Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 288 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 32 Chapter 288 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 288
Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 288 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 288 ReviewAyaka and company prepare to leave Wales despite Negi and company not having returned. Nekane leaves things regarding Negi with Ayaka. Before leaving, Ayaka has a final question for Nekane regarding Nagi and whether Nagi had an interest in Mars. Nekane remembers no such interest on the part of Nagi, but reminds Ayaka that she was a young child back then.

On the Magic World in the Diorama Sphere, Negi is with Scroll-Eva and looking at an image of Negi consumed by Magia Erebea. Negi awakens to find Ako seated at his bedside sleeping, the age-changing candy on the bed as well. Negi steps out for some air and is greeted by Arika, who has things to discuss with him. She wants him to form a pactio with Ako and for him to give Ako a proper goodbye as Nagi.

Akira then goes on to ask for Negi to form a pactio with Makie. Negi is stunned to learn that Makie has romantic feelings for him akin to Nodoka’s and Ako’s. She tells Negi about how it was Makie who had no hesitation in holding Negi’s hand when he was in demon form.

Next, Arika tells Negi about Yuuna. Negi hadn’t realized that Akashi-sensei was also a mage teacher, nor did he know that Yuuna’s mother was a mage as well. Since Yuuna has the heritage and is sincere in her desire to form a pactio, Akira wants Negi to accommodate this as well.

Negi is on information overload and having a lie down on a deck recliner with Akira at his side when Chisame and Chamo arrive and eavesdrop. Negi worries about the danger he’d put them in, especially since he nearly hurt Ako in his Magia Erebea form. Akira rejects Negi’s argument, citing the fact that he didn’t harm them and that his actions show his lack of faith in his companions, including Akira who trusts him enough to want him to pactio with her three best friends. Negi agrees then asks about Akira’s pactio which flusters her. She trips and is near kissing level, causing Chamo to ready the pactio chalk when Makie and Yuuna arrive to spoil the moment and to put an end to Akira’s perceived attempt to score a pactio.

Thoughts/Review: Two threads here, both fairly lighthearted in nature but both setting the table for future events.

First, Ayaka’s research shows Nagi’s interest in Mars. Nekane should know that Mars is in fact the Magic World, so her denial of knowing of Nagi’s interest in astronomy would make sense. I wonder if she’ll be shown to make mention of Ayaka’s research to the headmaster in Wales.

As an aside, I still find it interesting that Nekane seems to have been born shortly after Nagi rescuing Arika. I’m just saying…^_~

Most of the manga was dedicated to Akira, who’s said more here than she may have said the entire manga. *lol* Akamatsu-sensei seems to have tried to draw her extra cute this time around. Regardless, it seems that Akamatsu-sensei is setting us up for several new pactiones or he’s going to do a Lucy on us and pull the football away at the last second. ^_^; I hope it is not the later.

I have no trouble accepting that Negi wouldn’t be aware of the various girl’s feelings for him, but it seems a little surprising that he didn’t pick up that Yuuna’s father was a mage. Then again, even though Negi met a lot of the mage instructors at Mahora, Akashi-sensei must not have been introduced to him as a mage.

Still, it is interesting that Yuuka died about the same time Nagi disappeared.

I did laugh at Chisame’s apparent jealousy regarding what she overheard in Akira’s and Negi’s conversation. *lol* Who woulda thunk it, eh? ^_~

Negi followed his usual “I’m not worthy and I don’t want to harm anybody” mantra, so it was fun seeing Akira handle this. Having been lectured numerous times by Asuna and others on this aspect of Negi’s nature, that makes his “you’re right, now how about a pactio” remark even more humorous. OK, so he didn’t say it that way, but that was the implied meaning, right? ^_^

I figure that most of volume 32 will be lighter stuff with Magia Erebea taken care of, more pactiones to be formed (at least with the sports 4 I’d think), and the final stage setting for the rescue of Asuna and Anya.

So, a fun chapter and an ultra-cute Akira. ^_^

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14 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 288 Review”

  1. arimareiji says:

    *stunned* That was a ridiculously quick review turnaround; thanks for letting us know it’s out. Boo on Akamatsu-sensei for making us wait this long for a recap chapter, though.

    Just wondering, do you have a usual spot for finding the raws? I’m more than a little sick of sifting through all the “megauploadpretender” and “rapidshareonlynot” sites with their “sponsored links”, but I haven’t yet found any better way of locating new raws.

  2. Roko-chan says:

    I’m just glad that Akira had the spotlight, since that’s rare, and she’s one of my favourite characters.
    I really hope that the sports girls will get their pactios soon.

    Chisame’s jealousy made me laugh, thinking about how strange it is for her to be jealous.

    On another note, I’d be even more pleased if Akamatsu-sensei decided to tell us what Natsumi’s artifact does, seeing as it has been what, 26 chapters since it was made?

  3. Devilen says:

    as far as Negi’s awareness towards Yuuna’s father i’m reading it more like he just hadn’t put 2 and 2 together, than actually being unaware … its not unlikely that he doesn’t think of both of them as respectively Akashi-Sensei, and Akashi-Sen hence doesn’t make the connection 😛

  4. CanonRap says:

    Negi did know that Prof. Akashi was a magic teacher. He just didn’t make the connection with his Akashi.

    As for revealing Natsumi’s artifact… remember how long it took for Setsuna’s artifact to be shown? ^^;;

  5. Anonymous says:

    “…even though Negi met a lot of the mage instructors at Mahora, Akashi-sensei must not have been introduced to him as a mage.”

    I have to agree with Devilen. Case in point: Chapter 79, page 10

  6. al103 says:

    >I have no trouble accepting that Negi wouldn’t be aware of the various girl’s feelings for him, but it seems a little surprising that he didn’t pick up that Yuuna’s father was a mage.

    Hn? For me it looked like that he missed fact that Yuuna is HIS DAUGHTER/that he is that Akashi.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I too am pretty sure that Negi knew Akashi-sensei was a mage by this point, but hadn’t put it together that Yuna was his daughter.

    Anyways, the best part of the of the chapter was Akira slipping and including herself in the group of people that liked Negi, then desperately trying to cover for her slip.

  8. Nick says:

    I actualy didnt like this chapter much 3 or so pactios coming up seems kinda to much at once for me but KA will make it work hes good at this, curious to see Akos and Yunas pactio i hope its something very interesting and plays out well, cant wait for the show down i wanna see Setsuna and Kaede go all out and Negi vs Fate still waiting for Chao to come back =(. When Negi gets back to mahora its going to be weird to see how KA develops his power since he seems to already master Thunder/Lightning whats next? it seems the story will be coming to an end kinda soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    not sure if you want the link here but found a few spoilers for 289

  10. fg7dragon says:

    Raw for chapter is out:

  11. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be some spoiler images for chapter 289 in mangahelpers

  12. Anonymous says:

    Akira seems to have the same facial expression as Arika in one of the pages. Akira is quite the girl ^_^

  13. ivanov_2020 says:

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