Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 395

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 395

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate and Maria discuss Nagi’s being at the mountain cabin to work on her manga as well as Nagi’s instructions for Hayate to help Ruka. As such, Hayate is heading to the Rainbow Village and asks Maria if she’s coming with him. She’s puzzled by his request, but when he suggests that she’ll have nothing to do with Nagi not around, Maria takes offense at that. Hayate tries to make things right, but Maria sends him on his way.

Maria is still offended at the notion that she has nothing to do, but after a long while, she realizes that she’s bored and has nothing to do. That means that Nagi is the cause of all of Maria’s problems. Seeing a baseball game on the TV, Maria decides to take advantage of her shining youth and exercise. So, Maria starts tossing a baseball against the wall in the yard, but she realizes that this is only making her more depressed.

Hina comes home, so Maria eagerly asks if Hina needs food made or laundry done. Hina has already taken care of those things. Maria is not surprised but somewhat put off by Hina’s efficiency. Hina states she’s heading to the mountain cabin to help Nagi with her manga, which depresses Maria even though Maria knows nothing about manga.

Maria decides she’ll use her free time to show Nagi that she can create a manga. She creates a cute manga with the lead female character having an apple for a head who’s loved by all in the forest.  She then has “Hop-chan” turn into an adult man with tight abs and chest, becoming the supreme ruler of the universe. Maria decides this twist might be too much.


This chapter really reminded me of how much I still miss the old character designs. The eyes were so much better, I think, especially Hina’s character.

Anyway, this chapter was rather weak. Maria had drawn a manga page previously, doing the parody of a Gundam Zeon character as Hayate.  So now we see she can draw. OK.

The idea of Maria being bored wasn’t funny, but understandable. As a maid, she’d still do daily cleaning and such, but without the others to make a mess, it would be over quick.

As to Hina, I understand why Hata-sensei had her already having taken care of her laundry and made her own food, but she’s paying for the services of Hayate and I always presumed Maria as well. After all, Maria cooks meals, does laundry, and keeps the place clean. So, while I understand Hina’s attitude of doing things on her own, if you are paying for service, you may as well take advantage of it. And, we know that Hina is not above taking advantage of things at times.

With Hina going to Nagi and Hayate finally having gone to join Ruka, I’m guessing that the next chapter will have Hayate and Ruka.  Since they are at Rainbow Village, which is owned by Isumi’s family, we might see Isumi there as well.

Regardless, I’m hoping the next chapter is more entertaining than this one was.

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