Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 412

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 412

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

At their hotel in Ise, Nagi is furiously writing her storyboard for her manga, impressing Hina and Kayura. Chiharu lies trembling on the floor, still recovering from her road trip with Kurosu. Chiharu manages to recover because she wants to be there for Nagi. Nagi comes in, looking for an iPad to do some research. When it appears that no one has an iPad, Hina produces a giant dictionary, which Nagi does not need nor want. Chiharu produces an iPad while the others question why someone would bring a giant dictionary on a road trip. Seeing the size of Hina’s bag, everyone is amazed when she produces 5K weights, which she uses for training.

Ah-tan says that useless stuff is not required on a trip. All that one needs is a (high limit) credit card, so that one could even buy a tank on the road if one wanted to. Hina thinks that one should bring as much as possible on a trip to be prepared. Ah-tan counters by remarking that as long as she has her credit card, she doesn’t have to prepare anything and can have food or anything else delivered to her at the top of the Himalayas.

Chiharu brings Maria into the debate since Maria has been on many trips. Maria says you want to leave bulky things behind, but you do want to take items that can’t be obtained at your destination. To prove her point, Maria produces a wide variety of kitchen knives. Nagi is not amused by this and offends Maria by calling what she’s done silliness.

Nagi stays up all night and finishes her manuscript by morning. Before she crashes, she wants to head to the Ise Grand Shrine to give thanks. She meets Kurosu and the two head there. Nagi thanks Kurosu for her help. Kurosu says there’s no need for thanks, but thanks Nagi since meeting her allows Kurosu to carry on. Nagi doesn’t understand this, but says nothing.

The group offers prayers at the shrine before Nagi passes out. Hina offers to carry the sleeping Nagi, then uses this moment as a reason one must train with weights, justifying her bringing the weights.

Returning to the hotel, Kayura shows Chiharu an article in the newspaper, touting Ruka’s comeback concert, which is happening that very day.


So, Nagi finally made some progress and now just needs to actually draw her manga. I’m glad to see it, and I’m REALLY hoping the Brittany stuff gets dropped. CTMYOY implies this does happen, but we’ll see what Hata-sensei has in store for us.

Kurosu still remains as much of a mystery as ever. What do you want to bet that she’s actually tied up in the King Midas story and Nagi’s inheritance?  I hope we learn more about her in the future.

The comedy aspects here may not have had me in the floor, but I was amused nevertheless. Recently, I took a road trip myself to spend a weekend with my parents. I bring things like my specialized pillow and my leg pillow because without them, I won’t be sleeping well at all. Ironically, one evening, we were watching some travel show where the host talked about a trip through Europe via the road less traveled (hitting non-tourist places) and he packs VERY light.  I guess a few shirts, socks, underwear, and a pair of jeans is about it. Other stuff he buys here and there.

Anyway, the notion of Hina thinking that a giant dictionary would be a good thing to take on a road trip goes beyond bringing specialized pillows and such. *lol* A laptop? Sure. A pad of some kind? Sure. A dictionary of ANY size? No freaking way. And that doesn’t even get to the weights. *lol*  Oh Hina.

Ah-tan got to be awesome again in this chapter. Hata-sensei has been very reserved with her for the most part since she returned in child form. Her brandishing the credit card reminded me of other anime/manga moments where credit card with high limit solves anything. ^_~ Plus, there’s just something awesome about the notion of having the funds to end up on top of the Himalayas and order a sandwich or whatever else and have it delivered.

Although Hata-sensei is notorious for going where ever the heck he feels like, it does seem that he’s setting up things to have the story shift to Hayate and Ruka for a while. If he does follow through on this, then I would expect that at Ruka’s concert, Nagi and company would show up.  We’ll see what happens though. Should be fun. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Will Kayura ever wear different clothes instead of the same one?

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