Happy Valentine’s Day (Fate/stay night)

Happy Valentine’s Day (Fate/stay night)

It’s no “choco,” but here’s a little Fate/stay night lovin’ for Valentine’s Day. ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day (Fate/stay night)

Technically this isn’t a Valentine’s Day image, but Saber gets married (to “you”), so I’m going to include it anyway. ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day (Fate/stay night) (Wedding)
For those curious, this is an interesting piece on saying ‘I love you” in Japan.

I hope you and yours (if you are so fortunate) had a good Valentine’s Day. ^_^

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7 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day (Fate/stay night)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well that was very interesting. Thanks for the link ^_^ I guess that explains some things, like the translators in Furuba saying that so may fans were disappointed that Kyo said, “Do you like me?” instead of “love me” but then I guess that was the real more accurate translation and since the term isn’t used to easily it makes sense.
    Ah, I love languages xD I didn’t know “ai” was used in the Japanese pronunciation too. “Ai” is love in Chinese, the only Asian language I know, but I wanna learn Japanese. In that way kanji is my friend, not my enemy xD

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve talked with translators on when they translate “suki” into “like” or “love” and naturally, they all say it depends on the situation and the use of “dai” in front of “suki” plays a role too.

  3. jedko says:

    I love Fate/Stay Night. Thanks for posting these cute pictures.

  4. Garik says:

    Thanks, as usual, for the holiday words.

    Your choice of pictures reminded me of some news I wanted to share with you and your readers.

    You may remember me as the fanatical and long-winded Type-Moon fan who followed your Fate/stay Night TV review. I wanted to say, if you hadn’t heard yet, that 2010 looks to be a very good year for FSN fans.

    First, there are the TV series recap hour-long OVAs, Fate/stay Night TV Reproduction. You can see the OP here:

    Even more exciting is the upcoming movie, Unlimited Blade Works, detailing the storyline presented in the second scenario of the Visual Novel– Archer/Rin’s route.

    Here’s the two released trailers:


    Parts of Unlimited Blade Works were incorporated into the F/SN TV anime, but so much was left out. This story focuses on Archer, Rin and Shirou. The primary antagonist through most of the story is Caster, showing her as a much more formidable foe who uses meticulous planning to compensate for being the weakest of the Servants.

    The trailers confirm that we’ll get to see some of the series’ best fights animated such as Rin versus Caster, Berserker versus Gilgamesh (I shed tears thinking about that scene), Lancer versus Archer (in what can only be described as a collision of manliness and awesome), and what could arguably be called the most thematically important battle in the whole series, Shirou versus Archer. And then there’s the epicness (I hope) of the climactic battle between Shirou and ******.

    I have high hopes for this movie even if it’s done by Studio Deen.

    Perhaps you’d be able to review them when the opportunity arises.

    In the mean time, thanks for writing such an enjoyable blog, and I’ll continue to follow your words.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hey Garik! Thanks for all the great links in info. ^_^

    I certainly plan on blogging more F/SN if the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully, the sales of F/SN were decent enough for FUNimation to take a risk and license the movie and the OVA’s as well.

  6. APRILIA says:

    whats the next comic?

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