Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Catch Up Project — Volume 29

Hayate no Gotoku Volume 29 (Tankoubon)
ハヤテのごとく! 29

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Hayate_29-JapaneseHayate and Ah-tan encountering a large, lost dog which turns out to be Fumi-chan’s. Saki goes looking for a job since Wataru’s business isn’t doing well. Izumi loses some printouts and has to stay behind to clean as punishment, where she finds a camera and records embarrassing images of herself. Sakuya discovers Chiharu lives at Nagi’s apartment-house, then learns that Nagi no longer depends on her, causing Isumi to take advantage of the situation. Nagi gets ideas for her doujinshi manga, and ends up causing Hayate to wear Ayumu’s clothing. Nagi forces Hayate to continue wearing female clothing as Chiharu arranges for Ruka to come by to meet Nagi in person. Ruka finds Hayate there alone and they end up going to karaoke, where he’s discovered by Maria, who wonders why he’s crossdressing with another girl in public.

Back home, Hayate is going to change when Ruka arrives, forcing Hayate to stay in drag even longer, where he’s now observed by Ah-tan and Hina as well as Maria. Nagi and Ruka finally meet. Hina realizes Hayate has gotten himself into another issue obtains one of Ruka’s DVD concerts from Chiharu and gets into the music. Finally, Sakuya lends ¥100-million in cash to Wataru, who now has to get this cash safely to the bank. Unfortunately, the case containing the cash is stolen by Fumi-chan’s dog.

There are no major plot advancements in this volume.  Ruka meeting Nagi is that subplot advanced, and Wataru getting cash from Sakuya is that subplot advanced. Beyond that, there was nothing of substance although Nagi plans her doujinshi.

Still, this volume was amusing.  I felt bad for Hayate constantly being forced to be in drag.  It is occasionally amusing to have him in drag, but I felt this went on a bit too long. I was right with Hayate when he finally got to put the butler’s uniform on again, as he thought about how long it had been since he’d last worn it.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten to the point to where Ruka discovers Hayate is a guy, so there’s that to look forward to.

I loved Isumi getting some revenge on Sakuya by making her dress up in a bird mascot costume as a way of becoming interesting. *lol* Well, that pays Sakuya back for the time when Sakuya made Isumi dress in Western clothing as a way to catch the interest of a kitten.

Finally, I can only imagine what kinds of fun are in store for Wataru, Saki, and Hayate as they try to get his money back. It would suck if suddenly Wataru had nothing to show for the money he was lent but his debt to Sakuya. I wouldn’t like that as a plot development, though as I think about it, I recall Ayumu doing work for Wataru recently, so all will turn out fine.

Onto the next volume. ^_^

Update: I scored a rather nice image of the LE version of volume 29’s cover.
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