Bunny Drop Manga Volume 02 Review

Usagi Drop/うさぎドロップ Manga Volume 02
Bunny Drop Manga Volume 02 Review


SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Bunny Drop Manga Volume 02Daikichi returns from his trip to his grandfather’s place to find Rin has been dressed up in his sister’s old clothes and loving it. Daikichi has a long talk with his father about the situation. When it comes time for Daikichi and Rin to leave, Rin quietly asks Daikichi if they can return. Daikichi asks on her behalf and is assured she can return, which pleases Rin.While on the train home, Daikichi asks Rin about Masako, whom Rin remembers as the housekeeper for her father. However, Rin said Masako didn’t like her and Rin didn’t like Masako either.

The following morning, Rin helps make breakfast and asks for a cooking knife. After dropping Rin off at school, Daikichi calls his mother to ask about Grandpa having a housekeeper, which his mother did remember though she never met the woman.  Arriving at work, Daikichi’s former kouhai says they are throwing a late “goodbye” party for Daikichi’s transfer. Daikichi says he can’t make it because of Rin, but Gatou-san wants to party and bring her young son, so she talks him into going.

That evening, Daikichi meets Kouki’s mom outside of the school where he asks her about activities, since his new, married co-workers with children mentioned activities for their kids. After their conversation, Daikichi gets a call from his mom, confirming that Grandpa used an agency and always got the same lady to take care of the place. He buys a knife for Rin and bringing it home, he gives it to her and shows her how to make curry. Later, Daikichi takes another call from his mom regarding Rin’s elementary school items like a desk and backpack, something he hasn’t taken care of.

At the farewell party for Daikichi, Rin is shy but Daikichi’s officemates win her over, as does Gatou-san by letting Rin care for her son, Yuu-kun. After the party, Rin is worried about going to elementary school after they get a notification in the mail, but a drunk Daikichi assures her that there are no entrance exams. Daikichi and Kouki’s mother take care of forms and listen to a lecture on the do’s and don’t’s of sending a child to school. Kouki’s mom is surprised to learn that Rin is not Daikichi’s daughter and embarrassed when Kouki does not use the “-san” honorific with Daikichi’s name.

That night, while taking care of things for Rin’s entrance into elementary school, Daikichi notices an website written in Rin’s records book. It leads to a blog by his grandfather, which in turn leads Daikichi back to the records book and a hidden sheet of calligraphy paper where his grandfather speaks of Rin and Masako, including Masako’s phone number. The next day, Daikichi is pondering calling Masako when Rin arrives, wanting her hair done up in “rabbit ears” (ponytail).


It is interesting that while the anime pretty much covers all of the stuff in this volume, the presentation was different. The main thing was in how Daikichi was letting Rin become more and more a part of his life, starting with her wanting to cook for Daikichi, which only showed up in episode 5 of the anime. In the manga, it flows better to have Rin’s cooking desires as well as her bathing with Daikichi early whereas the anime has these events later, indicating that Daikichi didn’t come to a decision until late. As the manga flows, Daikichi had already made the decision regarding Rin although he didn’t admit this to himself – his actions spoke louder than words. Therefore, his meeting with Rin’s mother was simply to confirm what he already knew, though in the anime, the element of doubt there is stronger in my opinion.

Daikichi’s new co-workers have a bit more airtime in the manga, thus giving us a better understanding of the influence they are having on him as a single parent (a positive one). The scene with Daikichi not having his camera is much better in the manga because the manga makes it clear that he’d forgotten it and has it clear that Kouki’s mother is making up for his loss.  That was really glossed over in the anime.

Speaking of Kouki’s mother, why is she still unnamed? ^_^;;;

Romantically speaking, I’ve been looking for further signs of an attraction between the two and a possible romance, but none really seems to be sparking beyond friendship.  She and Daikichi still seem like they’d make a lovely couple, but then if they got together, Rin and Kouki would become step-siblings and that would make their being a couple a non-starter (though in Japan, that might not be so great a hurdle).

On the Yen Press side of things, there’s a color page at the beginning of the manga, which is appreciated. There are a few translator notes, which are also appreciated. The only honorifics to appear were “-san,” “-kun,” and “-chan, ” which are defined in the notes. I am disappointed that “oneechan” was translated as “big sis.” That’s just a personal preference.  “Kazumi-oneechan” sounds better to me than “Big Sis Kazumi.” ^_^;;;

I’m very glad that the manga has been licensed and available for sale. It really is a good read and helps fill in the corners left by the anime.

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