No Negima! 296 Spoilers This Week

No Negima! 296 Spoilers This Week

Just a friendly reminder that Negima! is on a break this week, thus no spoiler images for chapter 296 this week.  Instead, we bring you the mysterious Zazie, and a couple of cute images to boot.


Now, to wait for the next chapter and the spoilers…whenever they might show up (if they show up).
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11 Responses to “No Negima! 296 Spoilers This Week”

  1. Anonoymous-chan says:

    Wahh. >.< No spoilers and right where the story gets good. I wonder who the chibi-mage is...Omg. This story is like a cliff hanger every chapter! I hope it doesn't end with a cliff hanger and if will have another series like Naruto. Zazie-san is kinda cute. saying puyo!

  2. Anonymous says:

    man… i REALLY can’t wait for the next spoiler pic…the last we saw is that zazie is activating her pactio card… the only question is… what is the function of her card? Don’t tell me that Negi and the other Ala Alba will be blinded by the lantern..HA! Don’t make me laugh… maybe she will summon those dark things again during the festival… By the way, what DID happen to those things anyway?

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

  3. Anonymous says:

    the person that said that he/she was the one who got zazie there.. really reminds me of Chao-san.. dunno why

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Derek Bown says:

    Most likely because she is Chao? At least that’s my guess.

    Or perhaps she’s an ancestor of Chao as well? Keeping in mind that if Chao really is a descendant of Negi, then she has other ancestors as well, not including Negi’s future wife. His kids’ll need spouses too. XD

  6. retaliation says:

    i’d say it was that demon kid with nagi back then. You know the one he called master.

  7. Nick says:

    i dont think it is zect, because zect was rewritten, and that mage was with them before they got the code of the life maker, so i too think its possibly chao but the mage didnt go -ne at end of everything lol
    also i dont think zazie and negi are going to fight really bad i think they are going to come to an understanding. The picture of her on the card looked kinda like the outfit she was wearing during the school festival too.

  8. The Pactio Card holding on Zazie Is Belong To Negi? or ”that Person”?

    Cant Wait For The Next Chapter! >.<

  9. Neku Hikari says:

    u know….. that mage in the black cloak that knows zazie…. i think that might be Chao. cause the shadow in the hood had the same look as her and she knows zazie (duh!) so why not? it aint so far-fetched if u think bout it

  10. Zzz Individual says:

    I’m betting that the mysterious figure is Satsuki Yotsuba. She is the only person that remains unexplored and mysterious, even though she knows many “famous” people, such as Chao.

  11. jorge says:

    The circus is zazie gun, holds his enemies in an alternate reality when you no longer want to go you stay trapped forever, Negi was shut yourselves up in a world where it was chao, evangeline was human and lived with his parents

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