Fate/Zero – 03

Fate/Zero – 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/Zero - 03Archer, aka: Gilgamesh, shows up after having defeated his opponent from Kirei, Assassin. As a former, powerful king, he’s not amused at this petty action on the part of Tokiomi but decides to go along with it for now.  As he waits for the next action, Archer is going to see if there’s anything worth having in the modern world, promising Tokiomi unpleasantness should he find nothing. Tokiomi shakes his head at the troublesome Gilgamesh having been summoned as an Archer-class, but figures to leave everything in Kirei’s hands.

Fate/Zero - 03Elsewhere, Waver is excited to know that Assassin has been taken down but he’s frustrated that Rider spends his days eating and watching military videos. Rider is very impressed with modern military machinery and wants ten B-2 bombers for himself. Rider finally asks whom it was that took down Assassin, but Waver, who apparently saw the fight, didn’t know much beyond the Servant wore gold armor. During the conversation, Rider explains the Hero power called Noble Phantasm. Waver says the Servant summoned multiple swords, but Rider still doesn’t know the identity of the Servant and decides not to worry about it and decides he and Waver should go party since others will know of Assassin’s defeat.

Fate/Zero - 03Kirei comes to the church and officially asks for sanctuary as an officially defeated Master. His father, as official war judge, grants the request. However, once inside, the truth is revealed that Kirei has multiple Assassin-type Servants and the death of one was a ruse. However, while most of the Masters saw Assassin defeated by Archer, one was not present. Kirei is troubled by this, though one of the Assassins states that the Master in question not being there shouldn’t be a problem.  With that, Kirei’s priest-father, Risei, announces that the 4th Holy Grail War has now started and hopes this time, he will see a miracle.

Fate/Zero - 03Iri arrives by jet in Japan with Saber, dressed in a man’s suit. Iri is excited to see Emiya’s homeland, but Saber has not been impressed by the experience, since she already knows of the modern world and could have even flown the jet they were in. As the limo takes them to their destination to meet Emiya, Iri reveals that she’d like to see the sights before the war gets underway. Saber advises against this due to the danger. However, when Iri reveals that she is just a puppet, created for the Holy Grail War and that this is her first time away from the castle, Saber orders the car to stop and decides that she will escort Iri to their destination on foot and share the experience.

Fate/Zero - 03At a hotel in Fuyuki City, Emiya inspects the weapons delivered and gets a briefing on the death of Assassin from his assistant, Maiya. Learning that Assassin’s Master was Kirei and that Kirei has sanctuary at the church, he orders Maiya to begin surveillance as best she can without attracting the notice of the priests. Maiya has his special weapon and as Emiya worries about Ilya, Maiya kisses him and tells him to focus on what’s important. Meanwhile, Saber and Iri end up by the sea that evening and briefly discuss Saber’s past regarding the ocean as Ilya wades in the water. Iri finds Saber to have been the perfect companion, though Saber wonders if Emiya wouldn’t have been a better person for Iri to spend time with.

Fate/Zero - 03Both Iri and Saber detect the presence of an enemy Servant, who seems to be inviting them to come over for battle. Iri and Saber decide to honor this unspoken request. Elsewhere, Rider has Waver on top of a highway, arch bridge and Rider senses a battle about to begin.  Meanwhile, Saber and Iri arrive at a cargo container storage area where they meet Lancer, who praises them on being the only ones to respond to his invitation. Saber transforms into her battle gear and Iri informs her that she can provide healing magic but that’s it. Saber is concerned about Lancer’s missing Master and thinks they may have planned something, thus she requests Iri watch her back, which Iri agrees to.


Well, it didn’t take long to have my question about Kirei and his servant Assassin answered. I knew sacrificing Assassin was part of some bigger scheme, but I didn’t think that he’d have multiple Assassin Servants. ^_^; That does give him a rather nasty and unfair advantage since most think Assassin is dead.

Fate/Zero - 03

Emiya is the only one who seems to suspect there’s more to it, but even he doesn’t seem to be aware of there being multiple Assassins. I’m guessing that he figures Kirei, Risei, and Tohsaka are up to something.

Fate/Zero - 03

Speaking of Emiya, I was surprised that he had a female assistant and one who clearly thinks highly of him and is seemingly attracted to him. Considering Emiya’s non-response to the kiss, the two may or may not be having some kind of affair. I’ll guess we’ll find out.

Fate/Zero - 03

Emiya using Iri to fool others into thinking she is Saber’s Master doesn’t surprise me. As an assassin himself, deception is needed to allow him to do his work.  Based on what Iri said to Saber, I’m sure Iri knows her role (puppet) but her love for Emiya is such that she doesn’t care.

Fate/Zero - 03

I like how Saber and Iri are becoming friends though.  I’m not sure Emiya expected that, but their friendship would seemingly help overcome other limitations by Iri not being Saber’s Master.

Fate/Zero - 03

Rider, despite his bluster, does seem to care a bit about Waver.  I found that to be interesting.

Fate/Zero - 03

Lancer seems much more honorable this time around. I’m trying to think of all the Masters and I think that would be Kayneth (after all the talk about the OP/ED, I did glance there and see this is true). I look forward to seeing how Saber’s fight with Lancer goes.

Fate/Zero - 03

So, another good and interesting episode here.  Can’t wait to see more. ^_^

Fate/Zero - 03
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4 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 03”

  1. Aumanor says:

    I’ll not go into the details to not spoil the plot of Fate/Stay Night’s other routes, but Fate/Lancer isn’t all that bad, and he isn’t too content about what he has to do under the orders of his master. I think even the anime shows the moment that he’s had enough, although not much comes out of it. Really, play the VN, or at least read Seorin’s LP of it(linked to in the comments some time ago), see for yourself.
    PS. In either case, it would be nice if you posted your impressions as you go.

  2. Lan says:

    this anime is alright. 3 episodes in and i have not many bad things to say about it.

  3. QUICKVENOM says:

    Is this a prequel or sequel to Fate/Stay Night?.

  4. Lan says:

    prequel. set 10 years before

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