Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 92 Review (Time for some Sue awesomeness, y’all!)

げんしけん: 二代目Chapter 92 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

With Madarame down and injured, Sue and Hato race to where he and Keiko are, only to realize what they are doing and become embarrassed. Kousaka suggests Kuchiki take Madarame to the hospital while the rest of Genshiken head to a public bath house. Tanaka and Kugayama also accompany Madarame on his hospital trip.

An embarrassed Kenji joins Sasahara and Kousaka in the men’s bath, keeping a towel covering his hairless gentiles, while the girls get together in the women’s bath and start talking. Keiko knows something is up involving “Watanabe”, so Ogiue briefs her on Madarame’s current popularity. After pointing to Angela, Ogiue says that Sue is also in the mix, though Sue denies it, using her old “Ogiue is my waifu!” exclamation. Ohno and Angela have to drag Sue away from Ogiue so that the discussion can continue. Keiko figures that Kenji is the third person interested in Madarame.

On the men’s side, Kenji tells Sasahara and Kousaka that’s he’s going to stop denying his feelings regarding Madarame. Kousaka assures him that everyone understands his feelings. Kenji says he’ll head back home over the New Year’s break to try to clear his head.

Meanwhile, when Keiko learns that Saki thinks that she is the fourth person interested in Madarame, Keiko denies it, saying Saki is way off the mark. However, in a tsundere moment, Keiko says that if the other three rejected Madarame and he came running to her, she’d consider it. That being said, Keiko says that Angela is not Madarame’s type and tells Ohno she can translate that. Angela tells Keiko the same thing, and the rivalry is on.

While some of the Genshiken group eat and chat, Keiko and Angela decide to have a contest to settle things, the winner being the one to go visit Madarame. As such, they decide to participate in the various festival-type contests, Keiko insisting she’s only doing this to keep Angela away from Madarame and Angela saying that there’s no way Keiko could satisfy Madarame. Sue steps in and schools them all on the art of winning these contests, so Keiko and Angela tell Sue that she’s going to see Madarame. Sue panics about this and starts vehemently shaking her head.

Meanwhile, Yajima quietly thinks to herself that as long as Kenji lives the life he wants, she’ll be happy.


I love Sue. She is just so freaking awesome, as this chapter showed. She could so easily just steal this manga with her awesomeness. ^_^

It is funny, in a non-laughing way, how Sue does have feelings for Madrame, but then is just so over the top in her denials of the same. Does she think she’s going to somehow betray her fujoshi sisters if she starts dating Madarame?  Or is she more afraid of stepping on someone else’s toes, like Kenji’s.  I can envision a a sweet moment as she is by his bedside after Madarame and Kugayama drag Kuchiki out of the place. It would be funny is Sue kicked Kuchiki out, but considering how difficult it has been for her to even look at Madarame of late, I don’t see that happening.

Keiko was a laugh with her, “I’m only doing this to keep big breasted gaijin away from Madarame” attitude. Neither she nor Angela are in love with Madarame, but we know Angela wants him sexually and Keiko would have sex with him, but on her terms. Keiko is the girl who wouldn’t date Madarame unless she were in a bind, so she wants him on her bench, not being taken by some other person, even if Keiko never intends to date him.

I’m glad things are apparently being wound down regarding Kenji’s (Hato’s) feelings toward Madarame. I do hope we get to see a story of him returning home and encountering Kaminaga, leading to a real heart-to-heart there. I do think Kenji has lingering feelings for her that are unresolved due to her romantic involvement with his brother.

Then, once that’s settled, we can set up the Kenji harem/popularity thread. Heh!heh!heh!

Speaking of that harem, I would like to see Yajima’s own feelings regarding Kenji explored more.

In the end, a great chapter showing the awesomeness of Sue (with tons of fanservice to boot), while still advancing the plot forward.

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