Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 403

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 403

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Right after Maria and Athena left Yukari-chan house, Ruka shows Hayate a pair of glasses and an electronic visor, which she says is her new invention, called “I am the Butler and the Butler is Me”.  Since Ruka is an idol, she can’t just go out and have interesting experiences like Nagi could, but by having Hayate wear the glasses, she can experience things he sees and hears via the visor.

Reluctantly, Hayate dons casual gear, the glasses, and a blue tooth mic-earpiece and goes into the city. Thus, Ruka starts seeing things like Hayate as he notices trash, stains, and a waiter being lazy. However, she sees something she can’t explain, a strange figure, but Hayate sees nothing. Hayate wanders about and Ruka sees all sorts of strange things which Hayate isn’t seeing. She’s amazed that he claims to not be seeing anything strange and wonders if it is just her.

Hayate ends up at a park, where he encounters Izumi with a butterfly net. Hayate has the idea of hanging out with her for a while since Izumi is a troublemaker, thus bound to make something interesting happen. Ruka is not thrilled with this idea of Hayate with another woman, but gives in. However, she sees a ghostly samurai warrior behind Izumi and tells Hayate that interesting things are already happening. Hayate sees nothing and even has Izumi turn around.

Ruka finally realizes that she’s the only one seeing these strange things. However, her mind can’t accept this and she decides that Hayate just overlooked it. Then, all of the youkai-like creatures appear before her, scaring her immensely. Little did she know that Father Radiostar was the culprit for everything she saw, since he was granting her wish of having an interesting experience.


Father Radiostar and Tama haven’t been around much, so it was fun to see them, even if only in a cameo, at the end of the chapter.

As to the chapter itself, it is a fun little horror spoof, though nothing here made me laugh.  I did get a kick out of Hayate noticing things that need to be taken care of (cleaning, fixing things, etc.).

Speaking of Hayate, his casual clothing was just wrong to me, probably made more so by how Hayate was sitting in the chair and the glasses.

Sadly, Izumi didn’t get to provide any of the fun, but that’s OK.

Anyway, not much else to discuss. This was just a filler chapter when I was hoping for a continuation of Nagi’s story. Hopefully, we’ll get back to that next Wednesday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why would Hayate think Izumi is a troublemaker?

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