Japanese Game Arcade in the Late 70’s

Japanese Game Arcade in the Late 70’s

Taito recently released this photo of a game arcade from the late 1970’s in Japan, just when the game Space Invaders was becoming quite popular.

Japanese Game Arcade in the Late 70's
Ge-mu (game) NASA is the name of the place and I wish that Taito had released some photos of the inside of the place.

It is amazing to me to think that it has been that long since Space Invaders was invented. Rumor has it that Space Invaders was so popular in Japan, there was a shortage of ¥100 coins for a time (while we were paying 25-cents for a game, the Japanese were paying a lot more for theirs).

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5 Responses to “Japanese Game Arcade in the Late 70’s”

  1. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I hadn’t meant to post this, but Google has been acting up for a while now, preventing me from doing what I wanted. Oh well.

    I have a new Lupin III review in the pipe and I’m trying to work on ISM 13. If I can get that finished, I’ll have it go up first. ^_^

  2. James says:

    About damn time! Do you think this is it for Mr. MK? As in he’s finished with producing anime. His universe is complete. He’s told his last tale. Huh, ANB?

  3. Gyt Kaliba says:

    A new Lupin review? Color me interested. ^_^

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @James — no clue, but he certainly set himself up to do a sequel if he wants.

    @Gyt — it will be up in a few hours. Too many things kept me from finishing ISM’s review.

  5. Zeether says:

    I love Japanese arcades, they seem to take better care of their machines than the US. I wish the few remaining arcades here would learn from Japan and fix broken machines.

    Taito used to make many good shooting games like Darius and Rayforce. Darius and Darius 2 had huge widescreen setups that were 3 screens long!

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