Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 90 Review (Time for some day 3 fun at ComiFes)

げんしけん: 二代目Chapter 90 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

It is the third day of ComiFes, so Sasahara and Kousaka join Madarame, Kuchiki, Kugayama, whom Kousaka note are sitting apart from the girls and Tanaka. Kuchiki explains how Kenji tried to hook Madarame up with Angela, and she put off a decision until the end of day three’s activities. Kuchiki is annoyed by all of this.

Meanwhile, Ohno and Ogiue quietly try to figure out what’s going on with this rift in Genshiken. Ohno says Angela won’t tell her what happened, but Ohno figures Angela has seen something within the Genshiken ranks that Ohno and Ogiue have been blind to. Ohno attempts to use this to get Ogiue to cosplay, annoying Ogiue.

Kousaka learns of the conditions Kenji placed on himself to purchase BL stuff again.  As such, he relays what Saki told him — besides Angela, there are three people within Genshiken who are romantically interested in Madarame. Madarame refuses to believe this.  However, at Kousaka’s insistence, Madarame concedes that he has noticed that Sue is acting odd around him, whom Kousaka confirms as on the list. Rika and Yajima are ruled, out, still leaving two to decide. Sasahara figures that must mean it is down to Ohno and Ogiue, both of whom have boyfriends.

Kousaka prompts Kenji to speak, so he mentioned Keiko. Both Madarame and Sasahara react negatively to this, but are shocked when Kousaka confirms it. Kuchiki mentions that he heard that she’s planning on coming to ComiFes today, something Sasahara doesn’t believe. Kugayama says there’s still one more, so Kousaka prompts Kenji again. Kenji claims he doesn’t know, so Kousaka says he won’t say more.

As the rain falls, the group finally get inside. Kenji realizes that everyone must know about his feelings for Madarame. Kenji does his part of the buying for the guys and they all meet up, but because it is so crowded, there’s no place to sit and divide the loot. Sasahara suggests they go to where the cosplayers are since the Genshiken girls are there. They guys are reluctant to do so, but Sasahara reveals the text he received from Ogiue, making it a presidential order.

So, the guys head over where they find the Genshiken girls, plus Angela, doing cosplay for a certain anime. To the guys’ surprise, an annoyed Ogiue is also on stage doing cosplay. Madarame realizes Ogiue is doing this for the good of the club, which Sasahara agrees is the case. Madarame notices that the lead character for the series the girls are cosplaying is missing. Sasahara says that Kenji was supposed to do that. Indeed, Sue glares at Kenji from across the way for abandoning them, but the moment her eyes make contact with Madarame, she blushes and hides behind Angela.

The guys finally sit down to divide the loot when an annoyed Yajima puts a hand on Kenji’s shoulder and loudly gets his attention.


Bwah!ha!ha!ha!ha!  Dog pile on Madarame!  I laugh, but in some ways, I do feel badly for him. Kio-sensei’s use of rain is certainly a metaphor – it never rains but it pours, eh? ^_^;

Although Kousaka does machete his way to getting Madarame to realize whom two of the other girls are who like him, he does show that he can be restrained by not continuing to force the issue and have Kenji confess he’s one of the four.  I thought that was pretty cool on Kousaka’s part.

I laughed out loud at Madarame’s and Sasahara’s reaction to the notion of Keiko being interested in Madarame. Sasahara isn’t overly fond of his sister, and I don’t think Madarame ever really respected her.  His lack of interest probably helps fuel whatever interest Keiko has in Madarame.

As an aside, I’m also glad Sasahara got more of a role for this chapter.

Sue’s glaring at Kenji, then her blushing and hiding when Madarame sees her was sweetness itself. It is amusing how the force of nature that is Sue can be reduced to a quivering mass when it comes to Madarame.

I loved how out of it Ogiue and Ohno are as to the situation brewing within Genshiken. That made Ogiue’s decision to go ahead and sacrifice her pride and dignity to cosplay with the other Genshiken girls have even more impact to me. Man, it is pretty awesome how much Ogiue has grown and matured as a character since she first joined. I just wish we’d get over this Kenji crap and have some stories dealing with her and Sasahara’s relationship.

Which reminds me, I’d never heard of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates), which goes to show how limited I am when it comes to new(er) stuff out of Japan. I looked over it, but I really can’t get a feel for it one way or the other.  Those of you who’ve watched (or read), give me your thoughts.

Anyway, this was a fun chapter, leading up to even more fun in the next chapter. I’ve cheated and looked at the raws for the next chapter, so I already know what Angela’s English statements are.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to read the whole chapter at some point.

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4 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 90 Review (Time for some day 3 fun at ComiFes)”

  1. NullApostle says:

    “Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to read the whole chapter at some point.”

    How about right now?

  2. ghostbeetle says:

    Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku (the anime) is a lighthearted, entertaining show with very likable characters and some great science fiction / astronautics elements that remind me a lot of classic Robert A. Heinlein youth-stories. The mostly female cast is never used for cheap exploitation, despite the title of the show. The girls are all portayed as genuinely smart, self-sufficient, competent people – but not super-heroes – who also happen to be cute little high-school girls.;) Unfortunately the plots of the 3 mini-arcs, when they finally make their appearance, tend towards the overconvoluted and seem like they were created as mere after-thoughts – which obviously takes away a little of the enjoyment of the series, if the construction of plot is important to you. Overall, I found the plots easy enough to ignore and to just enjoy the space opera adventure/young adult themes with smart characters who never descend into the melodrama and adolescent angst (you know – the whole the-universe-is-evil shit) that is so typical of many animes.
    The main aspect of the show for me was the view that friendship, courage and creativity are just as real forces in the universe as gravity, electromagnetism and bureaucracy!
    It has its flaws but I liked it a lot!

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