BABYMETAL – いいね!(Iine!) – Idol Pop +Death Metal + Hip-hop + Happy Trance/Hardcore

My latest share from the heavy metal/idol Japanese group BABYMETAL is a song called Iine!, which is a rather interesting number.  This one has more pop elements in it, though that death metal element is there too. *lol*  Take a listen.


Oddly enough, around the 1:32 minute mark, BABYMETAL suddenly goes pure hip-hop on us, which is rather jarring initially, but I actually rather enjoy it now.  Considering how the death metal element takes over at 2:04, I wondered if they might be having a little fun with hip-hop or not since they end the hip-hop with, “Are you ready to mosh?” ^_^

After the death metal stuff, around 2:35, the song shifts to happy trance (or more likely, happy hardcore, but you guys can correct me) before shifting back to the pop idol stuff.

I love this song. Heck, even while writing this piece, I listened to the thing three times. *lol*

For those with iTunes, the song can be scored there. ^_^

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