Anime Maids (Because I Can)

Anime Maids (Because I Can)

I needed to do some image testing on the upgraded Blogger interface and figured what better way than an image post.  ^_^  Since the Clannad Maids post I made a few days ago was pretty popular (I’m always surprised at what posts draw higher traffic numbers), I looked through my HD’s to see if I could find any more maid images.  Since I don’t collect “maids” but instead just collect series, I didn’t have many, but here goes.

First up, it is Hina, Nagi, and Ayumu in maid costume with the real maid Maria in back along with butler Hayate.  Of course, these guys are from Hayate the Combat Butler.

Hayate the Combat Butler (Anime Maids)

Then, there’s “Nagi-sama,” from one of my favorite anime titles, Kannagi. It is a shame the manga hasn’t been licensed for the U.S. but at least Takenashi-sensei is returning to continue the manga.  ^_^

Kannagi (Anime Maids)

Next on the docket (and these are in no special order), there’s Konoka, Asuna, and Setsuna from my favorite manga, Negima!  OK, this isn’t art from the manga, but it still looks good.  ^_^

Negima! (Anime Maids)

Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess gets teamed up with Morgan from Tears to Tiara.  I’ve only heard of Tears to Tiara but obviously, readers of the blog will know I’m quite familiar with Belldandy and Ah! My Goddess.  ^_^

Up next is Saber and Rin from Fate/stay night.  I never did get around to doing the visual novel.  My schedule is pretty whacked at it is.  Should I win the lottery, I’ll have to make time to do it for sure.  In the meantime, there’s a claim that this art is from Type-Moon, but I’m not so sure about that.
Fate/stay night (Anime Maids)

May from Hand Maid May is always nice.  ^_^  I wish this anime would get license rescued.

Hand Maid May (Anime Maids)

Then there’s Mahora and Minawa from Mahoromatic.

Mahoromatic (Anime Maids)

Finally, Admiral Akbar would like to make the following announcement about the image below.  “IT’S A TRAP!!!”  *lol*  It’s “Mako-chan,” aka the boy named Makoto from Minami-ke.  ^_^;;;

Minami-ke (Anime Maids)
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8 Responses to “Anime Maids (Because I Can)”

  1. arimareiji says:

    I’m not much of a meidos-for-the-sake-of-meidos guy, but you can never go wrong with Mahoro love. (^_~)

    But while I know you only have so much space… you missed my second favorite meido of all time, Carmel-san! (;_;)

    Seriously, anime has a frickin’ LOT of meidos, so the odds of any given one are pretty low. I’m just glad you had my favorite.

  2. Ultimaniac says:

    3 WOOTs! for Negima & Fate girls!

  3. arimareiji says:

    Actually, speaking of Carmel-san reminded me of Shana in general… and when I looked, the 4th episode of S is out. It’s interesting, and does a good job of wrapping up the 3rd episode. Trouble is, after the credits, it finishes with Shana saying something which might forebode an unexpected direction for the next season. =/ (Which is even worse because heaven only knows when the next season will be.)

    I hope you’ll get the chance to review it and either pick up on what I missed, or confirm that I’m not crazy and that they really did throw the viewers a serious knuckleball. It’s not as bad as the first episode of the third season of Crest/Banner of the Stars in that regard, but it’s in the neighborhood.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Arimareiji — For some odd reason, I don’t have any promo images of Carmel nor any wallpapers. I’m not sure why. ^_^;;;

  5. Hubert says:

    Lovely Meido-chans :-3
    Huh? Kannagi will be continued ?? I never read it but I planned to, the information that it was cancelled because of some extreme otakus threatening the author really pissed me off :-/

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    From what I understand, there was some medical condition that Takenashi-sensei suffered from, which happened right about the time of the otaku outrage. However, she is returning (at least, the last thing I read said she was coming back) so that’s good news. I’d love for there to be another Kannagi anime.

  7. Zeether says:

    I heard the Kannagi manga was licensed here by Bandai a while back.

    Also, Negima’s maid outfits are great. I especially love Yue’s in the festival arc (and she even wears another one during the breather arc before they go to the magic world!)

  8. shadow s writer says:

    You forgot one really cute one, A certain dizzy blonde who can’t seem to alway land her space ship in a lake.

    And speaking of blondes, what about Amane Yamada?

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