Fate/Zero – 05

Fate/Zero – 05

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/Zero - 05To the surprise of Saber and Lancer, Rider arrives and makes a proposal to have them yield the Grail to him, at which he will consider them friends to help him conquer the world. They decline, Saber saying that as a king herself, she won’t submit to another. Emiya sees this and marvels that Iskandar once was a great ruler.  Kayneth has Waver quivering in fear by loudly belittling him for stealing the artifact. Rider puts his hand on Waver and angers Kayneth by saying that no coward hiding in the shadows could ever be his Master. Rider calls out the other Servants he knows are hiding, which Tohsaka and Kirei are concerned about, since Assassin is one of the hiding Servants.

Fate/Zero - 05Archer arrives, annoyed that two others would dare call themselves king. Rider isn’t going to accept Archer’s word about being king and Archer is irritated that he’s not known just by his presence. He activates his Noble Phantasm as Kariya has Berserker appear. Rider asks Waver to determine how powerful he is, but Waver is unable to do so, only knowing that this is in fact a Servant. Iri tells Saber that Berserker looks to be a tough opponent, but even Saber cannot learn much from Berserker since it is shrouded. Emiya thinks that only someone insane would send their Servant into the mix below and instructs Maiya to keep an eye on Assassin while he looks for Berserker’s Master.

Fate/Zero - 05Berserker eyes Archer, causing Archer to become annoyed and attack with a flying sword and spear. Berserker simply grabs the sword when it reaches him and uses it to take out the spear. Archer is irritated and launches a massive attack. Berserker easily defends against this massive influx of weapons hurled at him and even sends two back to take down the street light Archer stood upon, sending him to the ground. This causes Archer to become even more infuriated at having to be on the same ground as Berserker and he prepares an even larger attack against Berserker. Tohsaka sees that Archer is out of control and uses a Command Spell to force the angry Archer to withdraw.

Fate/Zero - 05With Archer gone, Berserker turns his attention to Saber and launches a furious attack. With Assassin still quietly watching and Berserker’s Master no where to be seen, Emiya knows things are bad as Berserker beats back Saber. Lancer intervenes and save Saber, pleading with Kayneth to allow him to take out Berserker first before defeating Saber. Kayneth uses a Command Spell to force Lancer to help Berserker fight Saber and kill her.  Lancer apologizes and Saber tells Iri to get away while she can. Iri tells Saber to believe in her Master, letting Saber know that Emiya is near.

Fate/Zero - 05Emiya is determined to take out Berserker’s Master and have Maiya attack Assassin. However, just as Emiya gets a bead on him, Rider attacks Berserker with ferocity, causing Emiya to be hit by electrical discharge and distracted. The attack does not kill Berserker but forces him to withdraw. Rider then issues a challenge to Kayneth, telling him to withdraw Lancer or he will join Saber to defeat Lancer. Kayneth has no choice, so Lancer thanks Rider and exchanges quiet respects with Saber before leaving. Rider tells Saber to settle things with Lancer and that he’ll be honored to fight the victor, which pleases Saber.

Fate/Zero - 05After Rider leaves, Saber thanks Iri and knows she has to defeat Lancer to lift the curse from her arm. Elsewhere, Kariya is happy with how Berserker took down Archer several pegs, but Berserker going after Saber costs Kariya in life as he pukes blood and worms. Back at the church, one of the female Assassins brings a familiar she’s slain outside the church grounds which was clearly being used to spy on the church. Still elsewhere, Caster and Ryuunosuke have finished watching the battle, leaving Ryuunosuke very excited to participate in a blood bath. Caster is weeping, feeling Saber is the rebirth of a woman he knew and loved who was abandoned by God. As such, he vows to come for her.


Well, a pretty incredible episode with all of the Servants showing up in the episode, though Caster stayed at a remote location.

Fate/Zero - 05

Oops!  Wasn’t Saber’s arm injured severely last episode, so much so that Iri couldn’t heal it and Saber couldn’t use it?  And now, suddenly Saber can use her arm without issue?  Oh yeah, that’s right, we forgot about that until the end of the episode. ^_^;

Fate/Zero - 05

I’m really liking Rider in Fate/Zero. He’s so unconcerned about hiding his identity unlike the other Servants. If negotiations allow him to achieve his objective, then sobeit. When it comes to fighting, he’s all about the glory and honor of a battle between warriors. I loved how he praised Waver, who’s ALWAYS in a state of panic, for being at his side while slamming Kayneth, who doesn’t show fear but hides in the shadows. Good stuff.

Fate/Zero - 05

Despite his insanity, I like this new Berserker character better than the one from Fate/stay night.  Since he’s dressed in traditional knight armor, I’m going to make a guess that he’s a knight as well, though whom, I couldn’t even begin to guess. Considering Saber and Lancer are considered knights, that makes three of them in this contest.  I find that interesting.

Fate/Zero - 05

There are also three kings here (that I’m aware of).  I’m not sure if that means anything either, but it is amusing that Archer, as Gilgamesh, is offended by the presence of Saber (King Arthur) and Iskandar (Alexander the Great).  It will be interesting seeing Archer confront Tohsaka over the use of a Command Spell.

Fate/Zero - 05

Kayneth has also been forced to use a Command Spell, so it will be interesting to see how his dealings with Lancer are from here on out.

Fate/Zero - 05

The freaks, Caster and Ryuunosuke, watched the battle safely from a distance.  I wonder whom it is that Caster thinks Saber truly is since she was not known as a woman during her real life.

Fate/Zero - 05

Anyway, a very enjoyable episode with the free-for-all fight backed down in what I considered to be an amusing way (though there is logic behind the decision beyond making the story last much longer).

Fate/Zero - 05
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10 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 05”

  1. Anonymous says:

    bluebeard is a figure from Joan of arc’s story who became notorious in his own right after her death. so it’s likely he thinks saber is Joan of Arc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Oops! Wasn’t Saber’s arm injured severely last episode, so much so that Iri couldn’t heal it and Saber couldn’t use it? And now, suddenly Saber can use her arm without issue? Oh yeah, that’s right, we forgot about that until the end of the episode. ^_^;”

    …No, it wasn’t forgotten. Its her thumb tendon which was cut and made useless, the other four fingers still move. You can see during the fight with Berserker, that she is struggling and glances down at her hand at one point, where you can see her thumb is still not holding the sword.

  3. arimareiji says:

    Rider’s definitely becoming one of my favorites as well… his taunting Kayneth had me quietly cheering, but his charging Berserker for the lulz and then taunting him as well had me laughing.

    I’m not sure how, but he’s gotta be related to Leeroy Jenkins in some fashion. (^_~)

    Minor point: Emiya was drawing a bead on Lancer’s master (or at least thought he was) when Iskandar interrupted, not Berserker’s master.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She cannot use her thumb properly, as seen when she was fighting Berserker. So all Saber managed to do was stop the bleeding. In F/SN, she managed to do the same with the wound caused by Gae Bulg which also has a similar curse.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They clearly showed Saber’s injured arm shaking as she was fighting Berserker. It’s not that she can’t use the arm at all, she just can’t use the arm well.

  6. Farray says:

    You got something wrong, Astro.
    Saber can’t hold anything with her left hand because she can’t move her thumb(that’s why she has a lot of problems with Berserker, even though his weapon was weaker than Invisible Air and they are equally matched in pure strength). That doesn’t mean, she can’t move her left arm.

    And it’s just what anon above me already said. Bluebeard is used as a nickname and he is based on Gilles de Rais, who was one of Joan of Arc’s generals. So he mistakes Saber to be the holy virgin of Orléans.
    That’s how Joan of Arc was supposed to look like.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    In the previous episode, she was only holding the sword with one hand. She then shifted to holding it with two hands, but I didn’t notice her having hand problems until near the end of the episode. I will say that since all of you are correcting me, I must have missed some small detail here or there, but my first thought was, “Wait, wasn’t she injured? Why’s she holding the sword with two hands?” I didn’t notice an obvious pointer to the hand until toward the end (which was with Berserker).

    Minor point: Emiya was drawing a bead on Lancer’s master (or at least thought he was) when Iskandar interrupted, not Berserker’s master.

    I thought I heard him say that he needed to take out Berserker’s Master in order to get things back under control. I know initially, Emiya was going for Kayneth but I thought he changed focus based on the greater threat.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >> (that’s why she has a lot of problems with Berserker, even though his weapon was weaker than Invisible Air and they are equally matched in pure strength)

    Saber’s strength under Kiritsugu is B. Berserker’s under Mad Enhancement is A. So no, not equal.
    And it doesn’t really mean anything that his weapon is “weaker” – it’s not like either of those was activated. Berserker’s wasn’t even activateable. The D rank is just a status effect. That status effect, however, means that the weapon can hurt Servants (fact: even the weakest Servant won’t be affected by a nuclear blast, unless it’s a magic nuke) and that it will not be damaged by Saber’s Prana Burst, which destroys normal weapons in a single blow.

  9. Farray says:

    Hm, looked it up again. Okay, she had strength A with Rin as her Master. >.> Also, there seemed to be a misunderstanding about Berserker’s NP. I actually meant it the way you described it.

    And there is sth I actually need to know. On Zero Berserker’s status page, his parameters do not look like FSN Berserker’s paramaters(you can see the mad enhancement on FSN Berserker’s status page). (SPOILER)Did Zero Berserker already get the boost or will he only get it after using “it”?

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the information.

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