More Negima! Chapter 282 Spoiler Images

More Negima! Chapter 282 Spoiler Images

Here are the remaining Negima! 282 spoiler images, as requested. Credit to whomever it is that did these on MH. ^_^

The original post of spoiler images are here.

Review of the chapter coming after the chapter is released in Japan.

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17 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 282 Spoiler Images”

  1. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yes, these are the original image sizes. ^_^;

  2. komett says:

    Brilliant, thanks a ton for posting these ANB.

    I lurk around here a lot – just thought I’d pop out for once and actually thank you ^_^;;

    Now, to twiddle my thumbs and wait for the raws to appear…

  3. Philip says:

    looks like the GPS found Negi’s group seconds after he passed out…

    Was hoping for a dramatic escape…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or does Negi’s outfit gain a new accesory for everytime he gets encroached by darkness?

  5. Anonymous says:

    After seeing Negi in “Nagi Form” for so long, his original self doesn’t seem like the 10 year-old I remember. Yeah, I know Asuna mentioned he’d grown taller many chapters back due to the Rakan/Eva training, but seriously.

    How much has this kid grown in the entire time he’s been in the Magical World (which was like what, two months in Mahora time)? I predict that if this arc gets dragged out any longer, if he’s forced to do any more training that requires time dilation, Negi’s body will have at least aged three years and Class 3-A will have a 13 year-old teenager with a mind of a 10 year-old to deal with when they get back. :3

  6. SL from MH says:

    I was using the net till “12:00 am” last night (my local time) & there was no spoiler till that time. I missed these completely (present time of posting is around morning “11:00 am” local time).

    Well now i would directly check the HQ raws of this chapter which is out on “RP” (though when it came out i don’t know).

  7. Anonymous says:

    Raw-Paradise has the HQ raw. Unfortunately they put a stamp on each page.

  8. SaCul says:

    I’ve always wondered about that. how old is negi? I mean he was a little under 10 when the manga started, but a fair bit of time has passed, not to mention his use of eva’s resort…

  9. Anonymous says:

    The watermarks are f-ing irritating!

  10. SL from MH says:

    I think “Cnet128” might not use the raws from “RP” to translate this chapter because of the way the watermarks are placed on the raws. I checked it and found 11 pages (in the 18 page chapter) were the mark is placed in such a way that the dialogues are covered & partially seen.

    So, we might get the translation of this chapter more late than the usual time (maybe he would wait for “Rena-Chan’s” raws but if i remember right they don’t come out until Thursday or Friday).

    @SaCul: From the amount of time he has used Eva’s Resorts and the other such things, i would say he is a year older than his actual age would be (when he started training under Raken he said that he had trained for around 7-8 months under Eva and using her resorts & after that before his match against Raken he trained around 3 months in those glass-balls & at last i think around a months time in Eva’s Dark magic scroll).
    And since we were told that he has only been to Mahora for around 6 months (normal time), i would say that his physical age should be around between 11-12 years old.

  11. Kagheo says:

    Negi’s still for all intents and purposes, 10 years old. Even if he’s gained all this extra time in “pocket space”, his body still runs on the time not inside the “pocket space”.

    As Kitty-sama explained it, “pocket space” doesn’t change that time that is used, it makes the body assume all this stuff is happening.

    …really if you want to think about it another way, it tricks the body and mind into thinking there’s way more time than what there is.

    I’d assume him growing here is just a natural occurance as puberty is probably hitting him finally, but the pocket time has probably accelerated it a bit.

    So technically, there’s no additional time added to his body, but the body is being tricked to think it is.

    …I really hope someone gets what I mean… I don’t think I can explain this any better.

  12. Narcitel says:

    Are those elbow long black gloves on Negi I see?
    How badly did Magia Erebea had to screw up his hands for him to hide them like that..?

  13. SL from MH says:

    @Kagheo: I think i understand a bit what you are trying to say. But Eva has herself said that the time you have spend in those glass-balls (the one you call “pocket space”) gets added up to there age. Meaning anyone who is spending there time in those type of places gets older by the amount of time they have spent there as opposed to the actual real time which has been spent.

    Also if you are talking about Negi’s growth is because he is entering puberty, i don’t think its the case here because normally a boy enters the stage of puberty at the age of around 12 years but if his age isn’t effected by the “glass-balls areas” then he should be around 11 years at most since only 6-7 months have passed since he joined Mahora and his age at that time was 10 years.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Nope, so. said it already, but negi was 9 nine years old, when he came to mahora.!/3/09/

  15. Kota-kun says:

    Hey cnet’s translation is out on MH! Looks like the unmasking of Shiori-Asuna is next chapter. Hoping the scanlation is out soon!

  16. SL from MH says:

    Tarnslation by Cnet is out on MH.


    Note:- I really didn’t think he would use “RP” raws fro translating because the watermarks were blocking many texts but he did it even though, he really is something.

  17. Kevin says:

    The last commenter is correct. When he arrived at Mahora, he was only 9. He was 10 using Kazoe.

    Also the commenters talking about the “pocket spaces” Eva stated that you’d age normally when using the pocket spaces so for the hour you were in the glass ball your actual body would age 24 hours.

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