No "Negima!" Chapter 300 Spoilers This Week BUT What About "Love Hina?"

Negima! chapter 300 won’t be published this week due to this being Akamatsu-sensei’s normally scheduled break. That said, it appears that with the 300th chapter of our favorite manga, there will be a six-page special for Love Hina! ^_^ Take a look at this ad image.

I have to say that I’m pretty excited. Looks like it will feature Keitaro and Naru but I hope the others show up as well.

As an aside, I’d love to see Motoko from Love Hina have a small role in Negima! seeing as her family are the ones who’s school teaches the skills that Setsuna and others have learned. It probably won’t happen, but I’d squeal with delight if it did. ^_^

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27 Responses to “No "Negima!" Chapter 300 Spoilers This Week BUT What About "Love Hina?"”

  1. Mz says:

    completely agreed with motoko’s cameo!
    otherwise it would still be awesome to see the love hina characters again after so long! can’t wait!

  2. Lan says:

    Whhhhaaaaattttt!, How can Love Hina and Negima be connected. thats just wrong :p

    Still, bring on the Love Hina special! WOOO!

    I may read Negima one day…
    It just looks too long a series to get into.

  3. Sian says:

    Lan …

    Konoka’s Father (Eishun) is a Aoyama from the main line (as per Drama CD) just as Motoko likely is seeing that she’s the heir of the school … hence they’re likely to be in family … prehaps even close

  4. 300 chapters already? It seems like just yesterday that I was reading chapter 100… Also, a Love Hina one-shot? Awesome! Although I always thought that the end of Love Hina was a nice finale that tied everything together. Is there a particular reason why he’s doing this? Is it in celebration of Love Hina’s anniversary or something?

  5. Kota-kun says:

    I do believe we will see a double “Naru Punch!!” if they do crossover. XD
    If Motoko appears Setsuna will be all fangirl “A legend in the art of Shinmeiryuu, Aoyama Motoko!”
    Suu will get along with Ku just great 🙂
    Somehow Keitaro will inevitably grope all 30 girls, and Negi will petalise the Hinato-so residents’ clothes
    On a different note will this be after Naru and Keitaros marriage?
    @Lan if you read the manga Shinmeiryuu is one of the characters fighting styles. And, well if you like action manga it will take some time to get into, like 20 chaps the action starts
    Well these are predictions, so we’ll see as we probably cant fit all of it haha 🙂

  6. Ultimaniac says:

    I already had my squeel when Setsuna mentioned “the founding Aoyama clan” If even a hint of Motoko’s face shows up in Negima I think I’ll probably need Konoka’s complete healing spell to revive me from my inevitable brain failure caused by intense nerdgasm.

  7. cooleofranco555 says:

    are they just making cameo appearances, like you can see a draweing of them in the corner or in the background? or are they really interact with some of the characters?
    if ken akamatsu made a motoko appearance, it’d be funny if she met with akira (the swimmer girl, i think the neig’s mom is also akira). But aren’t the character designs for both girl similar?

  8. elenrod says:

    Akira is Motoko’s version from a crazy backwards universe, where Naru gropes Keitaro and Ayaka likes older men. xD

    I do hope Mutsumi and Chizuru run into each other somewhere…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope someone will post it!
    GO MOTOKO!!!

    Concept time!
    Naru= Asuna
    Setsuna + Akira= Motoko
    Shinobu = Nodoka

    and so much more! ahh! can’t wait!

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

  10. Anonymous says:

    You rule for posting this ANB! Thanks for sharing this great news. I can’t wait to read a new Love Hina chapter even if only six pages.

  11. Yami says:

    I wanna see a Love Hina cross over and a extra long chapter full of epic ness 8)

  12. Anonymous says:

    They already made an appearance. You could see Naru and Keitaro during the fight of the school festival (unfortunately it was at the edge of the page in Japan so it might have been cut out of the image depending on where you get your scan from). Also, when we saw one of Setsuna’s flashbacks it showed Motoko and her sister(she even had the bird on her shoulder) when Setsuna was going to first learn kendo. I do remember which chapters so you will have to look that up yourself.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yep I remember reading somewhere that Akamatsu confirmed Motoko and Tsuruko(was that her name?) escorted lil Setsuna to the Konoe manor. The thing is, he also mentioned that that’s the only time he planned on putting them on. Lol I hope he changes his mind now…

  14. Sian says:

    didn’t directly comfirming, but certainly hinting heavily towards it seeing that she was ‘delivered’ by two blackhaired girls, one of them with a bird looking just like Tsuruko’s

  15. Anonymous says:

    it’s gonna be extremely interesting how the love hina characters look in his current style <3

    And a Love Hina/Negima Crossover with more involvement would be huge. There’s more than enough possibilities there, as LoveHina wasn’t quite the ‘normal’ world either xD

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is kind of unrelated, but as I was rereading some older chapters, I noticed in chapter 210, on page… 13 I think, the three cheerleaders are talking about how everyone vanished at the gateport. One of them mentioned something about how “The next time we see Asuna, it won’t really be her”, which made me laugh b/c of the whole business with Shiori (?). Do you think this was intentional, or not?

  17. Hehe great post although Ive not read Negima yet but do plan too soon.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Say ANB, out of curiosity, where is it you get your spoilers from again? I remember you saying something about 2chan, but I have no clue where they’d be posted at.

  19. Anonymous says:

    My god… how will I ever get my hands on a physical version of this special chapter so I can carefully store it in my Love Hina shrine… damn you Akamatsu…

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The URL changes constantly since 2CH only allows 1000 messages per topic before automatically closing it down and then trashing (or possibly archiving) what was there. I don’t have the base URL here but if I remember when I get home later this week, I’ll try to post that.

  21. Neoblade says:

    Insane O_o Feels like yesterday i was lurking meow for the newest chapter. Negima really got far :>

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well actually, I meant what board are they usually posted on? Or is there a specific board at all?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey, when are the 300 spoilers appearing? Is it Sept 1st like ch299 said?

    Also wouldn’t a crossover be kinda impossible, since all the Love Hina cast live in Japan and the Negima cast are mostly on Mars…

  24. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Chapter 300 will be published on September 1. Spoilers could appear at any time, assuming someone in Japan bothers to post them at all.

  25. This is to be expected from Akamatsu-Sensei… break before a major breakthrough. Love Hina should be interesting again after all of the magic.

    By the way, all of Akamatsu-Sensei’s works are connected in some way or another. I wonder if the characters of Love Hina are going to be linked to Negima in the one-shot… or if the one-shot is going to be another Love Hina Stand-Alone One shot, though the latter of the two options is very likely.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Raws are out. Not a bad chapter. More of Asuna and Anya reminiscing about Nagi and Negi.

  27. Kagehisa says:

    Its interesting to see its building to a climax.
    Chapter 301 is quite interesting. You`ll see how Dynamis look under his mask.
    So here is a link to chapter 301 in english:

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