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Fate/Zero Iri, Ilya, Saber Valentine

A late “Happy Valentine’s Day” (and some housekeeping)

A late “Happy Valentine’s Day” (and some housekeeping) Hi folks! Happy Valentines Day for those of you with sweeties. Although I’m not in that crowd, I do appreciate things for those who are. 🙂 As a result, here’s a lovely image from Fate/Zero, showing Iri, Ilya, and Saber, all looking very lovely. It made me

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Yuru/Zero — Fate/Zero’s Saber Does Yuru Yuri

From time to time, I find things that really capture my attention.  Such was the case recently when this Fate/Zero (and Fate/stay night) image was made known to me. The artist for this image is 泡泡君, and in addition to making Saber ultra cute, what he did to Archer/Gilgamesh is just plain wrong and funny

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Fate/Zero (Anime) — Final Thoughts

フェイト/ゼロ Fate/Zero anime Having become a fan of the Fate/* franchise after watching Fate/stay night, I was pleased to hear that a prequel anime series would be based off of the 4-volume light novel series of the same name, entitled Fate/Zero.  Although my viewing was based off of the TV version, which is edited for

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Fate/Zero - 25

Fate/Zero – 25 (finale)

フェイト/ゼロ Episode 25 (final) Fate/Zero – 25 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Kiritsugu orders Saber to destroy the Grail, and she’s unable to resist the final Command Spell, thus she attacks it. However, the Grail is not destroyed and a dark sphere pours out a black muddy liquid that burns everything, causing a massive fire in Fuyuki City.

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Fate/Zero - 24

Fate/Zero – 24

フェイト/ゼロ Episode 24 Fate/Zero – 24 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Iri’s body turns into the Grail as Saber fights a desperate battle with Berserker and manages to win, spelling the death of Kariya. Elsewhere, Kiritsugu faces Kirei, who manages to not be stopped by Kiritsugu’s Origin Bullet. Further, as Kiritsugu speeds himself up, Kirei does the same,

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Fate/Zero - 23

Fate/Zero – 23

フェイト/ゼロ Episode 23 Fate/Zero – 23 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Rider and Waver are met on a bridge by Archer. Rider and Archer share a final drink together, where Rider proposes an alliance that would conquer the universe. Archer is amused and respectfully rejects the alliance proposal. Rider returns to Waver, where they mount Rider’s steed and

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Fate/Zero - 22

Fate/Zero – 22

フェイト/ゼロ Episode 22 Fate/Zero – 22 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Waver returns to the home of the elderly couple he’s enthralled, only to find the old man on the roof wanting to speak to him up there. Rider encourages Waver to go up, so he does, where he discovers the old man has discovered the truth that

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Fate/Zero - 21

Fate/Zero – 21

フェイト/ゼロ Episode 21 Fate/Zero – 21 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Saber on a motorcycle chases what she thinks is Rider, but loses sight of him in the city streets. Using her scenes, she finds the real Rider with Waver and gives chase. Rider decides to land his chariot on the mountain highway and make it a race.

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