Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 358

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 358

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ruka, Chiharu, and Hayate arrive at Hakuou Academy where Hayate gives Ruka a choice for the four hours they have left — a kind lesson, which probably won’t work, or a harsh lesson, which will allow her to master what she needs and then some. Since Hayate is a professional at the bicycle, Ruka chooses the harsh route. Her first lesson is to not address Hayate as “Hayate-kun,” but as “Coach,” and he squirts her with a water gun. Since Hayate is taking this so seriously, Chiharu decides to leave them be, feeling it is safe for them to be alone together.

Her next lesson is to have her hands tied to the handlebar where she can ride down a steep, brick-paved, wide path. Hayate’s reasoning is that people can do anything when faced with death. Coach Hayate pushed her down the hill, and as she speeds down, she hits a pebble and thinks she’s going to die. However, Hayate is behind her and stops the bike from the back. He explains that getting her to overcome her fear is key here, and won’t take “no” when he tells her that they are going to do this again.

Later, an exhausted Ruka has completed training.  She accuses him of enjoying tormenting her, and squirts him with a water gun. Chiharu arrives and decides that Ruka does have a thing for Hayate.

Back at the apartment, Nagi asks if Ruka learned to ride a bike, which Hayate confirms. Nagi decides she needs to ride a bike.  As such, Hayate asks if Nagi wants the kind lesson or the harsh one, so the unamused Nagi requests the kind lesson.


This was a mildly amusing story with Hayate being somewhat sadistic in getting Ruka to learn how to ride a bike. Hayate’s training was pretty harsh. ^_^;

I did get a chuckle out of Chiharu’s concern over the possibility of Ruka liking Hayate. Considering this series is a harem, romantic-comedy manga, that’s a valid concern. ^_~

Beyond that, not a lot to say as the chapter is what it is, as is its predecessor chapter — Ruka can’t ride a bike and Hayate uses harsh but humorous methods to train her.  Onto the next chapter. ^_^

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