Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 388

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 388
Hayate the Combat Butler chatper 388

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 388Hina catches the flu and thus returns to Yukari-chan House early. With her adoptive parents overseas and Yukiji apparently not around, Hina finds herself alone and worried since she feels so bad and she’s alone.  She recalls a similar incident when she was a child, prior to being abandoned by her real parents, being sick, lonely, and scared. She silently calls for help, and Hayate appears. Discovering Hina is ill, Hayate immediately begins tending to her, getting her water and putting a cooling pad on her forehead.

Hayate leaves to get the chilled Hina a blanket, despite the summer heat, leaving Hina feeling relieved about her situation until she sees her pajama bottoms on the floor outside of her reach. Realizing her predicament, the ailing Hina knows that once Hayate changes out her summer blanket for the winter one, he’ll see her panties. However, her weakened condition combined with Hayate’s speed means she has no chance of getting her pajama bottoms and putting them on. Hina frets about the embarrassment about being seen in her panties, combined with losing her dignity, but since she’s sick, she gives up.

Hayate takes the blanket but immediately puts it back when he realizes Hina’s state of dress. Discovering her pajama bottoms nearby, Hayate puts them on Hina, making sure to keep the blanket in a position where he won’t be able to see Hina’s panties. For Hina, the incident is so embarrassing, she cannot speak.


This was pretty much a filler chapter, which is not unexpected considering that the winter holiday season is hitting in Japan.  I figure things will continue with both Wataru’s story and Ruka’s story after the New Year’s break is over.

I suppose living alone for almost all of my adult life, I really can’t relate to having the flu (or a bad cold) where I’m too weak to do squat. Granted, this may happen when I become a senior citizen, but for now, short of having some dread disease, I can’t relate. No matter how weak or tired I am, if I need water, I got to get my arse up and get it (though I’d have my Gigantor insulated mug with ice water next to the bed so I didn’t have to get up much). Hina, being a gifted athlete, doesn’t seem the type to just become so weak from the flu that she can’t get herself a glass of water, or put on her pajama bottoms.  But hey, what do I know? Hata-sensei did this so he’d have this mildly amusing story about a sick Hina.

The flashback of Hina as a child is understandable for sure. It is just another tease on Hata-sensei’s part regarding Hina’s past. We’ll be lucky to get the whole story about that before the manga ends. ^_^;;;

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