Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 314 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 35 Chapter 314 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 314
Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 314 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 314In his dreaming state, Negi is still being talked to by Nagi, who is then joined by the images of Tosaka, Jack, and Eva.  Each of them remind him of a reason he has to fight with Eva stating Negi has to walk the gray path, something Nagi didn’t do.  Nagi tells the now encouraged Negi that he’ll be waiting for Negi up ahead.

Meanwhile, Sextum-Fate has Chisame, Chamo, Ako, Arika, and Konoka is giant water cubes to freeze them when Negi grabs Sextum-Fate, shatters her barriers and shreds the clothing off of her.  As she sinks to her knees in stunned fashion, Negi touches her forehead and shatters the shell around his own body, causing the release of the cubes and the girls.  This has Dunamis speak of the impossibility of what has just happened, not only in defeating Sextum-Fate, but in Negi overcoming the demonic aspects of Magia Erebea.

Sextum-Fate recovers from her surprise and is about to launch a new attack at Negi when Chibi-Mage arrives, placing a hand into her back and threatening to destroy her core.  Dunamis thinks their master is betraying them, leading Chibi-Mage to state that they were never comrades. Since Negi has a plan of his own to save the world, Chibi-Mage would like to see him enact that plan.  Dunamis isn’t happy about this and as Negi observes Chibi-Mage, he recognizes a linkage to Asuna and possibly Arika.  Chibi-Mage urges Negi to go on or risk failure.

Elsewhere, Quartum-Fate continues to attack the retreating Great Paru-sama, deciding to finish is by summoning Entei Shoukan.  However, before the others can be killed, Negi arrives at the speed of lightning, hitting the giant fire demon-creature with such force that even Quartum-Fate is knocked aside. Negi announces that these are his commrades and as such, Quartum-Fate will not touch them.

Still elsewhere, Quintum-Fate is about to take out the very scared Natsumi when a large boulder comes in and smacks him on the head.  Quintum-Fate sees a smoldering Fate who says that this is Negi’s comrade and thus Fate’s prey.  As such, Fate won’t allow anyone else to touch them.


I guess Akamatsu-sensei reached the levels he wanted when it came to Ala Alba since it doesn’t appear that anyone else will be removed from play.  Sextum-Fate will be held in check by Chibi-Mage so the members of Ala Alba there are safe.  Negi’s squaring off against Quartum-Fate will keep that version of Fate occupied as I see it, thus allowing the Great Paru-sama to escape.  Fate and Quintum-Fate will apparently fight so Natsumi and possibly an awakened Nodoka might be able to escape.

Now, the question of Fate is how fare Fate will go to defend Negi’s comrades in order to have the pleasure of fighting them himself?  I’d guess pretty far but then assuming Fate defeats Quartum, then what?

Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if by the last battle between Fate and Negi, Fate has taken on all of the elemental abilities of his brothers and sister, whom I expect will be “dead” as it were.

Negi’s awakening is nice to see though this chapter raises questions on whether or not he was communicating with Nagi.  Were I to guess, I’d still say “yes.”  Nagi could be in CE with Jack and Tosaka, though why a version of Eva would be there is more of a mystery.  Nagi could be someplace else and simply evoked imagery of those who’d had great impact on Negi’s life since arriving on the Magic World.  All of the figures could be figments of Negi’s mind.  In the end, I do think that this was indeed the real Nagi, who’s getting Negi jump-started on the new path which will eventually lead to Nagi.  I state this because of the certainty with which Nagi states that they will meet down the road.  That suggests to me a real person and not a figment of Negi’s imagination.  We’ll see though.

Finally, there’s Chibi-Mage (Master of the Grave) and the connection to Arika and Asuna.  Interesting that Negi seems to question a connection with Arika and then be more confident of a connection with Asuna.  Chibi-Mage recognizes Negi as a descendant.  Chibi-Mage does appear somewhat similar to a young Asuna.  We’ll see what the exact connection is later.

Beyond that, not a lot to say as this chapter sets up the next stage.

Chapter 315 isn’t out until January 26!  As usual, I’m keeping an eye open for spoilers.

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21 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 314 Review”

  1. Nick says:

    Man this Arc went from awesome to eh back to OMG, suspense is really building and building reasons like this chapter and the few previous ones are what keep me reading

  2. Wait… so does that make Asuna Negi’s relative? If they really do go that route then that makes things a little… well, gross.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Asuna has been outright said to be his aunt several times now. And Negi HAS described her as reminding him of family already several times now.

  4. Ultimaniac says:

    You didn’t mention Negi’s scar. It’s gone now. If Akamatsu-sensei didn’t forget it then I think Negi went through some sort of evolutionary transformation in that shell he was in and healed all his old wounds. I’ve seen it happen in fantasy stories before.

    About Eva, remember when she said that her scroll would run out of power in their last training session? Maybe after she faded from there she was able to continue existing in CE. I don’t know, just a theory.

  5. Theron says:

    I was thinking the CE thing before when 313 came out but i didn’t get to mention it. Nagi bing in Cosmo Entelechia makes a lot of sense. As for the Chibi-Mage, I’m guessing Arika’s and Asuna’s mother, the previous Queen and possibly the one who created the Magic world or at least a mage who supported it’s creation. She doesn’t want to see her subjects die and such.

    @Radio: Also, yes, the Negi related to Asuna thing is automatic if Arika is his mom, as Asuna would then be his aunt. I’m definitely thinking Negi’s Grandmother though.

  6. ~~Clint~~ says:

    waiting make’s me ~

    Feel like i was reading this arc ~

    for the sake of god long ~

    i guess the grave of master ~

    is negi’s ancestor ~

    she’s kinda the combination of ~

    asuna and arika ~

    pigtails + the face ~

    i just kind of thought of it ~

  7. Orion says:

    Is anyone else seeing this totally crazy parallel:

    Sextum=being stabbed IN THE BACK with gravemaster’s hands.

    Ako=mysterious traumatic scar ON HER BACK.

    Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Deep-cover agent, time traveller, long-lost twin? Yeah?

  8. burnpsy says:

    Finally, we get to the serious fights. It’s about time…

    @The Whole Asuna Conversation: All we know is that they’re related. We don’t know if she’s his aunt, Rakan was the only one who even implied it – and he was merely guessing. We also know that Asuna has been used for her abilities for at least 100 years, according to way back in Chapter 169. I’d think any relation is too far for her to be his aunt.

  9. Theron says:

    So…you’re going to tell me the chibi-mage is, what, Asuna’s kid or something?

  10. burnpsy says:

    No, what I’m saying is that Negi and Asuna being related doesn’t immediately mean that Asuna is Negi’s aunt. That’s a jump in logic that has not yet been confirmed.

    Nowhere did I say anything about the Grave Master.

  11. Ultimaniac says:


    I think it’s more likely that the opposite is true.

  12. junior says:

    Since people are talking about Asuna…

    Asuna appears to have been a part of the same royal family as Negi’s mother. There is also one unusual genetic trait that Asuna appears to share with Negi’s mother (they have mis-matched eye colors, which is an extremely rare genetic trait). So yes, they are most likely blood related.

    We don’t, however, know exactly what the relationship is. We know that Asuna was locked into a four year-old form for at least a century and quite possibly longer (additionally she was also emotionally stunted, and probably had roughly the same mental development as her physical body at the time). And the best guess regarding Negi’s mother is that she was approximately the same age as Nagi (that’s not for certain, however – iirc her age is never actually provided). So while there is a blood relationship between Asuna and Negi, it’s quite likely that the relationship amounts to Asuna being the sister or cousin of one of Negi’s great grandparents (or someone from even further back).

  13. Anonymous says:

    from what they were saying, i had the impression that the chibi mage was asuna’s mother…

    as for talking to nagi, tosaka, rakan and eva, it appeared to me to be negi’s subconscious, which would nullify the theory of negi communicating to CE and justify the presence of eva.

  14. D-Omen says:

    “Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if by the last battle between Fate and Negi, Fate has taken on all of the elemental abilities of his brothers and sister, whom I expect will be “dead” as it were.”

    Fate goes into the Avatar State. Make it happen. NOW! XD

  15. Anonymous says:

    everyone just assumes asuna is older than arika but we really don’t know how old arika is.
    next up set-chan!

  16. krissy says:

    This manga looks good! Does this have an anime version? because I’m doing some movie marathon this week.

  17. AstroNerdBoy says:

    There are two anime series, both licensed by FUNimation.

  18. 93143 says:

    The anime series don’t do the manga justice, though, at least according to most fans who’ve watched them (I have).

    The first anime, by Studio Xebec, started out on very much the wrong foot (*cough*fishcostume), did a fair-to-middling job of following the plot (with some digressions – episode 19 was particularly poignant and is generally well-liked despite being completely non-canon) up until around volume 4, at which point they found out that they weren’t going to get a second season because their art sucked, so they tore through two and a half volumes in about as many episodes and wrapped it up with a catastrophic grand finale that had almost nothing to do with the manga. (Don’t worry; they fixed the art for the DVDs.)

    The second anime was mostly Studio Shaft goofing around, though the underlying plot was moderately serious. It was essentially an alternate-universe story with different events, a different magic system, slightly different character personalities, etc. (Somehow episode 19 turned out to be notable again, for a completely unrelated reason. It wasn’t a bad episode; just… notable.) IMO, the series was pretty good for what it was (I’m showing it to my sister, and she likes it), but the manga is still much better. (Which isn’t as much of a slam as it sounds – the manga is quite good…)

    Also, chupacabras.

    There were two OVAs done by Shaft in conjunction with the second anime; sometimes referred to as Haru and Natsu (Spring and Summer). I didn’t think they were all that great; mostly fanservice and second-rate situational comedy. Your mileage may vary, of course. The Haru OVA did follow the manga’s plot somewhat, but they changed it a bit and IMO the changes were not an improvement.

    Then there are the OADs, which follow the manga almost exactly, but they start around volume 18-19 and tend to assume viewer knowledge of the manga. If you haven’t been following the manga, you probably shouldn’t watch them. The first three (Ala Alba) were very good. The next four (Mou Hitotsu no Sekai) started out good, but devolved somewhat into excessive fanservice and careless art. The extra (Mahou Shoujo Yue) was good, as long as you don’t mind the odd facepalm-inducing fanservice scene.

    …the OADs are also very difficult to obtain legally, since they were pack-ins with limited-edition tankoubon in Japan and haven’t (AFAIK) been licensed over here.

    There’s a movie coming too, following on from where the OADs left off, but obviously you can’t watch that yet…

  19. @ everyone who says that Asuna is Negi’s aunt:

    It has also been said that Asuna is much, MUCH older than she looks, and thus, could be down a completely different branch of a family. Saying this, yes, they would be related, but technically, so is everybody else. Considering how far apart they probably are on the family tree, it really isn’t incest, and thus, perfectly possible and legal.

  20. Zefyris says:

    Well to obtain the OAD legally you basically have to go in Japan and search for remaining limited editions in Manga/Anime stores.
    You can still find some of them here and there. Of course you can also try to order them on the web but you usually need a japanese address except for the 2 or 3 most recent OAD which still aren’t sold out on website like

  21. arimareiji says:

    315 raw is up.

    No sign of the scanlation yet, but it’s not like there’s a whole lot of nuance to be lost in translating “Pwn” and “Oh sensei, you saved us again!” (^_~)

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