Urusei Yatsura – 182

うる星やつら episode 182 (TV anime)
Urusei Yatsura Ep. 182 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Urusei Yatsura - 182Sakura is waiting for Tsubame, who’s over two-hours late for their date and she’s not happy about it. Tsubame, knowing he’s late, races to a mansion to perform an exorcism.  He yells at the evil spirit, sending it from the rich woman’s daughter, then as he leaves, he gives the woman a detailed explanation of waves and how her daughter became possessed. After getting his pay, he races to where Sakura is to be waiting, but he’s now five-hours late and she’s not there. Using a payphone, Tsubame explains to Sakura and arranges another date, though she’s still unhappy with him. However, the fact that the two of them keep missing each other causes them to spend a depressed, sleepless night apart, wondering what to do about the situation.

Urusei Yatsura - 182At school, Sakura tells Ataru and Lum her troubles and learns that Ataru and the boys have been cursing her to keep her apart from Tsubame. Lum punishes them for this while Cherry pops in for a visit, explaining that their problems might be the result of their waves conflicting. He suggests a vigorous exercise routine at the tennis court and even has picked up the perfect tennis dress for her to wear.  Her initial attempts to attack him fail, but not her second one.  However, after giving Cherry’s advice some thought, Sakura decides a workout might be what the doctor ordered.  Meanwhile, Lum decides to make her own soap by following the instructions on a video, but unfortunately, she doesn’t take the process seriously, even though she does produce a bar of soap.

Urusei Yatsura - 182On the tennis courts, Lum and Ataru partner up while Cherry and Sakura partner up. It doesn’t take long for Ataru’s lechery to make him become the ball.  Afterward, Sakura and Lum are in the shower room when Lum’s new soap slips out of her hands into Sakura’s stall. Sakura hands a soap back, but it wasn’t Lum’s. As a result, Sakura becomes very slippery, so much so that when Ataru later tries to hug her, she ends up flying off, landing right near a waiting Tsubame. However, she’s so slippery that Tsubame thinks she’s being cold to him, his thoughts aided by Ataru.  He’s depressed, but Lum has a solution, whereby she glues the two together. Tsubame is happy, but Sakura isn’t thrilled at this kind of bonding with her boyfriend.


Meh.  This episode was rather stupid, and seemed to be the mashing of two separate stories into a single entity. It also made me wonder how Sakura is attracted to Tsubame.

Urusei Yatsura - 182

There was too much Cherry for starters, to say nothing of the slow pacing in the episode. A little Cherry goes a LOT further than one might expect. *_*

Urusei Yatsura - 182

Still, there was the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man making a cameo here. That was cool.  ^_^

Urusei Yatsura - 182

Thirteen more episodes and I’ll be finished with the TV series. ^_^

Urusei Yatsura - 182
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4 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura – 182”

  1. junior says:

    “It also made me wonder how Sakura is attracted to Tsubame.”

    Their relationship is just one of the basic elements of the story, as is the running gag that focuses on how none of their dates go right. The problems in this episode are just another element of the running gag. Having Sakura react rationally to Tsubame’s issues would spoil that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading your reviews on this show, and I think they’re great! I’ve been wondering if this show was any good after watching the second movie (I know, random place to start. LOL), and I was looking for episode reviews on the earlier episodes (before your break), and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Did you write reviews for the earlier episodes, or did they get deleted? Thanks! 🙂

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I watched the earlier reviews prior to starting the blog. That goes to show how long I’ve been slowly going through this series. ^_^;

      What I’ll say about the early episodes is that for the most part, I didn’t like them. Each episode is split into two, half episodes. Ataru is really annoying back then, and I recall often wondering how this series managed to become so popular. Here’s what I wrote about the early episodes.

      The first 21 episodes are mostly composed of 2 separate stories. Most of the time, what happens in one has no impact on the second story. On the times there is an impact, it is mostly due to a new character being introduced and the 2nd story being about them as well. There was one good moment where Ataru and Lum spend a Christmas eve together and one really good laugh involving a beef bowl. That’s the highlight of the first 21 episodes. The main problem is that all of the characters (save Lum-chan to a degree) are unlikable and have no redeeming features.

      At episode 22, things start to change though. Thankfully, it has been for the better! The characters become deeper. Ataru is still a lech, but he is shown to be a good person at heart who cares deeply for Lum-chan.

      Hope that helps. I’m not sure that I’d go back and try to single-episode blog the early episodes, though there’ve been a few people who’ve liked them here.

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