Mobile Suit Gundam – 13

機動戦士ガンダム /Kido Senshi Gundam episode 13
Mobile Suit Gundam – 13

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13White Base is in the water and secured as its crew takes some much needed down time.  Amuro heads off to a nearby town where his mother still lives after his father took him to Side 7.  Reaching his childhood home, Amuro finds a group of drunken, ill-disciplined Federation soldiers have taken over the place since it was abandoned.  Taking a wooden doll from the mantle, Amuro leaves and encounters a middle-aged woman who’s being harassed by a couple of other Federation soldiers.  In defending her, Amuro fights the two soldier but is beaten.  However, the woman recognizes Amuro and sends the soldiers off by giving them their money.  She explains that after the Federation main force left the area, they abandoned the soldiers that remained behind and thus the soldiers have degenerated.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13Back on White Base, two Zeon Lugguns are detected and so Bright orders Ryu out in a Core Fighter to take them out before White Base is located and its position reported.  Meanwhile, Amuro learns that his mother is at a nearby church and takes his Core Fighter there.  The residents of the town are afraid of his fighter being in the open and beg him to hide it as the Zeons make regular patrols from their front line base on the other side of the mountains.  Amuro’s mother shows up and after a reunion, Amuro agrees to hide his plane.  Returning to the camp, Amuro is in one of the many beds in a barracks-like structure that have been set up as his mother sits beside him and they catch up.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13The arrival of a couple of Zeon soldiers on patrol has Amuro’s mother pull up the covers to hide his presence.  They are looking for the Core Fighter and with no cooperation are about to leave when an emergency page from White Base reaches Amuro and reveals him.  Amuro shoots one of the soldiers and attempts to shoot the other but his mother interferes.  His mother is upset that her son has turned violent which Amuro interprets to mean she doesn’t love him since there’s a war on.  As he leaves, she screams that she’s ashamed to call him her son.  Amuro runs to his hidden Core Fighter and takes off after the damaged Luggan where he discovers the Zeon base.  The Zeon commander immediately dispatches two Dopp fighters, both of which Amuro manages to destroy.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13As Amuro’s mother continues to weep over her “lost” son, a Gunperry is deployed so that Amuro can make a mid-air conversion from Core Fighter to Gundam.  After successfully docking with the Gundam legs, Amuro has difficulty syncing up with the upper body of Gundam but manages to do so just the same.  With that, Amuro proceeds to single handedly destroy the Zeon base.  On White Base, Bright is not happy with this as a small, remote Zeon base is not worth the time and resources spent to take it out.  With the base destroyed, White Base lands and Amuro’s mother sees him again, handing him the wooden doll.  Bright comes up and praises “Amuro-kun” despite his earlier feelings.  Amuro’s mother cries as he returns to his ship and White Base takes off.


Mobile Suit Gundam - 13OK, so where exactly did Amuro land his Core Fighter when he initially came to see his mother?  I ask because he could have landed it right outside of her home rather than land it wherever he did and then take the leisurely stroll down the lane to her place. That’s why his suddenly being in the Core Fighter to make what seemed to be a short trip to this church came as such a surprise.  The refugee camp may have been several miles away so taking his fighter there makes sense but if he could initially park it right within 50-yards of his mother at the camp, why couldn’t he have done the same for his childhood home?  That just makes no sense to me.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13Despite all of his whining, Amuro has become a pretty good soldier.  I have to admit that I was taken by surprise when Amuro shot the Zeon soldier through the bed linen but he did the right thing.  An enemy soldier was there and Amuro would have at best been taken as a prisoner of war with a very uncertain future (to say nothing of the Core Fighter being captured) had he not acted.  At worst, he would have been shot and very possibly, the refugees as well for harboring a Federation soldier.  I was also surprised that Amuro aggressively went after the second soldier but that too was the right thing to do so as not to allow the Zeon forces to know of his presence and to protect White Base which was in the nearby area.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13His mother’s reaction to everything initially seemed odd to me but then the last time she saw him was when he was a child (or at least that’s the impression I was left with).  I know that to a parent, their children remain their children even when said children are no longer children but adults.  So, I’m guessing there is a bit of that at play.  However, in becoming an adult, Amuro appears to have shattered his mother’s illusions and well those things break badly.

I liked how Bright praised Amuro in front of his mother when those same actions had earlier ticked him off.  It was classy on the part of Bright but I wonder if Amuro got spoken to after they returned to the ship.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13Speaking of Bright and Amuro’s actions against the Zeon base, again I’m going to side with Amuro here.  I understand that White Base has limited resources and that resupplies are difficult at best.  However, Amuro’s actions spared a town of Federation folks from further harassment for the time being.  The destruction of the base allows White Base to move unmolested for a while, at least until they come into Zeon territory again.

Which reminds me, did White Base leave California?  I would guess not but it is difficult to know for sure just where the heck they are.  Baja maybe?

Mobile Suit Gundam - 13I should have expected that in addition to being a space ship and an atmosphere flying craft, White Base also functions as a ship on the water.  The only thing left to reveal is that it has submarine capabilities, which it might considering the ship is space worthy.

I didn’t like the Gundam mid-air conversion stuff.  The moment Amuro’s Core Fighter transformed into a flying box, I couldn’t help but think of how that could not work in reality.  OK, I accept White Base hovering and flying so why not a Core Fighter without its wings?  I don’t know but it was just something that set off my BS meter.  ^_^;

Finally, we had an episode without Char?  Seriously, what’s wrong with this picture?  *lol*

So, and interesting episode with some surprising moments.

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5 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam – 13”

  1. junior says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the geography too much…

    On another note, I don’t believe White Base ever submerges. Additionally – not that the writers were probably concerned about it – being able to travel in space only helps marginally with being able to travel underwater. In space, the bracing is designed to keep everything inside the ship. All of the pressure is inside the ship, while outside the ship you have pressure-less vacuum. Underwater, the bracing is designed to keep everything *out* of the ship. The pressure comes from the tons of water pressing against the hull, which is the opposite of outer space.

  2. karry says:

    “Amuro’s Core Fighter transformed”

    Its just a bone throwed in traditional (at the time) sentai mecha, i agree that it doesnt really fit the general feel of the series, even if they did, technically, made up some weak explanation why it was made that way.
    Still, at least there was some explanation, whereas in SEED Destiny a gundam was combined from 4 (!!!) parts every episode with absolutely no reason given why it was required to do so. Not to mention it used stock animation with two large missiles being “lost” in the process. I’m guessing the cost of replacing those unlucky missiles every episode for the entire series must be astronomical…

    “it has submarine capabilities”

    Oh yeah, SEED Destiny “fixed” that little omission too.

  3. Manae says:

    @Karry: The four-part Gundam is probably taken as a throw-back to Victory Gundam, which was made of three sections–like the original Gundam it had a core fighter, top, and bottom, but the top/bottom parts combined with the core fighters in such a way that it actually made sense for them to be able to fly.

    Get used to seeing the Gundam transformation. It’s a pretty common thing while they’re still on Earth. And they never really give a reason the core block can keep flying. White Base’s method is a completely different beast; it has something called the Minovsky Craft system. It creates a thick bubble of Minovsky particles below the ship, which acts similar to a hovercraft’s air bubble. So, that’s how it floats, but actual movement still requires engine thrust.

    The Origin manga cleans this scene up nicely. Instead of a core fighter, Amuro is traveling in one of the ship’s jeeps. After being discovered at the neutral first aid camp, he flees and is rescued by Sayla and Sai in a more armored vehicle, and they manage to take out a few Zeon jeeps and mobile artillery/APC vehicles with missile launchers before they give up due to White Base‘s arrival. Bright sill praises Amuro in front of his mother, but she doesn’t see him pilot the Gundam and cries as he leaves to “protect his friends” on the ship.

    I don’t have my collection this weekend so I can’t do it, but you should re-watch the scenes with the Gundam in it if you can. In the last episode, there were a few scenes where the Gundam was holding its shield upside down while fighting the Gouf. It comes across as an error in the animation, but was actually supposed to be the canon design–it just didn’t get drawn that way often.

  4. zool says:

    I don’t like Gundam.. I’m not robotic manga lover.. But nice info about it..

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Sorry for the delays…major limits on time. *_*

    @Junior — I wouldn’t worry about the geography too much…

    I assume they’ll travel more around the world though, right?

    As to the underwater aspect, it just wouldn’t have surprised me if White Base could do it.

    @Karry — Its just a bone throwed in traditional (at the time) sentai mecha…

    That makes sense considering MSG is the first to break away from that genre.

    “it has submarine capabilities”

    Oh yeah, SEED Destiny “fixed” that little omission too.

    So, it can in that series or no?

    @Manae — Get used to seeing the Gundam transformation.

    *lol* OK.

    I don’t have my collection this weekend so I can’t do it, but you should re-watch the scenes with the Gundam in it if you can. In the last episode, there were a few scenes where the Gundam was holding its shield upside down while fighting the Gouf. It comes across as an error in the animation, but was actually supposed to be the canon design–it just didn’t get drawn that way often.

    I’ll have to keep an eye open for that. Thanks for the information.

    @Zool — I can’t say I’m a mecha lover either but Gundam is a classic, ground-breaking series. As such, I wanted to watch and I’ve not been disappointed thus far. ^_^

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