Some Negima! News and a Bit About Volume 38

Hey gang.  Negima! fan Hata pinged me to let me know some news he’d uncovered regarding Negima!  Without further ado, here’s Hata.


in the last? big Negima dojin meet, “The 10th day of Library Island Closure” at Kawasaki. one of the dojin put up by well known Negima blog catmania will have 10 Q&A with Akamatsu, questions including what is Negima trying to convey to the readers, what now is there for Negima, what is the theme of Negima, and who is the final partner of Negi?

while Ken give his permissions for this email exchanges to be published, the fanzine will hit the Negima event May 20th. Ken’s assistant Max also contributes.

now remember, while Ken replied to the questions, that doesn’t mean he will actually gives a real answer to the million dollar question is my guess, in any case, this will be the first Q&A we got from Ken since the end of Negima, it is going to be interesting.

38 is out.
— before anyone ask, total 102 “people” on the cover
— while Arika is not in the cover, she is at the back cover.
— in author’s words, picture as detective Yue, Ken says:
— with anime ending B Ken just felt it was time to TEMPORARY end it.
— Temporary means Negima might be revived sometime in the future.
— what Chao shown are just one of the many PARALLEL UNIVERSE ENDING,
— there are many puzzles in the story, to fully explain it might take 100+books.
— it will be good if you can read future Negima story IN YOUR HAND, it would certainly answer any of your questions.

my thoughts:
1. (future Negima series) told you so.
2. (not fixed ending pairing) told you so.
3. (possibility of future Negima going E-publish) told you so.

#2 certainly is my guess for Ken’s answer in the 05/20 announcement,

Hmmm. I’ll keep an eye open for this Q&A and any translations that may be forthcoming from it.

To add my own 2¢, I agree with Hata’s conclusions.  I had felt like there could be a sequel to Negima! (Akamatsu-sensei had recently teased about the possibility of a sequel to one of his titles.)  I also had mentioned my belief that such a sequel would probably be a J-Comi thing with a probable book deal on the side.

The stuff about the Negi pairing is just another way to for a harem author to dodge the “whom does so-and-so choose” question. ^_~  The only time harem authors choose are situations like Love Hina or Ai Yori Aoshi, where the hero and chosen girl are basically established early on.  Even harem master Kajishima-sensei left things muddy even though all signs from him point to Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki) choosing them all in the canon. ^_~

Thanks Hata for the 4-1-1. ^_^

Mahou Sensei Negima
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18 Responses to “Some Negima! News and a Bit About Volume 38”

  1. Ultimaniac says:

    The whole parallel universe thing was MADE for this harem. I hate what it did to the serious aspects of the plot. But the thought that each one of the girls got their “Negi-love” somewhere is kinda comforting(until you realize that for every happy girl is a handful of broken hearts *_*)

    So sensei needed a break or had to deal with some rights issues according to your last neginews post. I don’t mind that. I don’t care if it’s one year or five, he better continue someday >_<

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not sure it was expressly made for this harem, as it helps Akamatsu-sensei avoid paradox issues that would otherwise be present.

      That said, he is using it so that Negi can end up with all the girls in one way or other.

      >I don’t care if it’s one year or five, he better continue someday >_< I agree. ^_^;

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ken say it’ll take 100 books to fill in the unanswered questions. I thought he meant 100 chapters.

  3. mr.Poneis says:

    These sure are very interesting news! Something on the level of the Shaman King Renewal would be really pleasant! About the harem thing, Amagami -esque chapters seems ok to me…

    see ya mr.poneis

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not versed in Amagami, so I don’t know anything there. Actually, I’m not versed on Shaman King Renewal either. ^_^;;;;; Too much stuff, not enough time. *_*

    • Ultimaniac says:

      Just for your info, Amagami SS was an anime adaptation of a galge that played in in a parallel universe sort of way. The series was split into ‘chunks’ of episodes that would show the main character romancing different girls. Like “what if ‘this’ girl were to fall for him” sort of thing.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ah. Kinda like what Clannad did with some OVA’s (or whatever they were) to accommodate another couple of the girls light the original visual novel would have done.

    • mr.Poneis says:

      That´s right, something like an Asuna’s route arc or a Nodoka’s route arc or Sakurako´s route arc and etc…

      Now that I think about it, I would love to see it with Love Hina… (In this day and age I-m still feeling bad for Aoyama-san)

      And there’s Shaman King… that was cancelled and brought back as Shaman King Kang-zeng-Bang or (something like that)… it´s a pretty story with a great thought for retcons and great upgrade in the art style… just another recommendation

      But, that´s aside, if Negima returns… it will be through a new publisher or Akamatsu will go independent? I´m oddly rooting for read Negima in the pages of Shonen Jump…

      see ya

  4. ghostbeetle says:

    Well, sure, parallel worlds would be one way (or, actually, millions of ways) to accommodate the shipping issues in Negima. But I can’t help remembering ero-ermine-kun’s fabrications from way back about how Nagi was called the thousand-master because he had pactios with a thousand girls;) And even though that turned out to be – slightly – wrong it certainly might be said to have influenced Negi’s thinking in how to proceed in following his father’s footsteps and becoming an exemplary magister magi;)

    I can only say I am very relieved to hear there really is life in Negima yet, although I was praying for it all along.
    I’ll leave everybody with those happy thoughts.^_^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Actually, if I recall correctly, that was something added by Peter David and not part of the actual story. I’ll have to double check though. Volume 3 is where that came up, IIRC.

    • ghostbeetle says:

      Rly? Well, then I guess that is just one more example of how translations (especially multiple translations of the same text) can add value and create frustration for readers at the same time. A translation can be better or worse but with at least 3 different translations of Negima I’ve read over the years (fan-made scanlations, 2 different ‘official’ publication versions) I will never find the ‘perfect’ version that contains all the translation work and story moments I have come to enjoy over the years, since they are often mutually exclusive moments from different versions. Yet of course I remember those moments, remember taking joy from them and now have to deal with some frustration when the’re not there in the version in front of me which may still offer strengths of its own.
      Ah well, this is the lot of a manga fan. We receive happiness and sadness in equal measure from our passion. That makes us the special breed we are, I guess.;)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well crap. I’m not sure where that came up. I thought it was volume 3, but it may have been when Setsuna scored a pactio or something. *sigh* I wanted to verify if the whole “1000 girls” thing was accurate or not. Nagi did have several pactiones though.

  5. arimareiji says:

    Just saw Crunchyroll’s translation of the note in question: (

    “Everyone, thank you for your long-lasting patronage. “Mahou Sensei Negima!” which has continued for 9 years, will come to a temporary stop at volume 38. By “temporary”, I mean the series will be revived sooner or later. To put it like Chao, the conclusion shown in this volume is merely one of several parallel worlds. “Negima!” still has far more undiscovered mysteries that would easily surpass 100 volumes in length (lol). However, given that the multimedia franchise has met a thorough completion and that I was able to see the “B Version Ending” in the movie, I decided to depict a conclusion for the original story as well. If, in the future, you happen to see a new episode of “Negima!”, I would be ever grateful if you could take it into your hands. One of your remaining questions may just melt away.”

  6. DeltaResilience says:

    Read the post on animesuki a good while ago. Though crunchyroll news post was helpful (kudos arimareiji)

    ” “Negima!” still has far more undiscovered mysteries that would easily surpass 100 volumes in length (lol)”

    Yes yes and YES! This goes without saying! While the ‘possibility’ of Negima coming back to business is always awesome, the problems are:

    – A possibility, it may or may not happen
    – When, oh god, when

    I sort of feel like I wished the ending of Negima was a kin to the ending of something like To Love Ru. If anyones read it, you know the ending may have been abrupt, but after around a year+, we get To Love Ru Darkness, which has a lot more risque scenes (xD) but the story, as well as the To Love Ru universe is expanded (Such as Alien race and character history)

    This is something I truly hope for, when the Negima ‘sequel’ story comes. It feels a bit cheap to consider the 355 ending as a ‘possible parallel’ ending, but it sure beats having just sidequest stories (At least for me).

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