K-On’s Mio-chan is a Manchester United Football (Soccer) Fan?

It is a busy day for your’s truly, so I’m doing a cheap post, courtesy of British anime fan “Emily-hime,” who sent me this image of AKIYAMA Mio from K-On, showing whom her favorite British football (that’s soccer to us in the good old USA) team.  Being a fan of many British shows and comedies, like The IT Crowd, Lovejoy, and many more, the name “Manchester United” has come up a few times when soccer appears as part of whatever episode I’m watching.

K-On's Mio-chan is a Manchester United Football (Soccer) Fan

This piece was done by xZDisturbedZx, where you can see a lot of his other art (a NSFW warning, since he does a lot of fanservice art).

While we are on the subject, those of you who’ve read the K-On manga, is it worth reading?

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9 Responses to “K-On’s Mio-chan is a Manchester United Football (Soccer) Fan?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mio is much better than to be a soccer fan. Awww…

    K-On manga is a bit chaotic and a typical 4-koma, IMHO the anime was better than it, but some piece of it was great. Not too much…

  2. JGZinv says:

    The anime S1 was good cause they had purpose, it’s very much slice of life. S2 started ok and had some a couple of little peaks, but mostly rehashed too much and they lost what was the purpose. The ending is intentionally sad. I’m not sure heartwarming is the right word, but you want a solution to come out of nowhere and it doesn’t. It’s slice of life, and sometimes life moves on. The music on the CDs was much better. It was a huge, massive, disappointment they didn’t use tracks from the CDs in S2, and rehashed so much. The movie was supposed to be about the characters going to America I think. Is it worth watching, yes. It just lost itself in S2 unfortunately.

    *JGZ inadvertently reveals he’s a Mio fan*

  3. robert says:

    wow! i would like to see and action figure of Mio in football uniform! hope i can find some in the site of PIJ, an auction site direct from Japan. love it! love it and your wonderful blog. <3

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, the above artwork is from a British fan. Any figures would have to get a license from whatever British entity that does them for their version of football.

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing.

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