Shakugan no Shana-tan Frontier

Shakukan no Shanatan Frontier Review

Shakugan no Shana-tan FrontierWhile the last Shana-tan episode was completely original, this episode actually had a short with Shana and a very sparkly Hamaguchi after Shana-tan kicks Alastor into the sky and tells him to become a star like Tom Hanks.  I laughed out loud at how Hamaguchi gone from a nice but popular guy to something akin to Hosaka from Minami-ke.  *lol*  While it was obvious that the writers were going to have him say things in such a way to provide double entendre in a sexual sense, having him go on and on about this while Shana-tan rants and raves while threatening to make Hamaguchi bald was the real delight of the short.

Shakugan no Shana-tan FrontierThe Dokonjyo Shana-tan short was funny since Shana-tan was stuck to Yuuji’s shirt and naturally we have to take a trip to the sushi bar.  *lol*  Seeing Shana-tan eat all the sushi as fast as Kazumi could make them made me chuckle since it made it look like Yuuji’s shirt was doing the eating.  Hearing them mention corn sushi and fried chicken sushi was amusing and reminded me of the chapter in Genshiken where bacon sushi is mentioned.  Fried chicken sushi might not be a bad thing.  *lol*  Regardless, the writers decided to provide a bit of social commentary at the end with Margery mentioning how the news hadn’t been talking about “misbehaving” school teachers.  ^_^;;;

Shakugan no Shana-tan FrontierThe final two shorts were an ultra-short “Ask Shana-tan” segment like we’ve seen before, only no one wanted to ask any questions and having Sato and Tanaka recount their middle school days was met with silence.  Kazumi’s diary at the end was as strange as ever with names I didn’t know and the giant beetle now “squooshed” as we used to say as kids.  *lol*  Weird, indeed.

So, some humor but some strangeness and all packed into a little under six minutes.

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