Shakugan no Shana S – 04 (finale)

灼眼のシャナS (review) Ep. 04
Shakugan no Shana S episode 04 – Overture Part 2

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Shakugan no Shana S - 04Shana uses the bead bracelet that Hamaguchi gave to Junko to learn about how Junko and Hamaguchi met and how their first date at Joushi Park after school led to a kiss, which Junko’s mother saw, leading to the fight which caused the bracelet to become broken.   Shana knows from Hamaguchi that the next time he and Junko were at Joushi Park, a strangely dressed photographer and assistant wanted to take his pictures while he waited for Junko to return from the bathroom.  It was during this time that Junko was consumed but the combination of photography and Tomogara puzzles Shana.  Alastor cites a Tomogara from the past who was a master picture painter.  That said, the whole thing is mysterious, especially with the American Torch appearing ten years later.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04Saturday comes and Shana is about to go meet Hamaguchi for a new photo session when Junko’s mother hands her the repaired bracelet for “Junko’s” date with Hamaguchi.  While Hamaguchi has standard worries about his date, Shana ponders the Tomogara but to make Hamaguchi at ease, she takes his hand in hers as they walk.  Arriving at the park, Hamaguchi goes to get them some juice from a vending machine, allowing Shana and Alastor to ponder a bit.  However, Hamaguchi disappears and Shana is furious with herself as she goes on the hunt.  Finding the Tomogara’s trail, Shana finds a truck with the assistant driving and makes a forced entry into the back of it.  However, the truck is soon enveloped in a Fuzetsu as it continues to travel down roads and eventually the highway, all unseen by the naked eye.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04Soon, the Tomogara who calls himself “Ugobaku-sama” reveals himself and his Houga called Atlant, which captures humans in picture form surrounded by a bubble and keeps them alive.  Ugobaku wants an attractive, male human form rather than the shifting mass form he currently has.  As such, he’s looking to the future when he can form the perfect body.  Since he took the American, the years passing made the American look less attractive which is why Ugobaku let him go.  However, he still has several other, including Hamaguchi, and mentions having consumed Junko for being in the way.  When Shana calls him weak, Ugobaku threatens to consume all of the humans he’s captured but Shana schools him on why he was weak and slays him, ending the threat.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04As Junko’s mother waits and thinks of Junko growing up, the truck carrying Shana is out of control since the driver, a Torch, has flared out.  Shana frees the humans, who are of all nationalities, including Hamaguchi.  As paramedics tend to these people and Hamaguchi, he wonders where Junko is.  Seeing Shana as Junko, he hears her say goodbye and when he comes to his senses, he has no memory of the event or why he is here.  Seeing Junko’s bracelet in his hand, he has no memory of it either though Junko’s feelings in the bracelet reach Hamaguchi and cause him to cry though he does not know why.  With that, Shana heads off to Misaki City, where she meets Yuuji, has adventures with him, and now apparently is parted company with him only to meet again under uncertain circumstances.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04


Shakugan no Shana S - 04The whole beginning flashback showing a very much alive Junko starting her relationship with Hamaguchi through their first date at Joushi Park was rather depressing for me.  That’s because I already knew the Junko character was not only dead, but the Torch copy of her had been taken over by Shana. It was also sad as Junko’s mother accepted that her daughter was at a dating age and so began to prepare herself for the day when her daughter would get married.  I couldn’t help but remember how a human, once their Torch is extinguished, are completely erased from existence and thus forgotten.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04Of course the real tearjerker (if you will) was Shana’s farewell to Hamaguchi as Junko while leaving him the bracelet and Junko’s feelings even though he has no memory. I’ll admit to tearing up a bit there.  After all, I found Junko’s and Hamaguchi’s romance rather sweet.

While I’m thinking of it, the anime leaves Junko’s mother’s memory more in question since she’s seen smiling, having been thinking of her daughter and the future.  Since this story came from a light novel, I wonder if Shana did something for her as well.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04While the Tomogara was weak like Shana said, the fight was still enjoyable even if brief.  The writers made sure to tie up all the loose ends so that all of the mysteries surrounding this Tomogara, the American (who I guess is not a Torch after all), and the mysterious cameraman are resolved.  I was only still a bit fuzzy on why Junko was eaten but as I think about it, it has to be because she was a woman.  Ugobaku was only interested in finding a perfect male form to become his own and her being there with Hamaguchi was a hindrance to his plans.  Since Ugobaku can move a rather small Fuzetsu around, I guess he ate Junko then immediately moved to Hamaguchi and caused him to disappear for a time within his Fuzetsu so that Ugobaku could take pictures in peace.

Shakugan no Shana S - 04Finally, the final scene was a nice but short recap of Shana’s life after arriving at Misaki City to include a few of the Tomogara she battled as well as the fun times she had with Yuuji and of course Kazumi.  However, this scene seems to be setting up something big and nasty, or at least that’s the impression I’m left with.  Based on Shana’s thoughts, it seems that she and Yuuji have parted ways and that they have reunited on the large bridge that leads in and out of town.  While his face isn’t show, I’ve got the feeling that on the other bridge tower is Yuuji and Shana is facing him, not as a friend and lover, but as someone distant from her, perhaps someone to be wary of.  Not sure what that means but hopefully this will lead to a new TV series and some answers for me.  ^_^;;;

I’ll have some final thoughts in a later post but I have to say that I rather enjoyed the final two episodes.  For now, I’ll leave you with some lovely Engrish crock.  ^_~

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6 Responses to “Shakugan no Shana S – 04 (finale)”

  1. Cube says:

    See? I knew it was just an innocent little kiss 😛

  2. Kirbstar says:

    “Based on Shana’s thoughts, it seems that she and Yuuji have parted ways and that they have reunited on the large bridge that leads in and out of town. While his face isn’t show, I’ve got the feeling that on the other bridge tower is Yuuji and Shana is facing him, not as a friend and lover, but as someone distant from her, perhaps someone to be wary of.”
    Without spoiling anything, I can tell you that that it is indeed Yuuji, and it’s not the same guy we know. He and Shana are on the bridge in a confrontation because something drastic has happened to Yuuji. I believe something involving a corrupt tomogara may have happened; can someone else familiar with the source clarify?

  3. MJ Mata says:

    @ Kirbstar

    Yes, that was a terrible part. Yuuji is no longer the Yuuji we all know about in the anime, nor in the manga. And you’re right, it’s got something to do with a certain tomogara who’s been there all along, ever since Yuuji became a Torch.

    Honestly, I never thought he’d take up that monster’s offer, but if he’s in sore need of power, then that’s the way to go. You should have seen Yuuji when he took care of Margery, but that’s as far as I’ll go. The novel’s were very cool.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m wrapping up the writing of my “Final Thoughts” piece so I’ll have a bit more to say there about the ending. That said, I do appreciate folks not spoiling. ^_^

    Man, I hope we get a 3rd series.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Cube — Ooops! I was trying to go to bed and almost forgot — YOU WERE RIGHT! *lol*

  6. Kirbstar says:

    ANB, a third series is already known to happen in the future (there was an interview transcript with the director which confirmed this), and it will cover the final events. The question is when it will air. I’ve heard from some sources that it may come as early as fall 2011, but I believe the producers of Shana III want to get all the research done since they want a faithful adaptation of the final events.
    Currently, Shana I is being rerun in the fall/winter 2010 season, with Shana II scheduled to rerun in spring/summer 2011.

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