Some Winter “Hayate the Combat Butler” Love (Because I Can)

Some Winter “Hayate the Combat Butler” Love (Because I Can)

With the cold weather abounding all around as winter is here (the year seems to have gone by so quickly), it just seemed appropriate to throw up a winter-themed image on December 1.  ^_^

Some Winter "Hayate the Combat Butler" Love (Because I Can)

Which reminds me, I’m rather bummed that Viz pushed back the release of Volume 17 of the Hayate the Combat Butler manga until March 8.  It had been slated for release on December 14.  *sigh*  What’s even more frustrating about this is that Volume 26 was released last month in Japan and I figure that Volume 27 will be out about the time we finally get Volume 17.  That would put us about 2.5 years behind the Japanese published volumes by my reckoning (not counting the additional chapters that won’t be in tankoubon form yet).

I haven’t seen anything to indicate why the delay (not that company’s advertise these things) so hopefully it isn’t anything major. (I’m informed they pushed back other titles as well.)  It just means a means a much longer wait than I wanted since I’m not keeping current with this manga.  Maybe I should change that?  ^_~

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