Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – 03

這いよれ!ニャル子さん/Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nyarlko is amorously teasing Mahiro at the breakfast table about having a fetish for an older sister, or a younger sister, or both, and starts addressing him as “oniisama,” much to his annoyance. Mahiro’s breakfast is eaten by a miniature Shanta-kun, who acts like a kitten and is cute, enough so that Mahiro pets it. Nyarlko wants petting too, but that’s not happening. At school, the rumor of a new transfer student has both Nyarlko and Mahiro uneasy, and sure enough, YASAKA Cthugha arrives, saying they can address her as “Cthuko” (Kuuko), and stating that Nyarlko is her wife.  This causes much excitement, and books to be thrown by Nyarlko and Mahiro.

In the hall, Cthuko is hitting on Nyarlko, but explains that she now works for the same organization as Nyarlko and has been assigned to Mahiro’s home. Nyarlko is not happy about her and Mahiro’s home being invaded, but Mahiro isn’t happy with his home being claimed by Nyarlko. When Cthuko offers to take Nyarlko away after their current mission, Mahiro gratefully sides with her.  Meanwhile, an adult, male deity with a grudge against Nyarlko is on Earth and mistaken as an underwear thief. As he flees, he arrives at the school, where Nyarlko and Cthuko are in swimming class. Because Nyarlko is attempting to fend off Cthuko, her attack accidentally hits the guy, sending him flying well away from the place.

At lunch on the roof of the school, Nyarlko reveals her bento for her “darling,” which contains a lot of egg dishes. While Mahiro acknowledges they look good, he’s suspicious. Nyarlko lets out that Shanta-kun laid the eggs, and on cue, he arrives to lay another, though Mahiro spares it of that. Cthuko shows up with a special cake from DK-do, which Nyarlko wants so badly, she agrees to feed Cthuko. It is then that the male alien erects a barrier and causes a hoard of Nightgaunts and ghouls to attack. Shanta-kun attacks, but it sent back into Mahiro’s skull. Nyarlko gets angry, so she and Cthuko make quick work of the hoard.

In the nurse’s station, Nyarlko is displeased that she allowed Mahiro to get hurt, and decides to offer herself to him. However, it is Cthuko in the bed, much to the displeasure of Nyarlko. Outside the school, the guy shows up, and reveals himself to be Nyarlko’s older brother, as he waits for Nyarlko to leave. Nyarlko, Cthuko, and Mahiro head for the school gate, when Nyarlko turns Shanta-kun into Shanta-car, a sporty motorcycle. With Mahiro riding in the back, they leave Cthuko in the dust, where Nyarlko runs into her brother and sends him sailing. She denies knowing the guy, and that night at home, she and Cthuko are assigned a new task that keeps them at Mahiro’s home, to his chagrin. He gets a call from his mom, who’s returning home from her honeymoon and is 40-seconds away.


I love it when translators with “no Japanese honorifics” policies (whether personal or imposed on them) are FORCED to address Japanese honorifics and come up with craptacular substitutions (’cause they’d otherwise do the non-lazy thing of IGNORING the honorific usage).  But I digress… ^_^;

On a similar subject, while I used “Kuuko” in the earlier Haiyore! series, I am going to opt for “Cthuko” this time. Shanta-kun is probably more like ‘Shatakkun,’ but I’m opting for the former since it gets the cutie nickname/honorific aspect in.

The name parody references for when Nyarlko or her brother were attacked continued. I checked some and they were horror/monster/demon references. I suppose I should spell them out, but I’m kind of pressed for time.

I rather enjoyed the nods to Fullmetal Alchemist and the Law of Equivalent Exchange, as well as the nod to Goemon using the sword from the Lupin III franchise, with Nyarlko quoting, “Once again, I have cut a worthless object.”

The funniest moments in the episode mostly come from Shanta-kun.  I laughed out loud when Nyarlko revealed the eggs she used to cook with came from the dragon-like critter, then he/she shows up to lay another. I laughed at the transformation of Shanta-kun to Shanta-car. (As an aside, part of that joke is flushed because the translation is using the proper name “Shantak” rather than the nickname “Shanta-kun,” ’cause, well, honorifics are EVIL! But I digress… ^_^;;)

The ecchi humor aspects don’t do it for me, though I admit to chuckling a few times in spite of myself. I blame knowing too much about things, including cliched phrases from hentai doujinshi, manga, anime, and visual novels, such as “It’s a safe day.” ^_^;;; Every time Cthuko suggested making babies with Nyarlko, I expected Nyarlko to retort that two girls can’t make a baby.  Then I remembered the rules for hentai and futanari. ^_^;;;;

I did laugh out loud at the moment when Nyarlko loudly made it sound like Mahiro was sexually “attacking” her while he was on the phone with his mother.  With Mahiro’s mom returning from her trip, I can only imagine what kind of excuses Mahiro, Nyarlko and Cthuko come up with for the two girl’s presence. ^_^

While not laugh out loud funny, I am amused at how Nyarlko is blind to the fact that her actions toward Mahiro, which he dislikes, are the same as Cthuko’s actions toward Nyarlko, which she dislikes. Oh, irony. ^_~

Still, it was really funny when Nyarlko sacrificed her pride and food in order to get that cake from Cthuko. ^_^

In the end, the episode was a might too ecchi for my tastes, but very funny at times and overall, pretty darned enjoyable.

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4 Responses to “Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – 03”

  1. arimareiji says:

    In the end, the episode was a might too ecchi for my tastes, but very funny at times and overall, pretty darned enjoyable.

    This. Glad to see them get a good solid ground-rule double after last week’s strikeout. (^_^)

    Minor props to the “hee-hee-hoo” moment with Cthuko as Shantak-kun’s birthing coach.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even though Mahiro threatens Nyarlko with a fork, she still tries to get close to him.

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