Negima! Chapter 311 SPOILER Images

Negima! 311 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 311 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 311 as brought to you by anonymous (unknown) fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

I think these are from our French cousins since they weren’t from 2CH.  Regardless, the Chachamaru image reminded me of the scene from Aliens.  Other than that, this chapter is a complete mind blower ’cause I don’t think anyone expected this.

CannonRap has some translations here.

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46 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 311 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn! Ken’s going to take them all out isn’t he?

  2. Willy Vereb says:

    Dang! Humanity is doomed!
    Talking about overkill…

  3. Zeether says:

    I thought this was a pretty grim chapter too. Looks like Chachamaru will be out of commission for a while, and lord knows what happened to Nodoka…

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re dead for real though. It’s very doubtful that Akamatsu would kill off characters.

  4. Philip says:

    Facing multiple versions of Fate is like facing several Magician (Type 0)s from House of the Dead 4…

  5. Anonymous says:

    did fate just changed gender?

  6. Anonymous says:

    -Fate is somewhat stealing Agent Smith’s MOD.
    -If we have Earth, Fire, Wind and Ice, what elements do Fates 1 and 2 control?
    -The female one is called Sextum..
    it should be Sexta!
    -‘Lifemaker’ means literally making life..?
    -Begun, the clone wars have
    -Do you think Fate planned to do this anyway, or just to stop Ala Alba? Dynamis said “the remaining units have begun operating in time”

  7. Anonymous says:

    did fate just changed gender

  8. Ku_fei Lover says:

    Well……Sweet mother of all that is holy

    I did NOT see any of this happening..I need to lie down…

  9. My first thought too reminded of “Aliens” when I saw the scene.
    Kinda shocking however, poor Chachamaru…but I think that sensei cut her in half (android) instead of cutting a real uman, that would be too much splatter for Negima!

    Awesome chapter in the end, with 3 more “Fate” on the scene. I really cannot imagine where this situation can go from here.

    p.s. the image with the robot split in two is posted two times 😉

  10. My first thought too reminded of “Aliens” when I saw the scene.
    Kinda shocking however, poor Chachamaru…but I think that sensei cut her in half (android) instead of cutting a real uman, that would be too much splatter for Negima!

    Awesome chapter in the end, with 3 more “Fate” on the scene. I really cannot imagine where this situation can go from here.

    p.s. The image with the robot split in two is posted twice 😉

  11. Alex Voda says:

    Ken is pissed because j-Comi is not selling so now he is killing the characters of Negima.

    Come on guys, buy thins from j-comi.

    A truly impresive chapter.
    Simply incredile.

    A brave initiative in online distribution even if it may be future-less

  12. orion says:

    And I was waiting for “Septum, averrencus of the freaking deus ex machina”

  13. SAMAS says:

    Wait, so there are SIX Fates?

    And one of them is a girl?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s like a cheat code: Infininte Fates anyone?
    And the girl Fate seems like a bit of an overkill…
    Lol at Chisame’s face!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    > I don’t think anyone expected this.
    There was speculation a while back on whether or not there might be more members of the Averruncus series, and even talk about a possible female Averruncus, but yeah, I don’t think anyone really expected that to happen. I’m certainly pleased by it, though.

  16. CHACHAMARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh wait,

    we can rebuilt her, hakase has the technology

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well. I really don’t like this situation……. what about Honya Chan??? She can still fight agaist Fate? right???

    Just hope for miracle for Negi kun and Honya Chan……

  18. Anonymous says:

    4 elements??!!!

  19. Nick says:

    My mind just turned to crap after this and the translation i believe its a matter of time before we see one big ass showdown (hope Eva, Imma, Eishun is able to battle by then) this is just beyond sick…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Someone force a few RedBulls down Negi’s gullet to wake him the hell up! It’s been what three chapters now? Get a move on!

  21. I re-watched the spoilers images this morning and..frickin awesome! XD

    The only hope in the group of Honya is Asuna, with her magic cancel she can almost have a defense chance against #5.
    Maybe versus #4, who cut in half poor Chacha we will see Cocone in action? She is from magic world and she is a Magistra..
    The girl Fate #6 is the worst situation, because only Chiu can fight but she can fight with virtual things. Would be delightful if Konoka shows up and begin a battle with the girl, but I think that is a quite remote possibility.

    We want Boss Evangeline to take care of everything! ^^

  22. Anonymous says:

    Akamatsu is truly reaching godlike levels in the shonen/battle manga realm.

  23. Anonymous says:

    very hot chapter…
    just three word i have to say about this chapter ” give me a another schock chapter like this”


  24. Man, this is just one Wham Episode after another. First Negi gets consumed by Magia Erebea, then Yuuna, Sayo, and Bea get petrified when Ala Alba try to rescue Asuna and retrieve the Master Key while Negi is out of commission. Now poor Chachamaru ends up like Bishop, Nodoka gets zapped and has the Master Key taken back, and there are FOUR FREAKIN’ FATES!!! Just when you think it can’t get any worse for the good guys, It Gets Worse.

  25. Oh, and Akamatsu-sensei is taking a long break. Ch. 312 won’t be out until the 22nd. Cliffhangers ARGH!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ok… that’s just broken.

  27. yuuki(anime_addict) says:

    hahah this made me laugh after reading all your comments. I can’t disagree with you guys its just shocking to take XD chachamaru in half what the >.> 4 fates omfg:( phew that is some serious scene there couldn’t even expect what would happen next Negi is still consumed by magia erebea or in half dead mode. Hope master evangeline would help them and I don’t think Imma could help cause he can’t go to other places other than the world tree. Akamatsu-sensei you’re too godly because you even thought of this.What a shocking episode XD

  28. Ultimaniac says:

    AAAGGHHH Chachamaru!! T_T Oh man, these images are gonna have me scrapping chunks of my head off the ceiling for the next couple days…

    Also, enter Quartium, Quintium and Sextium!?

    @Alex Voda


  29. Anonymous says:

    And again Ken read to much Naruto from the six paths of pain to the six Fates

  30. Kirbstar says:

    Chachamaru is disabled–no apocalyptic neko satellite for a while now. Although I think that’s probably the intention since the Fates now know that this is one of the deadliest powers aside from Nodoka’s artifacts. I wonder how the female Fate Sextum will fight differently from the males.
    Man, I hope Negi wakes up soon. Maybe there’s a dire situation that will warrant Akira to get her artifact now–I’m still hopeful that will happen before the end of the Magic World arc. The clone wars are about to start; I don’t know how Negi’s team is going to win this without Eva-sama or other hard hitters around.
    @Anonymous 3: “If we have Earth, Fire, Wind and Ice, what elements do Fates 1 and 2 control?”
    One probably controlled water, and maybe another controlled wood/earth?
    I’m trying to channel other magic sources in other anime; Cardcaptor Sakura’s four primary cards were Windy, Watery, Firey/Fiery, and Earthy, so at least those four elements have to be represented…
    I won’t be surprised if there are EIGHT Fates total. Going by the trigrams of the I Ching in Eastern mythology (four of these trigrams appear in the flag of the Republic of Korea), I can see one Fate each controlling Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Ice, and Heaven.
    @EditorialeManga: That’s right, we haven’t seen Cocone’s power yet. She should be powerful having pactioed with Misora.
    @ShadowOfTheVoid: Don’t forget one of the previous ones before that–the appearance of Zaz–I mean Poyo Rainyday.

  31. Anonymous says:

    EditorialeManga –

    Have u forgot that Ku Fei is also with them?? Or maybe we can get Akira’s pactio! LOL

  32. MJ Mata says:

    Hmmm, reminds me, Akira hasn’t had her artifact yet. Doesn’t that feel significant or something? You know, in dealing with sextum?

  33. veron says:

    And here i was hoping for Rakan to be revived by Nodoka. To bad the staff was already taken back.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so the current situation is as follows:

    Negi, Yuna, Sayo, Asuna, Bea and Chacharmaru are out of commission.

    Setsuna’s still battling Tsukuyomi.

    Mana’s still battling Poyo-Zazie.

    The World Tree is going nuts at Mahora, leaving Professor Akashi, the headmaster, and the teachers to prepare for the worst.

    Evangeline, Eishun and Al are still having tea.

    Takamichi and Godel are on the defensive lines.

    Ayaka, the cheerleaders, the twins and Chizuru are making their way back to Mahora.

    Satomi, Satsuki, and Zazie are doing whatever in the background.

    Kotaro’s screwed with Tertium of Earth, unless Chachamaru’s satellite cannon obliterated him (highly doubt it considering he’s more of a cheat than Rakan).

    Konoka, Chisame, Akira, Ako, Ku Fei, Luna and Chamo are with Negi against Sextium of Ice. >_>;

    Misora, Cocone, Haruna, Colette, Takane, Mei and Johnny are facing Quartum of Fire.

    Anya is safe in Kaede’s cloak.

    Nodoka, Makie, Kaede, Natsumi, Kazumi, and Yue are facing Quintum of Wind.

    Chibi-mage’s identity still hasn’t been revealed (but is supposedly female).

    And Fate’s groupies are just hanging out with a half-Dynamis.

    Does that pretty much sum all of the current plot points up?

    That said, if we have any more plot twists, we’re probably going to be seeing more groupies of the other Fates popping out of nowhere, leaving Ala Alba completely outnumbered (and outgirled :p ).

    Seriously, Negi could barely fight Tertium in all of their clashes so far. Unless Sextium, Quartum and Quintum are weaker than Tertium, the only way to defeat them is with either a more powerful artifact or a huge deus ex machina that no one expects (like Luna takes Negi’s form as a distraction or something). Akira’s Pactio would have to do something against the ice element (if she gets one). Also, Luna still has a Pactio artifact that hasn’t been revealed yet (although the other groupies won’t take that standing down).

  35. Anonymous says:

    Who wants to bet that when Negi gets back up that he somehow strips the female Fate (Sextium)? :p

  36. @Anonymus (November 30, 2010 1:38 PM):

    I didn’t count Ku Fei because she is pretty a force user and not a magic one. Okay she has the artifact, but in a battle with Sextum I don’t think she has a chance without magic 🙂
    Akira’s pactio would be interesting, but with Negi in this condition, it can be done?

    @Anonymus (ovember 30, 2010 3:38 PM):

    LOL at “Evangeline, Eishun and Al are still having tea.” XD

  37. Nick says:

    @Kirbstar, i dont think one was water and wood/earth (mostly cuz one is already stone and ice) I think Zect was the first one.

    @veron – Honestly i was expecting Rakan to be revived within 2 pages of this chapter

    @Anon – I think Eva,Al, and Eishun know whats goin on with the tree, they got contacted or something (could be wrong but think its there)

    Heres my predictions
    Negi vs Fate (will wait a while)
    Eva vs Sextum (somehow)
    No idea who vs Wind
    Chao comes and pwns Fire guy

  38. veron says:

    After pondering for a while, I came up with a conclusion. Get Asuna back to the real world ASAP. Which means I’m guessing about 4 chapters from now they will be in the real world.
    Now the tricky part is i believe that Fate number 2 (Stone) is either done for the count of out of the story for a bit. People are guessing that Zect is the first fate. However I’m sure that is not the case. But I feel that chapter 312 Negi is going to come back, Or it’s going to cut to him fighting himself inside his head. kinda like Eva’s Scroll but instead of eva it’s his evil side. (ITS A CLASSIC MOVE) well not mention that Naruto(sorry to say this but Ken does read other manga too) Recently Fought an evil version of himself. So Quick Recap
    Next Chapter Negi fights himself, that is 1-2 chapters, then in about 4-5 chapters They activate the Gate and head back to the world tree. Where they are met with another twist of sorts. Regroup and retrain. and hopefully since Asuna is back and back with her memories we get some more back story and possible conflict. (like NEGI YOU KNEW ABOUT MY PAST!!!) any ways the rest past that is foggy. BUT DAMN i love this manga

  39. Kirbstar says:

    “Akira’s pactio would be interesting, but with Negi in this condition, it can be done?”
    Can Negi be kissed while unconscious? The only similar example would be Chisame’s pactio, while they were fighting virtual enemies. Either that or Akira could be a second healer or be a defensive power. Water elementals are all but given for her, but I don’t know how an offensive attack will work.
    There could be some other point we could draw from, namely that she somehow caught Misora during the tournament arc I believe, correct me if it’s wrong.
    Re: the possible resolution. There’s still another possibility that could happen: Chao could return. With Mundus Magicus as an inverted Mars, I think she’s probably the only one who could fix Chachamaru in this state unless Hakase could teleport to Mundus Magicus (absolutely unlikely) or the Fates/some other force try to bring the battles back to the real world/Mahora for a while (which makes the plot even more grim).

  40. retaliation says:

    NOOO NOT CHACHAMARU!!! BTW $50 the female Sextum falls for negi!

  41. arimareiji says:

    @Kirbstar: IIRC, he woke up (from sleeping, not unconsciousness) and Chisame covered his eyes and told him to shut up. Doesn’t keep me from hoping Akira gets her pactio, though. (^_^)

    Excellent point about Chao being the only one who could fix Chachamaru.

  42. Anonymous says:

    yo cre que el artefacto de chachamaru tiene algo para reconstruirse

  43. @Kirbstar
    No, I mean..I was focusing on the fact that now Negi is in a similar-hibernation mode while in the Festival Arc he was simply asleep (and the waken up by Chiu right before the kiss) so I think it’s a bit different. However, assuming that is possibile we will have also Akira pactioed with presumably a Water arctifact: I don’t think she can stand up to Sextum with Ku and maybe Ako (support) and Konoka (healing). We are missing pure magic power forces here, because Koutaro, Negi, Chacha (artifact), Nodoka (supposition) and the stone girls are out, instead three or four Fate-likes have entered the scene. And, for the “bad” side we have also the Master of the Grave…even if I’ve always hoped she will turn as Chao! XD And so, we could go with your hypotesis 😉

    And thinking about it, overall, where the heck is Anya? Inside Kaede’s cloak? Making her way back to Great Paru-sama?

    Finally, we need Eva here! XD

  44. Anonymous says:

    Anya is no use~

    Ok,what have she done?
    Healing kotaro in the 1st part
    then? NOTHING!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Is there anybody who is thinking that the Fate-Series are only parts of the original? Something like Splits of the soul of the original Fate? It could be similar to the Voldemort-Horkrux-Story of Harry Potter and could be made with the GGMK.

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt… This is only my little silly thinking.

    Now I think there will be one ore more AA-Members be hurt or temporarily killed by girli-Fate and Negi will fight with his inner him. After winning (or maybe loosing?) this inner fight he will kick asses of Fate Number three to XX.

  46. Anonymous says:

    wow!!! this is getting epic!! for me i think this:
    group 1 (#4 averruncus): their chance of winning is that cocone has incredible powers that we haven’t seen and that paru sama can draw a hakase that fix chachamaru and a chao lingchen with the same power than the original.

    group 2 (#5 averruncus): kaede in the offense yue in the deffense and that the lightning that falls on nodoka awake some sleeping magical power so she could be able to use the other artifacts that her pactio card have.

    group 3 (#6 averruncus): ako give an injection to ku fei and konoka so ku fei goes and try to gain time fighting the averruncus konoka and akira make a pactio konoka tries to revive negi and negi awakes.

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