Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W – 02

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W episode 02 review
這いよれ!ニャル子さん W

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nyarlko takes Mahiro, Cthuko, and Hastur to the Great Library of Celaeno so that she can return an overdue book. Although Mahiro is initially not happy by this, the library’s sheer size overwhelms him. Mahiro is surprised to learn that Hastur used to work at this library, leading Cthuko to remind Mahiro that Hastur can be quite scary, and that it was Hastur alone who could break up the fights between Nyarlko and Cthuko. Hastur escorts Mahiro deeper into the library while Nyarlko stops to get some news and Cthuko stops to read some ero materials. Mahiro decides to do a search on Nyarlko and Cthuko, thrilling both, but when he puts in a 3rd search term for age, they turn on him.

A squad of armed troops, known as the Celaeno Library Force, race passed them, so Nyarlko grabs Mahiro and the group follows. Inside the prohibited Stellar Library, with tons of floating bookcases, the group finds the Library Force defeated. Two aliens are seen hovering with one of the floating bookcases, so Nyarlko and Cthuko challenge them. Hastur stops them from attacking, reminding them to not cause destruction to the books. Both girls then attack without using special abilities and are easily defeated. Hastur uses his wind ability to keep the two aliens at bay while a reinforcement squad arrives, forcing the aliens to retreat.

The following morning at Mahiro’s home, he has to help Hastur brush his hair. At school, Nyarlko tells an embellished tale of what happened at the library to Tamao, causing Mahiro to clunk her while Cthuko threatens Mahiro because of what Nyarlko said. With it being lunchtime, Mahiro, Nyarlko, Cthuko, and Hastur pay a visit to Luhy’s takoyaki stand, where Mahiro still refuses to eat them despite Luhy’s claim that they are made with Earth products. While Hastur sends Shanta-kun into ecstasy, Nyarlko tells Mahiro that they’ve learned the two aliens were a Zharian and a Lloigorian, the later being a different tribe from Roy in the first series. Nyarlko goes on to tell of the Space Guard now getting involved in this.

Both Nyarlko and Cthuko get a call at the same time from their boss, both immediately asking for time off as Nyarlko says she’s about to get pregnant and Cthuko says she’s about to get married.  Nyarlko relays the intelligence they received, citing the two aliens in Myanmar. Mounting the full sized Shanta-kun, the four head off. Mahiro says he’ll be in the way, but Nyarlko says that Mahiro gives a boost to those in the hexagons around him. Cthuko says her targeting and evasion go up to 100% when Mahiro is around. Coming in for a landing, they arrive at the Isle of Stars at the Lake of Dread and the ancient city of Alaozar.


For part 1 of this new story arc, we had the usual hijinks, fun, laughs, and the ecchi content jacked up by an incredible amount. ^_^;

I am aware of the Library Wars franchise, but it is a series I’ve never seen nor read. However, this episode has a parody of that.

While it is impossible for me to get all the references, I do love the ties to the Call of Cthulhu RPG  (on top of the normal Cthulhu mythos references that are standard for a series based off of that mythos). I laughed at Mahiro’s questioning whether Nyarlko wanted him to lose all of his sanity points. I also laughed at the notion of Mahiro boosting the stats of those in the hexagons around him.

It is kind of amusing seeing Cthuko showing more and more acceptance of Mahiro being in her life in a harem sense. I did laugh at her and Nyarlko’s quick reaction to Mahiro’s attempt to research their age as well as the database showing all of Nyarlko’s other names.

I do like how much more patient Mahiro is, and how even Cthuko wanted to be patted on the head for her work in the library, much like Nyarlko and Hastur.

Since I don’t have really anything to say about the plot, lets go to the ecchi, which went off the charts. In addition to Nyarlko’s and Cthuko’s normal ecchi speak, we were “treated” to seeing Cthuko apparently “meditating” in the over-18 section. Then, there was the extended shower scene for Nyarlko while we heard her exposition on the plot in the background. I guess the production team needed to toss a massive bone to the lolicon fans. *_*

On the REALLY wrong aspect of the episode, we got to witness Hastur bring Shanta-kun to the land of Big O. *_* I really, really could have done without that.

That aside, I did like the episode overall and am looking forward to part 2 of the story.

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