^^”
    Thought a lot of the text is actually too small to be read, and that a lot of it can be understood with just looking at the pictures;).
    Well, what’s happening is that godel’s plan is crumbling page after page. It’s funny to see his face each time things goes a little worse for him, each time thinking that it the last trump card they had and that therefore that won’t be enough to stop his plan ^^”.

    (note: in the following text “ally/allies” are “nakama” )
    Godel: wonderful, negi kun
    Negi : (a little too blut to read) but…I won’t become your ally!
    Godel: is that alright, negi kun? (something like “in order to accomplish your goals”) becoming my ally is…
    Negi: I already have allies. And I never wished for revenge, not a single time.
    (second pic)
    godel:Is that so?
    Negi : wh.. argh
    Godel : You were careless to use the magia erebia… (note: Not sure here )
    nodoka : sensei!
    asakura : is he going berserk like earlier?
    chisame: no way! according to the old man’s words (note: talking about rakan), there was still time before… Is that because he was swallowed by darkness earlier ?
    Godel: you shouldn’t deceive yourself. What you thought and what supported you until now is t.h.a.t. .
    Godel: Negi kun, you said that if it was your father, he would never have given up, right?
    Then why nagi isn’t here right now?
    Why were you left alone and why are you alone right now?
    Negi : I’m not alone, I have allies! I believe in my father…
    Godel: Then WHY? the world is in such a crisis! Nagi failed! Isn’t that right?
    negi: then i will succeed him!
    Godel!Hah! How can someone like you do this? The you right now can’t even break free from that illusionary space!
    You’re alone to the point that your allies can’t even protect themselves!
    Chisame: who is alone?
    eh, pervert governor-general?
    Isn’t it because he’s not alone that he has allies? (note: I don’t know how to put it in English, sorry)
    Right, negi kun?
    negi : chisame san!
    mouse: illusionary space deletion complete!
    (saying something about the illusionary space ‘s security, I think,so it’s probably technical details)
    Godel: Impossible! The security of the governor general palace, broken by this little girl from that always-in-peace-old-world?
    (note: guessing a little) However, just with this, rescuing negi kun and escaping from this place is impossible…
    Asakura: too bad! Since a while ago, the whole situation that we’re in has been linked to our allies…
    Kuu chan, 15 meters in front of me!
    kuu : roger!
    Godel: what?

    kuu : I’ve come, little negi!
    negi: master kuu!
    godel: those little girls are…
    Godel: this is… the soundless fists?
    takamichi : long time not see!
    Godel: takamichi!
    Takamichi: succeeding your father is a little difficult but…
    Still, I was happy, negi kun.
    negi : taka…michi…
    takamichi: Go! let me handle this…
    negi: b-but…
    takamichi: If you saw the video, you should understand… He and me are former friends…
    Don’t worry.
    Asakura: Let’s go!
    nodoka: please wait !
    asakura: what’s happening, miyazaki?
    nodoka: kurt godel san, there is one more question!
    when you said “reason” before, the “reason” why you can’t save everyone,
    (last pic)
    nodoka: the ultimate secret of this world, please instruct us of this last piece of information!
    Kurt: wh…
    nodoka: I got it!
    asakura: good! we’re escaping from here!

    takamichi: what’s happening, kurt. Aren’t you quite in bad shape after facing those young ones?
    Godel: shut up… takamichi!

  28. Philip says:

    wow… for Negi and AA…
    At this point, in the words of Call of Duty 4’s Capt. MacMillan…
    “It’s time to move!!”

    I’ll bet in the next chapters, they’ll lock down either the governor’s mansion or all of New Ostia. That fleet Godel mentioned earlier will pretty much pursue AA.

  29. arimareiji says:

    Wow… Thanks a million, Zefyris! (^_^) And your English is still just fine; it was perfectly understandable.

    Lots of stuff here to digest, but perhaps the best news is that Nodoka (go Nodoka!) remembered to get the info that Negi was asking for. If Gödel really does have good intentions and could be an ally, this could be what forces him to drop the “**I** have to be in charge” act. And if not… well, better to know sooner than later.

  30. Nick says:

    YES MY LOVE JOINS THE FIGHT (Ku) and one of my idols takamichi joins now where is the gunslinger mana at =)

  31. I think Mana is more that gunslinger =w=;

  32. SL from MH says:

    Raws are out for this chapter.

    It seems that Takahata meets with everyone in the first page & then goes to help Negi.

    Also it seems that Yue is in shock for some reason (maybe because she heard that Magic World collapsing talk).

  33. Anonymous says:

    From the MH forum.

    Today : Chapter #273 (Magazine #02-03)
    14/12 : No Chap (Because Double Magazine)
    21/12 : Chapter #274 (Magazine #04-05)
    28/12 : No Chap (Because Double Magazine)

  34. Anonymous says:

    Get ready for the one month of no Negima again. Time to haul in all the Negima copies I bought up to date to pass the time while I wait for the new chapters^^

  35. Anonymous says:

    hey people i dun really get it is that isnt chapter 273 out now so y dun u scan the images and put them online and then tell some one to transale it ???

  36. Anonymous says:

    The scans are already online so how do you force someone to translate them right away?

  37. Anonymous says:

    I was just reading over the chapter when Takamichi arrived in the Magic World again to see if I missed something, glad he’s finally got some screen time. Also, “lol” at Ku Fei’s Artifact.

  38. SL from MH says:

    Well translation for this chapter by ‘cnet128’ is out. Those who wish to see it check the MH site.

  39. Nana the Dwarf says:

    Ku-Fei Sama!!! (has a fan-gasm)…(faints)

  40. fg7dragon says:

    the scanlation is out on Onemanga.

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