Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 409

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 409

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nagi is now in Kyoto but still has no ideas for her manga. She starts to panic over this, which Kurosu-sensei notices. She asks if Nagi is hungry, suggesting Kyoto’s yudoufu (boiled tofu). Nagi is frustrated, saying she doesn’t have time and that her decision to come to Kyoto leisurely was a mistake. Her yelling has Kurosu-sensei wondering if this won’t make Nagi hungry, to which Nagi’s stomach betrays her hunger.

Heading to an eating establishment, Kurosu-sensei goes on about tofu, which irritates Nagi. Kuroso-sensei suggests a manga about tofu, which Nagi repeatedly rejects. Nagi lets it slip that she has to beat Ruka, which catches Kurosu-sensei’s ear since there’s an idol with that name. Nagi doesn’t respond, so Kurosu-sensei offers to help with the manga by listening to Nagi’s story and pointing out flaws. Before Nagi can begin, Kurosu-sensei asks what kind of tofu the protagonist is, causing Nagi to leave.

Kurosu-sensei follows her out, apologizing. As Hina and Chiharu approach, Nagi confesses that because of her wealth, luck, and intelligence, she’s never put any effort into anything she’s done.  So though Nagi is trapped, she doesn’t know how to work for what she wants. Kurosu-sensei says that all Nagi’s efforts may be wasted and in vain, but that doesn’t mean giving up on what she wants. Hina and Chiharu reveal themselves to Nagi by saying they’ll help out. Nagi is surprised to see them, apparently having forgotten she’d invited them along. Kurosu-sensei suggests that they think up a manga with a tofu protagonist, which Nagi again rejects.


Tofu. Har. I’m not a fan of tofu, but I have eaten it, usually whenever I have miso soup. I’m not sure why it is so popular, but what do I know?

As I read this chapter, I was reminded again of how short sited Nagi is.  Taking away all of the comedy stories from the manga, how many adventures has she been in that are unique experiences?  She rescued a tiger cub from Africa. She’s been the repeated target of kidnappings, including a staged one with a large mecha piloted by Gilbert. She saw the supernatural in the Butler’s Den dungeon as well as mecha. Once, Hayate pointed out that Nagi had many unique experiences.

I supposed from Nagi’s perspective, these unique things that happen aren’t unique in her mind but rather mundane things. As such, these events don’t even register to her as possible story fodder.

I do like that Nagi is acknowledging the fact that she’s never had to put effort into anything. She has basically glided through even the worst of times, as seen with how she landed on her feet with Yukari-chan House.  Even her job at Cafe Donguri hasn’t been a breeze, thanks to the lack of customers.

Still, with Hina and Chiharu there, Nagi might be able to get on track. I think she’ll lose still, but I also think that Ruka will just give up on taking Hayate via a win, deciding to win his heart on her own rather than through a doujinshi competition.

As to Kurosu-sensei, this is one weird doctor for sure. I wonder what her future role in all of this will be.

Anyway, I suspect Hata-sensei will send the story back to Hayate and Ruka at this point, but he’s pretty unpredictable as to what he will do.

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