Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 315 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 35 Chapter 315 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 315
Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 315 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 315As Setsuna continues her battle with Tsukuyomi and Mana continues her’s with Zazie-pyon, Negi has arrived to save the people on board Great Paru-sama. Quartum-Fate is briefly stunned by the appearance of Negi since Dunamis has supposedly removed Negi as a threat.  Quartum-Fate quickly recovers and has the gigantic fire demon-creature Entei Shoukan attack Negi, thinking it is OK to go ahead and kill the son of the Thousand Master.  Negi is not even scratched but does see the massively damaged Chachamaru, who calls out to “Sensei.”  Steeling his emotions and casting a new, massive, lightning-spear spell, Negi causes massive damage to Entei Shoukan.

Quartum-Fate attacks with his fists, which can go through metal like butter but Negi stops it with no problem.  Quartum is frustrated and angry because Negi is not even breaking a sweat and thus launches a massive hand-to-hand attack.  Negi easily defends against it before counter-attacking so hard that Quartum-Fate cannot believe it.  Negi angrily informs Quartum-Fate that Chachamaru and the other residence of the Magic World are not dolls as he continues to beat on Quartum-Fate without mercy.  After telling Quartum-Fate that he won’t let them do as they pleased, his final attack rips Quartum-Fate in half at the abdomen.  As Quartum-Fate makes the long fall to the ground way below, he wonders how an infant like Negi could defeat him.  Negi tells the falling Quartum-Fate that there’s no reason for him to keep being the doll of god.

Elsewhere, Fate is fighting Quintum-Fate as a dizzy Natsumi tries to wrap her head around the idea of there being two Fates. A nearby Nodoka shows signs of coming to and a nearby Asuna possibly does as well.  Quintum-Fate asks Tertium-Fate why he’s doing this.  Fate doesn’t have an answer other than having these upstarts steal his thunder annoys him.


Leave it to Akamatsu-sensei to get the crowds rolling over nothing. *lol*  You know, if Akamatsu-sensei personally provided me with spoiler images, I suspect it would be things like he did for the TV interview he did where there’s nothing really to go on but just enough to fuel the imagination.  So, everyone thinking that Setsuna’s fight with Tsukuyomi might come back to the foreground were all wrong.

Based on everything that’s happened so far, I strongly suspect that Fate (Tertium) will get his own “version up” moment and will end up having the abilities of all four elements rather than just earth as he has now.  That way he goes into a fight with Negi at a considerable higher power level.  We’ll see if I’m right.

I’d guess Nodoka will become conscious soon but I’m not so sure about Asuna.  It looked like her mouth may have opened a bit but unlike Nodoka, who made a noise, Asuna didn’t make any noises.  Thing is, once Asuna wakes up, will she be the Asuna we remember with a few changes or will she be something else?

BTW, where’s Anya?  ^_~

Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 315Finally, there’s Negi.  Because Akamatsu-sensei had made Quartum-Fate so sadistic, accentuated in how he had torn Chachamaru apart at the waste and then caused her additional damage, Negi’s fight with him had a certain sweetness to it.  The way Akamatsu-sensei drew the look on her face when their eyes met combined with how Negi looked at seeing someone he cares greatly about in such distress nearly brings a tear to my eyes.  However, Negi shows the maturity of someone much, much older by (1) quickly giving her a reassuring smile upon hearing her address him as “Sensei” and (2) putting aside his rage and calmly taking care of Entei Shoukan.  Notice how Negi doesn’t get surprised when Quartum-Fate gets behind him and attacks him.  Instead, Negi remains calm and it is Quartum-Fate who loses it.

That’s not to say Negi doesn’t get angry because clearly he is VERY cross indeed and he’s going to go with the “eye for an eye” approach on Quartum-Fate to avenge Chachamaru.  Negi channels his anger wisely and rather than lose control as Quartum-Fate did (or indeed as Negi might well have done in the past), Negi’s anger goes into his attacks, which we’ve seen going back to the fight with Herrman enhances Negi’s power.  Even though he’s very angry, Negi’s simply takes care of business and finishes off Quartum-Fate by ripping him in half via sheer power rather than anything physical.  I really want to see how the girls react to seeing Negi this powerful where he is indeed a monster.

As to Quartum-Fate, I don’t think he’s dead yet.  As I said earlier, I expect Tertium-Fate to gain his sibling’s powers and abilities before the final fight with Negi.  Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tertium-Fate absorb Quartum-Fate and the others into himself.  We’ll see though.

Now, is Negi too powerful?  At his current power level, I don’t think there’s anyone who can stop him.  I think even Eva would think twice about challenging Negi.  That said, Negi’s abilities are rooted in wind power so if Fate does power up like I expect, having Wind vs. Wind/Fire/Water/Earth would be a challenge for Negi in my mind.  Also, Akamatsu-sensei could put some sort of limiter on Negi’s new abilities (which I presume are a complete mastery of Magia Erebea) by having him need a recharge.  It will be interesting to see where Akamatsu-sensei goes with this.

So, a sweet chapter indeed.  Looking forward to seeing chapter 316 when it comes out Wednesday.  Maybe we’ll get some chapter 317 spoilers this week too.  ^_^

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13 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 315 Review”

  1. Philip says:

    seeing this chapter, it’s kinda like G Gundam… Negi seems to go into a serene state of mind and does a much better job in the fighting…

  2. Manae says:

    I don’t really see Negi as having gotten more powerful. He’s already stood toe-to-toe with Jack Rakan, whom Fate had to resort to the Code of the Lifemaker to even stand a chance against. He also has the knowledge to remove the barriers the Averruncus series use, and even as far back as the Kyoto arc we saw that without said barriers they have a defense likely no better than a normal person. I really think it’s just a matter of him having calmed down and focused himself instead of some effect of losing some or all of his humanity (though I’d really like to know what extent if at all that is).

  3. arimareiji says:

    Yeah, Negi not losing it in this situation is a whole lot scarier than Negi going Black Magia Erebea on him would have been.

    When it was Dunamis, it somehow felt almost bad-guyish for Negi to bisect him, even though it wasn’t a killing blow. When it’s Quartum, with Akamatsu-sensei reminding us what he did to Chachamaru (and remember, the original attack was aimed at flesh-and-blood humans)… it needs a lot more than “Is Negi Springfield gonna have to choke a b!#&*?”

    Now, it’s an obviously-justifiable “Is Negi Springfield gonna have to rip a b!#&* in half?”

  4. Anonymous says:

    not bad but I was really hoping we’d get a chapter about setsuna and mana.
    way to tease, akumatsu

  5. CanonRap says:

    That said, Negi’s abilities are rooted in wind power so if Fate does power up like I expect, having Wind vs. Wind/Fire/Water/Earth would be a challenge for Negi in my mind.

    Speaking of which, I’m hoping that Negi’s apparent affinity for Light spells will come up again eventually. ^^;

  6. retaliation says:

    No Eva is still stronger. Negi has the same power as before only now he’s learn to control it which makes him seem stronger.

  7. Raso says:

    Personal theory is that his dark form is like a Mana Vampire and has mana drain permanently set to on plus berserk. Supported by this panel here (each time he got sick after getting chisame-slapped out of it not expending the excess magic power)

    Now he has adapted to the excess power and can spend it at will but is not infinite so more he goes nuts now the weaker he will get.

  8. Anonymous says:

    oh look, negi can fly!!! remember the days when we discussed when he’d finally be able to?

    that’s a definite indicator that negi has reached the master level.

  9. Nick says:

    At this point im doubting its going to be Tetrium that fights Negi its going to be the Wind one and im thinking also that possibly Tetrium/Negi will have some sort of temporary alliance or something
    god its so dang impossible to tell whats going to happen next

    Also i still believe Eva is far superior to Negi still as he only managed to injure the Fake-Eva thats several times weaker and that was when he was still in part encroachment that i think has more destructive power (as we seen him purely own dynamis) but not battle smart like Negi usually is. Also we dont know what effects Evas Ice magic has with ME or what other abilitys ME is good for besides enchanting, synthing, and absorbing enemy power (last one eva said she cant do)

  10. junior says:

    Curb stomp!


    Personally, I wasn’t surprised at how easily Negi took down his opponent. While we don’t know exactly how the various Fates work, keep in mind that this Fate has apparently just woken up. He most likely hasn’t been able to spend any time developing and refining his skills, meaning that he’s nowhere near Fate Tertious’s level of ability.

  11. Anonymous says:

    remember guys, Rakan fought with Fate for what seemed like an eternity BEFORE Fate used his cheat code. but current Negi seems to be able to finish a member of the Auveruncus series in under a minute without receiving a scratch (remember how Rakan looked after the fight?).

    some may argue that Tetruim is stronger than the others which could be true, but HOW much stronger? my guess? not by much 🙂

    current Negi >> Rakan

  12. arimareiji says:

    Raw for 316’s out… again, most of it doesn’t need translation as it’s simple ownage, but I’d like to know what Nodoka’s asking near the end.

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