Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 411 Review

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 411

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The group, sans Chiharu and Kurosu, are enjoying Ise udon and akafuku when Nagi suddenly realized they are wasting time. Kayura speculates that Nagi doesn’t feel desperate enough and is giving herself some mental leeway to get out of doing her manga. After hearing Kayura’s explanation, Nagi requests Kayura corner her and make her feel desperate, so Kayura tosses an insult. Nagi challenges Hina to come up with something, so Hina offers words of encouragement, leading Nagi to feel less motivated.

Ah-tan steps into the breach, offering a blunt, powerful statement. This causes Nagi to drop to all fours, so Ah-tan presses forward with her verbal attack. Kayura wants Nagi to say something back to Ah-tan, but Nagi can’t. As a result, Ah-tan fires a third verbal broadside at Nagi, comparing her to an insect. Nagi has had enough and is determined to prove she’s not like an insect. She demands paper so she can draw all night long.

That night outside their hotel, Nagi is still pondering her manga’s story, which was supposed to be about someone who passed away and had 49 days to walk the Earth as a ghost before leaving for the other side on the 50th day, which happened to be the day an anime came out that the ghost really wanted to see. Nagi can’t see how her own experiences can be worked into that story.

Kurosu shows up to ask how things are going. Nagi figures her only option is to have the gods help her. Kurosu says that’s not how it works, stating that all humans can ask for is to be watched over as they work for themselves to grant their own wishes. Nagi thinks about her experiences and her manga, and has an idea.


Har! It looks like we are going to get a Britney manga one way or the other, though it would be awesome if Nagi dropped that.

Regardless of what Nagi does, the “watching over you” part makes me hope that Nagi’s mother makes an appearance somehow. I think that would be pretty neat, even if Nagi doesn’t see her.

I loved Ah-tan’s role in this chapter. Her telling it like it is actually reminded me of how she could be at the Royal Garden when she and Hayate lived there as kids. Her disappointment at not being able to say more made me laugh.

Still, Nagi’s procrastination is something I can relate to, especially over this last week. Man, it sure stinks to procrastinate, but sometimes, motivation to “do the needful” is just no where to be found. ^_^; Of course, I don’t have anything special on the line like Nagi does, but I have been there and in a panic because I wasted too much time. ^_^;

Anyway, this was a pretty good chapter.

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