Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 393

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 393

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nagi is working on her manga, as the audience is reminded that just because one is determined, it does not follow that one is skilled, though skill is related to effort. Nagi starts to realize this and wonders if she’s in trouble because of her bet with Ruka. As such, she decides to get focused and get it done.

Maria pops in with some Häagen-Dazs ice cream, but Nagi refuses to have some, citing her need to focus on her manga. Nagi tries to focus, but Maria doing the ironing starts irritating Nagi, so Maria an annoyed Maria is forced to do it elsewhere. Nagi tries to get focused again when Hina comes home and accepts some Häagen-Dazs from Maria before offering some to Nagi. Nagi goes off, so Maria escorts Hina out.

Chiharu enters, offering an ice cream bar to Nagi, causing Nagi to get angry again. Chiharu inspects Nagi’s manga as Nagi reveals what the bet is with Ruka, which is why Nagi must win at all costs. Chiharu asks if Nagi understood what level Ruka was at when she made the bet. Chiharu shows Nagi a manuscript that Ruka rejected, which far surpasses the normal crap Nagi makes.

Nagi is shaken up by this, but decides to comfort herself with the notion that it would be Hayate’s decision on whether he dated Ruka or not should Nagi lose. Further, he would still be employed as Nagi’s butler even if his debt is payed off.  Ayumu busts in, saying that Nagi won’t be able to win with that kind of thinking. Nagi asks how she’s supposed to win, so Ayumu says she has to become a monk, stunning both Nagi and Chiharu.


Well, only two one-shot chapters before Hata-sensei returns to the doujinshi plot thread. Coolio.

The chapter is humorous to me because I understand quite well the distraction factor and my own projects. I may not have folks doing laundry near me or offering me food, but it is amazing how when I’m trying to focus and do a little bit of research, I get completely distracted and lose precious time that I didn’t have. ^_^;

As to the story here, I like seeing Nagi starting to face the reality of her bet with Ruka. She’s had this unfortunate tendency to get stuck in the lame aspects of her hideous manga concept from when she was a child. So, while she appreciates good manga (and good anime), she doesn’t know why she appreciates it, or she appreciates it for the “wrong” reasons, which won’t translate to a successful manga on her part. Nagi has never been that talented at drawing manga or coming up with a good story.  Indeed, Sakuya pointed this out when they were young children, but it was Isumi that kept Nagi from quitting, for good or for ill. Since then, Nagi refuses to give up on her dopey, “mahou shoujo” concept with the lead character looking like some dude rather than a girl, and she continues to spin yarns that make no sense.

While Isumi may have kept Nagi on the path of stupidity, it is Chiharu that has the ability to steer Nagi to the path of sanity when it comes to her manga. Nagi already knows what Ruka is capable of, but she needed to be reminded that what Nagi would consider a masterpiece had she done it, Ruka considers a failure.

Still, Chiharu has been trying to steer Nagi right without much success, so enter Ayumu, who knows precious little about manga. Her unexpected entry into the mix just might be what the doctor ordered. Obviously, Ayumu is motivated by Hayate not being Ruka’s boyfriend, but her outside of the box thinking (due solely to her not being a manga fan like Nagi and Chiharu) is what I think will ultimately get Nagi on a proper path.

Regardless, it’ll be fun seeing where this goes.

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