Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – 12 (finale)

這いよれ!ニャル子さん/Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 12
Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – 12

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12Mahiro discovers that everyone, including Ghutatan, are gone. He spends the day at home, but TV is nothing but repeats. As such, he heads into town, only to discover there’s no one else there. He tries calling his friends and mom, but no one answers. He heads to school and the places he hung out with Nyarlko and company, but all are empty. He visits all the places he’d visited with Nyarlko and company, but still no luck. Back in town, he is attacked by a Nightgaunt at the same place where he first met Nyarlko. She doesn’t come to rescue him, but he remembers the black gem she gave him, from which Nyarlko’s mirror emerges, and Mahiro is able to use it to defeat the Nightgaunt.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12A tearful Ghutatan shows up and apologizes to Mahiro, as an annoyed Roy reveals his true form because Mahiro is ruining his plans to obtain various Japanese porn games. Nyarlko emerges, having tracked Mahiro through the mirror, and reveals that Mahiro is actually encased in crystal. She helps him break out, where they find the others waiting. A battle breaks out, with Yoriko arriving on the enlarged Shanta-kun and Luhy showing up to help as well. Roy has the advantage and captures Nyarlko, so Mahiro tosses Nyarlko her crowbar weapon. She gets free and uses a special sword to defeat Roy. All of the girls and Hastur want to marry Mahiro, and later, Ghutatan joins Mahiro’s class at school.


And so, one of my now favorite comedy series comes to an end.  As I had suspected, there was a melodramatic aspect to the ending of the series, though not quite the way I had thought (Nyarlko having to leave).  The results were pretty much the same though with Mahiro realizing he likes having Nyarlko and the others around.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

I got a good chuckle out of Roy stating his love of ero games, especially those by Key.  I’ve seen a might too many of those (pornographic) visual novels adapted into an anime, which oddly enough, don’t need the porn aspects. But I digress…

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

Nyarlko’s puppet gave me a laugh too. Not sure if that’s supposed to parody something or not.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

Another laugh for me was the girls and Hastur hitting on Mahiro at the end, especially since Cthuko has decided that she could become Mahiro’s co-wife with Nyarlko, thus being Nyarlko’s indirect wife.  Wrong but funny.  Even Ghutatan got in on the action.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

I liked how Mahiro went ahead and allowed Nyarlko to feed him some sashimi, with the humor coming from the somewhat horrified looks on Cthuko, Hastur, and Ghutatan’s face.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

Of course, he’s not ready for the kissing in public yet, not that the others would allow it. *lol*

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12

I’ll write some final thoughts about the series a little later, but hopefully, as the card from Ghutatan implied, we’ll get another series down the road.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san - 12
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6 Responses to “Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – 12 (finale)”

  1. burnpsy says:

    “I liked how Mahiro went ahead and allowed Mahiro to feed him some sashimi”


  2. feal87 says:

    Well, I liked how Mahiro sort of managed to get an Harem at the end.
    Hey, even Kuko decided to give in! 😀

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