Keroro Gunsou – 096

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime episode 96

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou - 096Its Valentine’s Day and Natsumi waits for Mutsumi to arrive to give him a chocolate, only to accidentally give it to Kogoro (556) by mistake. He misunderstands her pleas to return it as a request to protect it, forcing a depressed Natsumi to return home. Momoka suggests the Kaito More Peach Summer Snow team activate to retrieve the chocolate, but Mao can’t make it, though Koyuki can.  The three make various attempts to break into Kogoro’s apartment, but fail due to his diligence. They decide to ask Lavie, but when she comes home, she assumes someone like Kogoro and gave him the chocolate, which makes her very happy. When Kogoro leaves to answer a scream, he finds Keroro trying to push off their Valentine cakes in heart-shaped containers. As the two fight, Kogoro drops the chocolate and Mao, who’s on the scene, has Natsumi replace the chocolate with a cake. Natsumi is able to give her chocolate to Mutsumi in time, but that night, Kogoro arrives to return the item Natsumi had requested him to protect.

Keroro Gunsou - 096Keroro is out to by a new Gunpla when a badly injured Merlos has an accident and asks Keroro to deliver a case to a specific, glowing person on the following day. Keroro agrees and goes to buy his Gundam model but finds it is sold out. A series of unlucky things happen to him and when he opens the case, he discovers it contains an unlucky stone. He attempts to pawn it off on Giroro, but gets caught. He attempts to get Dororo to take it off his hands, but the bad luck interferes. Keroro manages to get Kogoro to take it, but shortly thereafter, a tearful Lavie’s tale of massive woe forces Keroro to take it back. Keroro puts the stone in a containment field, but the bad luck continues as Mao-chan has the stone and for her, bad things happening to Keroro cause her pain. Keroro’s contact arrives, who has massive good luck, and takes the stone so that he can live a normal life. Keroro wants a reward and gets a ticket for a free croquette, but the coupon has expired.


The Valentine’s tale is pretty much what one would expect. Kogoro is an annoying character and no less so here, but he worked for what he was supposed to do.  However, it seemed wrong to have Natsumi so nervous about giving Mutsumi chocolates.

Keroro Gunsou - 096

It also seemed strange to have Koyuki fail as a ninja. ^_^;

Keroro Gunsou - 096

The second story with the bad luck is naught but pure slapstick fun.  I admit that there were times I couldn’t help but chuckle even though I already knew a lot of bad things were going to Keroro.

Keroro Gunsou - 096

Gundam models get a nod with several in a display case, but the actual Gundam model got to shine.  ^_^

Keroro Gunsou - 096

In the end, not great but not too bad either.

Keroro Gunsou - 096
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