Keroro Gunsou – 93

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime episode 93

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou - 93After Keroro fails at his own emergency alert test and is punished by the platoon for it, he announces that he has a training mission for them but in fact, it is a means of getting back at Natsumi.  He has stolen Natsumi’s prized autographed board, signed by Mutsumi, and has given her directions on how to get it back from their underground base.  As such, he wants the platoon to take her down, citing the fact that her anger has increased her power.  Giroro is up first and to his surprise, Natsumi is joined by Koyuki.  Seeing Natsumi changed by Koyuki into a ninja outfit takes Giroro out.  Next up is Tamama who’s jealousy ball is thwarted by Koyuki’s ninja techniques.  Kururu is next up but his hologram duplication of Natsumi with his head fails as Koyuki can smell the real Natsumi.  Finally, Keroro uses Dororo as a hostage to attempt to get Natsumi to submit but with Koyuki’s help, they save Dororo, rescue the autograph board, and make Keroro pay for what he’d done.

Keroro Gunsou - 93Aki is determined to get one of her manga-ka’s chapters to the printers before 9PM, not realizing she’s being stalked by an alien. As she drives her motorcycle, Aki takes a short cut and the alien sends her into another dimension. Back at the Keron base, they discover that the alien hunters known as the Erugon have stolen Aki’s information and are hunting her. Giroro finds her and he, Tamama, and Keroro take off to save her.  Meanwhile, Aki uses her skills on the bike to elude the 18-wheelers summoned by the Erugon but she ends up losing her bike to a giant gum patch shot by the Erugon hunter. Keroro and company arrive to save her but are quickly taken out as Aki attempts to get to the printers. The Erugon has her trapped but Kururu has her bike souped up which allows her to escape. In the chase that follows, Aki defeats the Erugon and makes it to the printers on time. Turns out, the Erugon was sent to test her for a universal manga editor job but she turns down the offer and returns home to her waiting family and the platoon that helped her.


Keroro Gunsou - 93Another couple of by the numbers stories.  Having just read volume 20 of Sgt. Frog (to be reviewed soon), Koyuki’s arrival to help Natsumi was very similar to her arrival in the manga, though the stories were completely different.  I did like the EVA reference with Keroro acting like Gendo Ikari.

For story two, I was sorta reminded of Tron with Aki’s chase on the motorcycle and the way the 18-wheelers looked and emerged to provide her a challenge to get to her destination. The techno music was kinda nice too. Of course, there’s the “Awwww” moment of everyone having a meal together at the end.

So, not much to say so I’ll move along.

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2 Responses to “Keroro Gunsou – 93”

  1. Pillslanger says:

    Hey ANB, this isn’t really a reply to your post, but I couldn’t think of another way to tell you something! Anyways, I just thought you might like to know that the Angel Beats! OVA is out, I’m not sure if you already knew this since you didn’t blog about it’s release. In any case, the OVA is hilarious and if you haven’t seen it yet I’m sure you will love it.


  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It is on my list. I had just queued up several several classic and older anime titles (like this Keroro Gunsou episode) to get me through until I next get some time off. I’ll try to get it watched next week. ^_^;;;

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