Ah! My Goddess Ch. 275 Manga Review

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっ Chapter 275

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ah! My Goddess Ch. 275With Keiichi freaking out about the sudden loss of his hands, Hagall examines the pendent Keiichi had and detects the presence of Hild.  A piece of Hild is within the pendent, so Hagall opens a hole in the floor and drops the pendent into it, closing the hole afterward.

Hagall returns her attention to Belldandy, but is pleasantly surprised when Keiichi overcomes his fear and shock to ask what Hagall’s plans for Belldandy are. Hagall explains that the plan is to turn Belldandy into a mazoku, learning from the mistake Hild made in her attempt at doing the same thing. As such, they’ve drained Belldandy of her power and now empty, Hagall will be able to do what Hild could not. Keiichi says he won’t allow that and stands up, but then falls down as Hagall has removed his feet at the ankles.

The weak Belldandy manages to summon Holy Bell, which Hagall stomps on and then severs the angel’s link to Belldandy, forcing it to return to egg form. With that, Hagall squats in front of the prone Belldandy and asks her to give up since she has nothing left.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Urd and Skuld are making no progress against the “shadow” monsters they are fighting. Skuld stops Urd from yet another pointless attack, having analyzed their attack patterns and discovers that these shadows can’t actually do anything to them. Further to that, she has discovered that the purpose of these creatures is to drain them of power. The shadow beings plead with Urd and Skuld to continue, but since escape is impossible, Urd ponders the situation and has a request for Skuld.


So, the weapon Keiichi was to bring was actually another small piece of Hild. Surely, Hild had to know that this might be easily detected.  I can’t help but think that maybe Hild wanted to be “flushed” into whatever hole so as to do whatever it is she needs to do.  Hild’s a smart cookie, even if she was taken by surprise by Hagall’s rebellion.  So she had to have planned to be found out by Hagall.  I still think Hild has to have some supporters in the mazoku realm and the pendent could possibly be collected by one of them.  We’ll see though.

Speaking of Hild, I do find it interesting that Hagall still addresses her as “Hild-sama” even though Hagall isn’t being subservient to Hild.  I suppose that she’s just doing it out of habit (because I think everyone addresses Hild as “Hild-sama”) or just as a mocking fashion.

Now that we know Hagall’s plan, which is basically a rehash of Hild’s plan with some modifications, Hagall must have allowed for chibi-Hild to escape, either that or she and Hild are working some massively, elaborate scheme.  At some point, I suppose I should go back and reread the entire arc to refresh myself on the events of Hild’s escape and how she talked Belldandy and company into returning her to power. As it is, Hagall’s entire operation was geared to getting Belldandy.

It’s a shame that Holy Bell’s return is cut short, no pun intended. While there’s no doubt that Belldandy wanted to do whatever to protect Keiichi, I do wonder if she brought out Holy Bell on purpose to protect the angel, knowing Holy Bell would be severed and returned to egg form.  Of course, that assumes that Hagall couldn’t corrupt an angel egg. I can’t remember if Hild did that or not. ^_^;

Anyway, even as Belldandy doesn’t have the strength to get off the ground, that ring of hers did give her a boost of power and that could come into play again.  I don’t remember there being anything that said the ring’s power boost was a one-time thing and I can see it giving Belldandy power again, to the surprise of Hagall, who’s sure Belldandy is empty.  Either that, or the ring might cause a rejection of whatever method Hagall intends to use to turn Belldandy into a mazoku.

Glad to see Urd and Skuld weren’t forgotten.  Skuld, despite being very immature at times, is the right one to use logic to figure out their problem.  I wonder what Urd’s request is though.  Should be interesting.

So, a good chapter with Hagall looking the best she’s ever looked. ^_~

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16 Responses to “Ah! My Goddess Ch. 275 Manga Review”

  1. Lan says:


    *waits for the review of 278*


  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Some other group must be releasing AMG, eh? You’re the second person to tell me something massive is going to happen.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    (Well, I’m assuming “massive” since that’s how it was put to me by this other fan.)

  4. Lan says:

    ‘massive’ is a good way of putting it yeah

    lets put it this way, Im reading the printed volumes only, and am up to vol 19 and own volumes 21-39 which are just sitting on my shelf unread. I NEVER read ahead, or look at spoilers (i never read your reviews on OMG either).

    But i couldn’t help myself on this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’ve mentioned in the past that you’ve thought that Fujishima is doing a farewell tour. I won’t say much, but I think the event that happens in the new chapter backs up your thoughts that the manga is coming to an end soon.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Gah! Now, I REALLY want to check into this. ^_^;;;;;;;;

  7. Lan says:

    NOOOOO dont!

    your only a few chapters behind. besides, what we read was only a rough translation of 278 because it was in high demand, whatever state of translation it was in. Also, it ends on a sort of cliff hanger, so the wait for 279 wouldnt be a long for you.

    just wait. its worth it.

  8. O-chan says:

    After all the talk of Chapter 278 I took a peak…

    yeeeeeahhh, Ah My Goddess is definitely ending. This chapter just screams that the series is heading toward a eventual finale.

  9. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve been good. I’ll wait. ^_^;;;

  10. Yes, if my inference is correct Chapter 278 is the start of enormous changes that will forever alter the relationship between Belldandy & Keiichi. But I don’t believe for a second that Kosuke Fujishima is ending the series! This is his one big success. For him to greatly decrease (if not eliminate) his income is unthinkable to my mind. I say he is going to keep this series going as long as possible. Even if he is tired of it he can always have other artists do the drawings (I believe he has already done so) while he continues to create new stories.

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well, rumor is that he wanted to end the series years ago, but was talked out of it by Kodansha. If he ended Ah! My Goddess, I would be he’d simply turn Paradise Residence into a monthly title and go from there. So, no loss of income as I see it.

    You mention a change of relationship for K1 and Belldandy. If this change is a positive one (which I would say would be them kissing or K1 proposing to her), then the manga is nearly over. If it is a negative one (say, Belldandy is recalled), then I’d say the manga’s end isn’t quite there as there would be one more “get things right” element to turn things to a positive note (’cause I can’t imagine Fujishima-sensei ending things on a negative note).

    Well, I don’t (yet) know what happened in this chapter, but I’m hoping to find out sooner rather than later. ^_^;;;

  12. Well, I can’t reply to you without giving spoilers. Maybe you are right and the series is coming to an end, but I won’t believe it until I see it. And honestly, how popular is “Paradise Residence”?! I still believe that for Fujishima to end the series is to cut his own throat, so to speak. There is so very much that we don’t know about Belldandy, her family and the world that she came from. The series hasn’t outlived it’s welcome.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Financially speaking, Fujishima-sensei is probably pretty set as one of the top-tier manga-ka.

    As to Paradise Residence, I think only five, short chapters have been done. The way the series is being done is almost like some minor table setting and introductions. I get the sense that without having to devote time to AMG, the Paradise Residence series would be modified from the short, filler piece to one with more substance, though still a school comedy title. In fact, the only reason I saw Fujishima-sensei starting Paradise Residence was in part as a trial balloon to gauge fan interest and if folks liked what (little) they saw, then it would simply become his new bread-and-butter series.

    Remember, many famous manga-ka end very popular series and go on to new titles with equal success — CLAMP, Akamatsu-sensei (A.I. Love You, Love Hina, now Negima!), Takahashi-sensei (Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, Inuyasha, Maison Ikkoku, etc.), and others to name a few.

    Anyway, I know what you mean about not knowing more about Belldandy and the like, but considering Fujishima-sensei’s writing style, I doubt he even knows the answer to that aspect. He has always just written what he feels like, even if it causes continuity errors and the like.

  14. Meglivorn says:

    Just before they got through the Gate, Hild kissed K1. She said just for Bell to start the jelousy storm and clean up the little devils around, but she also said that Hagall knows what she’s up to and doing.
    So I wonder if the pendant was just for a decoy, to notice and deal with, and the real “weapon” is inside K1.
    Or, on the more evil side plan, that this is actually just a typical overcomplicated plan of Hild herself to get Bell on the demon side (as Hagall right now trying to do). And the whole overthrow action just needed to make sure, the sisters go to the demon realm.
    But of course it’s just speculation (and maybe becouse I’m right now rewatching my Tenchi collection and that make one’s brain twist 😀 ).

    Oh. Just seen the comments about the later chapters… then I guess I’m totally off the track 😀

  15. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well, that is an interesting theory though. I’d forgotten about the kiss part. Who knows, you may be right and that may be something that triggers something that allows Belldandy and/or Keiichi to do whatever, which then leads to the event that has everyone excited.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The guy who translated 278 seems pretty convinced it’s not what everybody thinks it is. It just kind of reads that way.

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