Bunny Drop Manga Volume 07 Review

Usagi Drop/うさぎドロップ Manga Volume 07

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Highlights from this volume start with Reina revealing she may soon have a boyfriend, leading to a discussion of this between Rin and Kouki. Daikichi hurts his back at home, so Rin has to tend him with help from Kouki’s mother. After Daikichi is well and Rin has given a thank you gift to Nitani-san, she gets the notion to research who her mother is, aided by Kouki. When Daikichi discovers what she’s up to, he arranges for Rin to meet with the reluctant and pregnant Masako. Daikichi escorts her to the meeting at Masako’s apartment, where her assistant and the father of her child is also there. The meeting goes well and Rin is pleased to have a younger sister. After the meeting is over, Rin ponders how things might have been, deciding that she liked being with Daikichi the best.

After the drudgery of the last volume and all of its teen angst, I was glad to have a manga volume where things are a bit more normal.

I’m glad that Kouki and Rin have settled so that they are good friends. I still wish that they could be a couple, but since I’ve heard negative things about the manga’s end, I’m betting that’s not in the cards. Still, I just liked seeing the two work together in trying to score her official paperwork from her birth.

I’d forgotten about Masako, but I was glad to see her. More than that, I was very glad to see her and Rin finally meet. Since the meeting went well, I think Rin would try to visit Masako after Masako has her baby.

I can understand Rin’s feelings of loyalty to Daikichi. After all, he was the one to save her as a child and he’s been her father. I wonder if she’ll have a chat with Daikichi on why he decided to take her in.

Beyond that, I don’t find much to talk about. This volume seemed to be more about closing plot threads, which I suppose is only normal since there’s only one more volume (and whatever evils it has in store for me).

On the Yen Press side of things, the Japanese honorifics are retained, but I was a bit disappointed that Rin’s referring to herself as “oneechan” (or the like since I’ve not seen the Japanese) was removed when talking about being Masako’s child’s sibling.  There are also some translator notes, which I always welcome.

In the end, this penultimate volume of the manga series was better than the previous volume, but it still lacks the charm of the first four volumes.

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14 Responses to “Bunny Drop Manga Volume 07 Review”

  1. Lan says:

    Without me being negative, when is the final volume scheduled?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was a bit disappointed that Rin’s referring to herself as “oneechan” (or the like since I’ve not seen the Japanese) when talking about being Masako’s child’s sibling.

    Why shouldn’t she use Oneechan if she is the older sister?

  3. Alice says:

    I’ve been meaning to read this. don’t know why i’ve been putting it off for so long. but you, sir, have just inspired me. im gonna go into my nerd cave now

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you said you were disappointed with her calling herself Oneechan in the adaptation, that’s why I asked why is that a problem because it seems right to me. I don’t see why you need to get sarcastic about it as if I asked something stupid but hey, suit yourself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t misunderstand anything you wrote. The problem as I just realized is you’re missing a ‘not’ in that sentence so it’s saying the opposite of what you meant to say.

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for share. You are the awesomeness!

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Man, I have two volumes of this still to blog, to say nothing of volume 10 coming soon. ^_^;

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