Keroro Gunsou – 095

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime episode 095

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou - 095Natsumi witnesses Giroro being kidnapped by some alien spaceship and goes to report it to Keroro, who’s engaged in a debate with Mao and Tamama over which outfit they are wearing is cooler.  After Natsumi alerts them, Kururu confirms her report, citing Internet camera video feed and taps into where Giroro is being held captive, strapped to a tree in a desert. His captor, a so-called “Painful Alien,” has been studying Giroro for years to get him back for an incident where the Painful Alien met a girl for a date but as Giroro walked by, a series of accidents caused the Painful Alien to end up pulling the skirt off his date, resulting in her giving him a beating. Thus, the Painful Alien tortures Giroro, leading Natsumi to lead a rescue with Keroro literally in tow.

Keroro Gunsou - 095After getting Natsumi and Keroro to the barrier of the Painful Alien, the duo take the space bike and leave Tamama and Kururu to rescue Giroro. When the Painful Alien sees Natsumi coming and knows she’s one of Giroro’s weaknesses, he causes a Sphinx to rise from the desert to challenge them to riddles. Keroro fails but Natsumi passes and the two are allowed to continue. Keroro finds the location of the Painful Alien and Natsumi uses her water rifle to attack. Eventually, she is captured and forced to drop the weapon but realizes her mistake and gets the gun back, using the water to re-energize Giroro who defeats the Painful Alien. After chastising him a bit, Natsumi has Giroro sit behind him on the bike, stopping to squirt the dehydrated Keroro as well and leaving Giroro in Natsumi’s debt.


While the episode wasn’t much, I did like the little tributes, even if I didn’t know them all.  For starters, there was the Robocop tribute with Tamama dressed as such.

Keroro Gunsou - 095

Terminator got the other nod with Keroro dressed as Arnold, and even spouting “I’ll be back” in English.  However, that hair looks like Vash the Stampede. ^_^;

Keroro Gunsou - 095

There were two Gundam nods, both of which were Char’s mobile suits — a Zaku and a Z’Gok. (If there were others, I didn’t notice.)

Keroro Gunsou - 095
Keroro Gunsou - 095

So the fun here wasn’t the story but just the tributes.  Onto the next episode.

Keroro Gunsou - 095
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