Negima! Manga Chapter 304 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 33 Chapter 304 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 304
Negima! Manga Chapter 304 Review

Negima! Manga Chapter 304 ReviewSPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Tsukuyomi uses her demonic enhancements to increase her powers in her battle against Setsuna and thus gain an advantage. Dynamis also powers up, losing his clothing in the process to reveal a muscular body. While he praises Negi for having a plan to save the Magic World, he rejects without even hearing it. He punches Negi across the room before using his shadow ability to power up again, looking like Anubis. Dynamis attempts to attack again but is intercepted by Kaede, who tells Negi to go on ahead as she’ll deal with Dynamis. In response, Dynamis promises to bring it on, full force.

Meanwhile, Koyomi, Homura, and Tamaki recover from the surprise of the attacks they had received. Tamaki transforms into full dragon mode while Koyomi goes into beast mode. Ku Fei takes on all three while Ako reveals that her artifact will boost the powers of the others. However, her artifact is a giant syringe with an opening nearly 3/4 of an inch wide and the shot has to be delivered to the butt. Despite Ako saying it won’t hurt, none of the girls wants a shot until Chisame points out that Koyomi gave Ku Fei the slip.

Taking the medicine in the butt, Yuuna finds that she can follow the speedy Koyomi and shoots her before Koyomi can take out Ako. Koyomi is sunned by this and takes more hits from Makie, Shiori-Asuna, and then Yuuna again. Koyomi is frustrated and astonished that Ako’s artifact can artificially boost the power of the girls, enough so that they feel confident enough to have Negi go on without them.

Thoughts/Review: This chapter didn’t do much and yet was required to allow Negi to move on and apparently get to face Fate after all (which isn’t surprising but I’m just saying).

The Tsukuyomi-Setsuna fight didn’t have any more of the flashback aspects that so stirred fans up last chapter, but it does show just how much more powerful a master can become when enhanced by the powers of Youtou Hina.

I wonder if Akamatsu-sensei having Dynamis appear like Anubis has any special meaning or if that’s just coincidence. Too bad I can’t ask now (the questions I sent to Akamatsu-sensei weren’t about the current story-arc or current characters). Still, this is the second time Akamatsu-sensei has offered male fanservice for his female readers. *lol*

Finally, we get to see what Ako’s artifact does. That is a useful item to be sure, especially since it is a nice and non-annoying deus ex machina device. ^_^ So, time to put that artifact to use and give the others shots.

Negima! Manga Chapter 304

Which while I’m thinking of it, I wonder what its true effect on Shiori-Asuna was. She does not have Asuna’s powers but she did appear to have some sort of ability after given the shot from Ako. Hmmmmm, we’ll see where that goes.

Finally, with Kaede taking on Dynamis, Akamatsu-sensei gets to lose characters which makes drawing the chapters so difficult (from what I understand) and allow Negi to face Fate. Since we last saw Fate walking away from where Asuna and Anya were apparently being held, I can only imagine that’s where Negi will be heading. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that is where we see Negi next.

One bit of housekeeping — I’m not sure if this chapter will be included in volume 33 or 34.  I’m thinking 34 but I haven’t confirmed that.

OK, spoiler watch starts tonight though I’m not hopeful. Maybe we’ll get lucky this week.

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16 Responses to “Negima! Manga Chapter 304 Review”

  1. Derek Bown says:

    I’m thinking that since Shiori-Asuna is a copy of Asuna’s personality at the moment, the boost made her a better copy. Instead of copying her body and mind it increased the copying ability to include a copy of Asuna’s power.

  2. Nick says:

    im glade to see Kaede taking on Dynamis i knew this was going to be her fight since they first battled back at the gateport its good to see how advanced shes come since she first fought back in kyoto, im worried about setsuna i dont know how shes going to take down psycho woman and the 305 raw is already out at mangahead

  3. Chris_magi says:

    maybe the effect of shiori/asuna allows her to mimick the person who’s form she is in more accurately? i.e gain a fraction of their power? just speculation though.

    on another note i agree that the chapter was a bit slow progress but sped up negi’s journey a bit i guess, just means another side story to complete before the big battle, it seems the battles and such will be concurrent from the amount of enemies left, negi is bound to confront fate soon (that sounds so cliche whichever way you put it, i think it was made as a pun).

    Anyhow hope the spoilers show up soon, keep up the good work ANB

  4. Nick says:

    ugh no idea why i typed kyoto, i ment the gateport lol

  5. Kirbstar says:

    Well, Ako’s artifact is sure to be a pain in the butt. *washpan* I wonder if there’s a limit to the power she has. Where and how exactly could she refill the syringe, if she needs to do so?
    I still hope for an area healer at some point. It was speculated that Ako would get this before the syringe is reintroduced, so now I’m hoping for Akira to get this. I don’t know how her water abilities would make an offensive weapon possible.

  6. Anonymous says:

    im worried about setsuna i dont know how shes going to take down psycho woman


    Setsuna still hasn’t used her second artifact against Tsukuyomi. You know, that artifact she got from her beloved Konoka oujo-sama. ::rolleyes::

  7. Manae says:

    I was reading through the early chapters to compare official and fan translations after I ended up reading your past post mentioning how changed the official English version was, and noticed something a little… surprising. During the cinema-town portion of the Kyoto arc, we already get a flash of the white-on-black demon-powered eyes from Tsukuyomi. It’s only one panel, and when she challenges Setsuna instead of during the fight, but it could mean this will [possibly] be the end of a much longer mini-arc. And give some ammo for the crowd expecting Tsukuyomi to end up in the battle harem after a bit of a redemption.

    Unfortunately this chapter–nor the next–offers anything more to this particular bit of the story.

  8. Nick says:

    @anon – even with her artifact it will still be hard, we seen it charged when her and Kaede was going to take on Dynamis but even it charged im sure its not much stronger if at all stronger than Youtou Hina its going to be interesting no matter what happens i just hope she dont violate Setsuna =( damn perv woman

  9. Anonymous says:

    The raw for 305 is out on 4chan. It’s gonna be awesome!!

  10. SL from MH (GI from AQS) says:

    Anonymous said…
    Setsuna still hasn’t used her second artifact against Tsukuyomi. You know, that artifact she got from her beloved Konoka oujo-sama. ::rolleyes::


    Actually Setsuna haven’t till now used any of her artifacts yet in this fight (as far as i can see). She has been fighting Tsukuyomi using her own sword & her skills until now.

    As of now, the only thing she is using from her contracts is the magical power boost.

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I want Setsuna to bring out both artifacts and provide the triple whammy (her ki plus boosts from Negi and Setsuna) to lay the smack down on Tsukuyomi. ^_^

  12. Pretty solid fighting chapter. The reveal of the function of Ako’s pactio — that leaves Luna’s artifact the only one we haven’t seen yet — was amusing. She looked a bit psychotic when she was about administer the shots. I also LOLed at everyone’s reactions to Dynamis’ little power-up/strip show bit. They’re all like “WTF?” And Kaede is such a badass. Hot Amazons FTW! Speaking of which, I wonder when we’ll get back to the Mana vs. Poyo fight.

    Oh, and something I noticed in this chapter was a rare continuity error on Akamatsu-sensei’s part. Yuuna is shown on page 17 wearing her jacket, yet every other shot of her in the chapter (including pages 16 and 18) show her sans jacket.

  13. arimareiji says:

    I kinda like Ako’s artifact for a few reasons, but it bothers me because Akamatsu-sensei usually does much better research than this. The largest needle any non-sadistic nurse would use for an intramuscular injection, i.e. into the gluteus, would be 0.07 cm (22-gauge).

    1.8 cm is the same diameter as a dime. It would be 25 times as wide as a 22-gauge, have 3000 times the cross-sectional area, and you couldn’t use it to inject via IM without causing massive tissue damage and excruciating pain. We’re not talking “Ow” or even “Hnghhh”, we’re talking screaming uncontrollably before passing out.

    (To be fair, this is a universe where people can be impaled on a stone spear without doing the same. But the girls would need Konoka-level healing afterward to even walk.)

    @Manae: I actually hope that doesn’t happen, ’cause Akamatsu-sensei has already veered fairly far into Nanoha-style S&M friendship. But with the reveal that Tsukuyomi has the Hina sword, he’s perfectly set the stage for Setsuna to use the Zanmaken Ni no Tachi to literally knock the stupid out of her. I can almost see it – Tsukuyomi sitting on the floor with a bewildered/moe expression asking, “S-s-s-senpai? Where are we? What happened?”

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey hey~
    chinese chapter for 305, as good as spoilers as anything ~~

  15. Anonymous says:

    does anyone realise that yuuna’s clothes seem to inconsistent throughtout this chapter -.-

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